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  1. Trouble brewing?
  2. Someone at the NRL obviously don't like Barba. The fact players who were recently caught have not served any ban but Barba gets stung for 12 games tells you all you need to know.
  3. Saints deserved nothing from that performance. Salford weren't world beaters but we were truly dreadful.
  4. Double standards by the NRL when you see players caught recently back playing. Unless it's because he was caught twice.
  5. We always use Stanmore.
  6. Or the sponsors of the league they all play in. As a season ticket holder I couldn't care less what the stadium is called. You would've had the same Saints haters commenting on here whatever the name had been.
  7. Getting rid of the play off system and Grand Final would bring back some intensity into our league games. Players today are nowhere near as good as those of the past.
  8. Or maybe Tomkins is out for a part of the season?
  9. We would've had different Champions if we had a fair league system, even Huddersfield would have been Champions. These playoffs make a mockery of what sport is supposed to be. The best team all year robbed in a knockout competition.
  10. The only fair relegation system is a home and away fixtures league.
  11. Hull KR where even the women fight.
  12. It's more to do with the pool of players we don't have compared to the other sports.
  13. Why would they open it if there is no demand for tickets. This is what happens when you you take away the game from the majority of supporters who are truly interested in the game.
  14. Just a shame it's not the decider for the Super League title instead of having to go through the farce that is the play off format.