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  1. 1. Ormondroyd 2. Thackeray 3. Hardman
  2. There was another sale of bricks ending 16th December 2016 that were supposed to be up by the 22nd/23rd December. When they weren't in place by the Hunslet game I rang Veronica. She advised me that they hadn't turned up when they were supposed to and that she was going to chase them up. Sorry I can't be more specific but I will be following this up.
  3. Any news what's happening with Achurch as he was also with us on DR last year?
  4. Presumably JP is arranging to send HKR's championship funding money to a Super League club as he must feel that it would be a waste of money for KR to accept it! I wonder which SL club he will choose.
  5. 1. Briggs 2. Ellis 3. Hardman
  6. Hardman Baldwinson Walters
  7. I thought Steve Snitch had his best game in a Rovers shirt even when he went to centre after Cording's injury.
  8. 1. roche 2.ellis 3. davies
  9. 1976 cup quarter final against Leeds at POR. The rugby we played that day was the best I've ever seen us play as we dumped a much fancied Leeds team out of the cup by 33-7 if I remember correctly. v Hull KR at home where a Jeff Townend touchline conversion on the hooter won the game for us after a fantastic second half up the hill when facing a deficit of about 20 points. Incidentally Brian Lockwood and Clive Sullivan were sent off for KR and I think Vince for Fev. v St Helens in 83 cup quarter final when no one gave us a prayer. The rest is history!
  10. Didn't Brett Rodger play at centre in this game?
  11. 1.sykes 2.Irwin 3. baldwinson
  12. 1. Cyril Kellett 2. Paul Newlove 3. Mick Smith 4. Steve Quinn 5. Ken Kellett 6. John Newlove 7. Steve Nash 8. Jimmy Thompson 9. John Bridges 10. Vince Farrar 11. Peter Smith 12. David Hobbs 13. Brendan Tuuta 14. Graham Steadman 15. Mel Mason 16. Alan Rhodes 17. Steve Molloy I think that team would take some beating!
  13. Knock on by Kyle Briggs Just his fingertips tho
  14. Mom

    Mick, I think JJP played as sub and scored a try against Rochdale at home.