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  1. Well I'm not in country on the day, so if it was on BBC I could tape it or watch it on the iPlayer. Looks like I'll completely miss it, hopefully there will be youtube highlights.
  2. Got to feel sorry for these poor, penniless League 1 players being forced to have to go to Toronto as part of their job and not having to pay for flights and accommodation. Even worse, they also have to have the audacity to buy their own food, despite being so skint you wonder how they pay for their weekly Asda shop. If only they were more like regular folk, who have to pay for their own holidays, own food, own travel expenses and aren't forced to travel to a different city and country as part of their work.
  3. Can't the players buy their own food? Surely they'll be spending on tourism, souvenirs etc. Or are Toronto supposed to pay for that too?
  4. A trip to Toronto isn't that expensive anymore, you can get budget airline flights for £150.
  5. I'd have thought the RFL would have bought medals.
  6. Well done Cas. Hopefully they can be the real deal and go on to win the title. So bored of it always being Leeds, Saints or Wigan.
  7. I wouldn't be against this. It would be good to have a SL team in the Midlands and, if Wasps are serious with their backing, another team challenging for trophies. Obviously they should have to start from L1 and work their way up, unless it's the Bears they're looking at.
  8. They can't sell out in the PL and the owners have psssed off the fans. I can't see them getting big crowds or doing well next season.
  9. I agree the reliance on backers is an issue in the long run, but what sport doesn't? There'd be no top 14 without rich backers, Saracens would disappear, Man City and Chelsea would be nowhere without their sugar daddies etc.
  10. When they get relegated this season and are playing in front of 8k in the Championship next season, they'll be desperate for Hull to come back.
  11. True I agree, but a lot of the "London" teams aren't from London, but Surrey, Kent, Herts, Essex etc. There's a lot more ground in London we need to cover and a lot of potential that can come from it.
  12. Most of the players from London and surrounding areas that have made it in the pro game, have come from schools rather than amateur game. We need to get RL into more schools in inner London. A lot of them don't play union, so there'd be no pressure from them but the lack of playing fields would be an issue and you don't want kids playing on the playground or outdoor courts. Inner London is a potential goldmine for talent, there's great work being done in places like Brixton for example. We also need to break into the BME population, those kids aren't playing union either. The sky try initiative is a good idea for doing this and hopefully it will bear fruit in a few years.
  13. Parky would consider them imports as they're not from five minutes down the road.
  14. London Broncos were never done "properly". As I said before, a team full of Aussies aimed at Aussies in London has no emotional impact on Londoners and by the time we started to make ourselves a London club, we were playing awful rugby and losing fans. The constant moves across London didn't help either. How can you expect fans in Charlton to travel to Brentford every week and vice versa? The only thing we've got right is the Academy, which pretty much is why the club is still in existence. A Toronto style London club, well marketed and based entirely in one location, with a good side and some local players, would go down very well and better than the Broncos.