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  1. The arm of Makinson didn't slide up, the other bloke slid down.
  2. As always it's not those mentioned in the article who are one bit offended.
  3. Earlier kick off time would help. Less idiots getting smashed drinking for hours before and no mad dash for packed trams and trains home.
  4. Remember when McManus had a go at Hicks after a Challenge cup final and got attacked from every direction? Strangely quiet from the French mafia / Saints hating bunch on here today.
  5. The high part of the tackle was accidental. The rest was a Grand Final winning tackle.
  6. You also can't tackle with the knees to the head. Eight point try all day, but not on here.
  7. After most fans have already bought them. Well done RFL treating real fans like dirt again.
  8. At least Fev would bring income to other clubs with plenty of travelling away fans. French teams just bring extra costs to all other Super League clubs.
  9. If you're going supporting Catalan you can't be regarded as a neutral.
  10. The only time broadcasters are interested in the Grand Final is after a finish like last year or a Ben Flower incident. The fact Hull KR could be crowned Champions shows what's wrong with Rugby League.
  11. We also had two leagues then.
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