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  1. England wins WC, Toronto are a big success, London go up (although I wouldn't mind Toulouse instead as they would bring more to the sport).
  2. Maybe they're hopelessly devoted to RL...
  3. Agree should have a League 2 starting. 10 teams in Championship, 10 in L1, 10 in L2. You could make it so SL ambitious sides start in L1 rather than L2 so clubs aren't overstretched.
  4. Great news, we need a Manchester club in the professional ranks. They seem very ambitious too given where they play.
  5. It was free for the WC and then the channel disappeared. I didn't realise it had come back. My point still stands though.
  6. What's happening in Ghana they've been very quiet this year? Africa is definitely a great region to target with no sport other than football spread over the continent. You'd think Nigeria and some of the French speaking countries would be good places to target. As far as I know, Tuyodo Egodo, Daniel Igbinedion, Iliess Macani, Sadiq Adebiyi and Judah Mazive are all of African descent, surely there's more too.
  7. Since SL is a Sky product, I don't see why they'd want to get rid of it. The last thing we should do is have everything on Premier Sports, that channel's not even available on Virgin for example.
  8. Hopefully he plays for Canada and not NZ.
  9. That's disappointing especially as they said they are 5 places up for grabs. Surely they could make space for two more? Anyway good to see two U.S., one Canadian and one Jamaican playing pro rl, the opportunity wouldn't have been there otherwise. Hopefully this becomes an annual thing.
  10. How would they afford to travel then? Don't get me wrong I'm a big fan of Serbia and think we should do more to help them but international teams need financial backing to join the RFL leagues.
  11. Well done Toronto and the trialists. It just shows what raw talent/potential there is in North America.
  12. Shame no one in Sheffield helped them, but well done to Wakefield. What's happened to the new stadium being built?
  13. Why limit ourselves to only 35k when we've had bigger crowds than that?
  14. This is why we need a third professional competition, SL can't be expected to be a world league. Hopefully this NA competition can get up and running.
  15. Is that the national team or a club team?