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  1. Hopefully this was an April fool. Why are some of you so keen on costing the regular supporter a fortune to watch our sport?
  2. It is the coach, he's coaching more wrestle and it's not Saints style.
  3. I wouldn't get too excited about Huddersfield, both teams were terrible.
  4. I'm afraid Woolf doesn't seem to care much about attack play. Could be a long season after last year for us Saints.
  5. If Hastings had done this would you all be up in arms? NO you wouldn't, it would have been seen as a great move. The hatred on here from the usual suspects is frankly pathetic.
  6. Kicking off at six gives a better atmosphere but getting home after on trams and train was a complete nightmare. The crush on the trams was very dangerous for passengers.
  7. To be fair to Shed 7 the sound in the ground was terrible.
  8. Great atmosphere mainly due to the Salford support? Take your Wigan loving / Saints hating Spectacles off.
  9. As well as Rob Lui who won't be there this time.
  10. Putting Toronto into Super League isn't going to grow the game, a league in Canada would do that.
  11. I just hope the football fans Ian Blease mentioned are the well behaved ones.
  12. Because it's all about how you play on the day in a Mickey Mouse knockout cup and some teams are quite good at this.
  13. Its been a dreadful league. How Wigan have been able to climb and finish second shows how much dross the other teams have produced.
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