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  1. Kato Ottio

    Dreadful news. Way too young. Was really looking forward to watching him in SL this year. RIP.
  2. Nigel Wood becomes RLIF CEO

    By the end of his tenure, I predict international RL will be GB v Aus and NZ and nowt else.
  3. Nigel Wood becomes RLIF CEO

    Jobs for the boys.
  4. A very bitter man, simply because we have the audacity to play and like RL despite not being from his precious heartlands.
  5. Still don't get why we're always sucking up to Australia, they continuously show their contempt for anything non NRL/Origin and also selfishly screwed the RFL out of $500k. We should be looking to build new markets in the UK and NA, not running to the Aussies.
  6. Northern & Pariochal

    It's the whole northern sport/Eddie Waring stigma that sport needs to lose. The RFL still thinks the sport can sell itself that way, but it's why outsiders don't take the sport seriously.
  7. Northern & Pariochal

    I'm no marketing guru/expert, but if I had to create a video for the RFL, I'd use shots of London, Manchester, Toulouse and Toronto, show clips of RL, use English/French speaking players to talk and show shots of Wembley, OT, St James's etc. Then I'd show clips of the community game as well.
  8. Turbo boost the game - RL World Cup

    Not sure what the plan was, but the football version has all the champions from the regional competitions. We'd be looking at something like Australia, England, USA, Tonga, Lebanon, South Africa, NZ, team 8 if the same plan. USA and SA would be facing some big scores, but it would be slightly different from a WC.
  9. Northern & Pariochal

    You could still sell it as a community game without focusing on the northern/m62 aspect.
  10. Northern & Pariochal

    This what happens when the RFL/Nige are running the marketing campaigns. They're still deluded enough to believe RL can survive as a small northern sport as its charm. We need some professionals running the marketing. Heck even a marketing undergrad could probably do a better job.
  11. Thoughts on BT Sports?

    I get it as part of Sky Sports subscription with Virgin, but I hardly watch it beyond the odd PL/UCL/FA Cup game. I find it so tinpot tbh, like Channel 5 covering sports and the viewing figures are poor. I wouldn't want them to get SL coverage, maybe 1 game a week, but I'd rather have terrestrial or something like Eurosport or Spike for that.
  12. Turbo boost the game - RL World Cup

    Y1: World Cup Y2: Commonwealth Cup - to coincide with the Games Y3: Regional Championships Y4: Confederations Cup 4 big annual events to grow international RL and bring in more income into the federation.
  13. Turbo boost the game - RL World Cup

    Without going off topic and having it moved, they've kind of backed themselves into a corner with it, in that it won't grow any bigger or other countries won't be able to take part.
  14. Turbo boost the game - RL World Cup

    A WC every four years, plus a Confederations Cup, plus a regional Championship (Euro/Pacific/Atlantic etc) every four years would mean we have 3 big events in 4 years. Unfortunately we'd prefer to have 3x test series in the intervening years, meaning we only have one big international event, why the game isn't as strong.
  15. Ukrainian Rugby League

    Good luck to them, but is there anymore to the partnership than just using the same names? Also one of my pet hates is using English names on non English teams.