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  1. Jonny Lomax

    As always the fullback takes most of the blame for the failings of those in front of him.
  2. He had no pressure with the drop goal, two of his teammates made sure of that.
  3. Once again a ref costs a team big time. Blatant obstructions on the Gale drop goal and completely ignored by the officials.
  4. The stay away supporters have really let him down. He was sometimes erratic but you can't say he didn't try.
  5. Any system that can reward 2nd to 8th finishers with being Champions is pretty dumb.
  6. A team who are clear at the top after a season should be crowned Champions.
  7. Correct. Which shows again what a stupid idea the top 8 system is.
  8. So a team can rest players and give an advantage to a team over the rest. What a great league structure we have.
  9. How do I get FreeSports?

    Talking Pictures is the best channel on Sky/Freeview. I've heard it's run on a shoestring by three people.
  10. Can't see Saints reaching the Final, we are still miles off in our form.
  11. Correct. He never moved his arm from clamping the ball. It was Clubb's twist that dislodged the ball.
  12. Wigan and Hull signed the same Super League deal as every other club, now they make their own arrangements and seem to be allowed to get away with it and earn an extra big payday.
  13. Someone at the NRL obviously don't like Barba. The fact players who were recently caught have not served any ban but Barba gets stung for 12 games tells you all you need to know.