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  1. We need Eddie Hearn to take over the CCF, GF and Magic and get the stadiums full and make them into big events on the sports calendar. The RFL only market to the M62.
  2. Absolutely delighted. We had to win this game if we want a chance at the MPG and we kept believing. Credit to the Widnes fans for being sporting and congratulating us, good luck for the rest of the 8s.
  3. londonrlfan

    Lions tour 2019

    That's why I'd rather have a tournament than a test series. Seems such a waste to only face the Australians and one or two "warm ups". Could have easily had a 6 Nations/insert other name with Aus, NZ, Tonga, PNG and Fiji instead.
  4. londonrlfan

    Lions tour 2019

    PNG - Port Moresby Australia - Melbourne Australia - Perth Australia - Brisbane Tonga/Samoa/Fiji - Sydney Rather play actual internationals than "all star" teams or representative teams.
  5. londonrlfan

    Super 8s fixtures

    So our biggest game is first up. It's a good opportunity with Widnes woefully out of form, but I'd still make them heavy favourites. Just disappointed it's on Thursday night.
  6. londonrlfan

    Rugby Pub in NYC?

    That's sad to hear. Hopefully good times will be around the corner again soon.
  7. londonrlfan

    Rugby Pub in NYC?

    I don't mean to sh## on you guys as I can only imagine how hard it is to grow the sport over there, but it just seems frustrating on the outside as the USARL seems to have gone backwards in the last few years from when it initially was set up. The clubs all seemed professionally run and organised, now there's barely any information and I had no idea DC and Rhode Island had gone as there was no mention of it at all.
  8. londonrlfan

    Nobel on Whippets and Flat Caps

    What happened to Toronto going to China for the last tackle?
  9. londonrlfan

    TWP draw larger crowd than NRL game

    I've said it before, but Toronto are the perfect model for London Broncos to try and emulate in terms of building our crowds and exposure. We're both big cities with 100s of other things to do and competing against heavyweight sports (the PL in our case). So much potential is being wasted in the city.
  10. londonrlfan

    TWP draw larger crowd than NRL game

    Oh fgs. If we get rid of Toronto to put money into Cumbria, then that will be £0.00 because the RFL put nothing into Toronto and the RFL don't have money to give to Cumbria anyway. London and France have clubs who could well be in SL next year, so not sure what you're complaining about exactly.
  11. londonrlfan

    Rugby Pub in NYC?

    I get they're amateur, but it only takes 5 mins to post something on Facebook/Twitter and it's free.
  12. londonrlfan

    Rugby Pub in NYC?

    The sport over there needs a massive kick up the ######. I thought the USARL were supposed to make it more professional.
  13. londonrlfan

    RLIF Singapore Meeting

    The RLIF are basically someone from the RFL and someone from the ARL making all the decisions and others having little say. We need a competent sports administrator with no links to either body running the RLIF, but that will never happen.
  14. londonrlfan

    RLIF Singapore Meeting

    Unfortunately the brainiacs at the RLIF have decided retreating back to just Eng/GB, NZ and Australia is what's going to grow the sport at international level.