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  1. If Hastings had done this would you all be up in arms? NO you wouldn't, it would have been seen as a great move. The hatred on here from the usual suspects is frankly pathetic.
  2. Kicking off at six gives a better atmosphere but getting home after on trams and train was a complete nightmare. The crush on the trams was very dangerous for passengers.
  3. To be fair to Shed 7 the sound in the ground was terrible.
  4. Great atmosphere mainly due to the Salford support? Take your Wigan loving / Saints hating Spectacles off.
  5. As well as Rob Lui who won't be there this time.
  6. Putting Toronto into Super League isn't going to grow the game, a league in Canada would do that.
  7. I just hope the football fans Ian Blease mentioned are the well behaved ones.
  8. Because it's all about how you play on the day in a Mickey Mouse knockout cup and some teams are quite good at this.
  9. Its been a dreadful league. How Wigan have been able to climb and finish second shows how much dross the other teams have produced.
  10. Hopefully the crowds keep dropping and we eventually bin the play off system.
  11. When you see the points awarded over the earlier rounds can anyone take it seriously.
  12. If the team finishing top went straight to the Grand Final that would make the play off system slightly more acceptable.
  13. You can praise the play off system all you want but the fact a team can be Champions from fifth place is a joke. This season shows how flawed the system is.
  14. Saints next to bottom? I don't think so.
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