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  1. londonrlfan

    Logical internationals next year

    There's really no excuses for why Jamaica can't play France and Wales, even England next year. Let's be honest all the players will be England based anyway, so it's not like it will be too costly.
  2. londonrlfan

    Great Britain Origin Series - West vs East

    The only thing that would draw interest would be north v south as that's the only 'rivalry' of note in this country. Unfortunately we would get our butt kicked comfortably at the moment, so maybe in 5/10 years we would be in a better position. Perhaps we could trial it at yoof level somehow first?
  3. londonrlfan

    London NRL signing imminent

    Welcome Tuivasa-Sheck
  4. londonrlfan

    Anyone else excited about the Jamaica game?

    Well done Jamaica and Romeo, who has worked tirelessly for the last decade with next to no funding. I think they will be very popular, so hopefully they will play games in places with large Jamaican diaspora like London and Leeds. Hopefully this will grow the sport massively in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean and help the commonwealth games bid. Hopefully the US qualify through the repechage tournament next year.
  5. londonrlfan

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    I agree. This series was sold to the usual audience, rather than trying to attract newbies and interested observers. Whenever I go to tests in London, I can tell a lot are new to RL or are not regular attendees. Especially if they want huge crowds for the WC, the RFL need to start attracting neutrals to internationals, rather than relying on the same fans all the time.
  6. londonrlfan

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    London crowds are much bigger though. We were criticised for 35k as being poor, yet it was 2x bigger than yesterday's crowd.
  7. londonrlfan

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    It makes me wonder how these people get jobs and are presumably well paid for it as well.
  8. londonrlfan

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    Selhurst, The Valley and Fulham are too small, plus the first two are awful. Stamford Bridge would be interesting, though Chelsea don't really need the money. I suspect Spurs will be on the radar as they're keen for NFL games.
  9. londonrlfan

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    I don't mind Anfield tbh, it's an iconic stadium and we should be doing more to promote RL in the city as it's so close to many clubs.
  10. londonrlfan

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    If it was Olympic*, Anfield and Elland Road, it would've looked far more imaginative imo. I know people don't like Elland Road, but it's a 40k stadium in an RL area and always draws a good crowd. Maybe Manchester City would be a newer and fresher idea instead. *Would prefer Wembley, but NFL and Spurs on Monday but make it unavailable.
  11. londonrlfan

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    Newcastle want to have the opening game of the WC too. Surely we should be promoting the sport there before?
  12. londonrlfan

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    The problem is now the RFL will probably relegate NZ tests to Leigh given Hull didn't sell out, rather than show some ambition with venues. Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Liverpool, Sheffield, London, Birmingham/Coventry should be the targets for England internationals from now on.
  13. londonrlfan

    Summer Bash New Venue?

    Seems bizarre to move from Blackpool to Tranmere, unless Tranmere have thrown money at the RFL, which is seriously doubtful as they only returned to the FL this summer. Blackpool is at least a tourist destination and offers other activities and things to do, big numbers of visitors etc. What would Birkenhead offer?
  14. londonrlfan

    African Developments

    Doubt it since Burundi won 54-0. Good to see Tanzania involved as well now.
  15. It's just overkill. How many times do we keep playing NZ? We even played them in the mid season test. I don't like 3 test series and it seems the fans don't either. It should have been a Four Nations or another tournament. Yes the Aussies didn't want to play, so what? Why can't we play NZ, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, Lebanon etc instead then.