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  1. Why do people constantly keep replying to Parky with wisdom and intelligent reasoning? Just ignore him and he will go away eventually.
  2. Who are these "Northern village teams" you keep going on about? Leeds, Salford, Hull and Wakefield are all cities for a start. Leeds, Hull, Wigan and Huddersfield have been able to host PL clubs, so can't be that small. Warrington biggest town in Cheshire, St Helens pop over 100k. Salford is good enough for the BBC. That just leaves Castleford.
  3. A Liverpool team would be great, but I just don't see it working that well. All the working class kids will be playing football and if not football, then boxing. Who would the target be? Union is very small in the area and is mostly the posh areas where it is played. I can't see there being support beyond 2-300 at best. Perhaps Saints, Warrington or Widnes could look into playing a few games a road a year to gauge interest and see if it's feasible?
  4. I often get Liverpool and Los Angeles confused
  5. Sounds like they will be in an increased SL next season then. I can't see why they'd move there without certainty they'd be up.
  6. Why 4 years? It could easily be yearly or even biannually if they're that hard up for cash.
  7. Danny Ward will be their replacement no doubt
  8. That's why RL should be an opportunity for those who don't get scholarships or can't afford college, but still want to be a pro sportsman. Like I said on the other thread, the top top athletes will get scholarships, but there are still thousands of young athletic types who won't who would be primed to teach the basics of RL to.
  9. Exactly why we need to take them at school leaving age to become elite players.
  10. But Akarika Dawn struggled to get a run out at Queensland Cup level and then Monte Gaddis has played in Serbia, they're hardly SL level players. College footballers are going to be mid 20s by the time they start trying out new sports, which is too late to become top level. That's why we should be trying to get middle and high school programs going to produce elite talent.
  11. Union is the number one sport in Fiji though, so the top athletes will play it. That isn't the same for USA and Canada.
  12. NFL/CFL rejects are not going to make top RL players. They will be too old to learn the ins and outs to be a top professional. We need to get middle and high school programs going in US and Canada. Not everyone can afford a college education or will get a scholarship and that's the only way you can make it as a sports pro in NA. Here's where RL can step in and say you can go straight from school to a professional. Of course, we wouldn't get access to the top top athletes, but there are enough young athletic types who would make good wingers, forwards, centres. Don't only look at American football players though, sprinters, lacrosse, basketball players, volleyball players, wrestlers, water polo, soccer etc could all make decent RL players.
  13. They could do worse than put some money in a London development league. There's a huge area here that's being neglected and has history of producing top players, but we need funding to go even deeper. It would affect us sure, but at least any players we lose would still be playing RL. We had 3 England youth players 2 years ago and now none of them no longer play for us at youth level. Whether that is due to union or other things, I don't know.
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