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  1. This is an excellent thread that has avoided many of the usual pitfalls. No one is saying the game is perfect, and no one is saying the game is better now than in the past. The fact that we become a bit war weary is only natural and like being depressed you barely know you are. don't realise the affects on yourself or those around you and don't even comprehend where the wood ends and the trees start, Nothing written here is entirely wrong or completely right .... like it being a blessing and a curse But people want to blame the game which is a shame.
  2. Yes I agree but I find it fascinating that one of the arch beneficiaries and manipulators of our present issue is arguing for change and I'm always suspicious of poachers come gamekeepers. The argument for too long has been about ref performance and inconsistency or a teams lack of discipline rather than the affect penalties have on a game that may outweigh their value or purpose. Your earlier point about the basis of all this is only his views without evidence just means he'll fit right in on the forum!
  3. It’s All the World Cup’s Fault

    Mind your own business Deluded! Anyway I do wonder how long it'll be before the themes of the article become a strongly held belief. These things tend to gain momentum from silly beginnings!
  4. It’s All the World Cup’s Fault

    What! In Australia surely not! Good job we've got Brexit for that!
  5. League One's Future

    Which one? Whose? And there's so many of them at the door that we made the Doc feel totally unwecome. And if it doesn't? Look everyone Parky's finally admitted London develop players! See there is a God and he's a TGG fan!
  6. Our new position in the EU

    I will make several promises if this happens; if the vote takes place and so long as it's about leaving the EU and we talk about the EU and not the NHS or immigration: 1. If leave wins I'll accept it without difficulty 2. If stay wins I won't gloat for more than a second and certainly not on here 3. If leave wins on a sensible discussion of what the EU brings to the party in economic terms and jobs I'll pretend I supported it all along! "Brexit minister reveals how MPs can force May to accept fresh referendum" https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-second-referendum-eu-vote-theresa-may-mps-minister-steve-baker-a8313111.html Altogether NOW! "One wheel on my wagon, And I'm still rolling along Them Cherokees after me I'm all in flames, at the reins But I'm singing a happy song I'm singing a higgity, haggity hoggety, high Pioneers, they never say die Right around that turn there's a hidden cave And we can watch those Cherokees Go galloping by Spoken: "George? Should I get the bag of beads and trinkets?" "Woman, I know what I'm doing!" No wheels on my wagon, So I'm not rolling along The Cherokees captured me They look mad, things look bad But I'm singing a happy song"
  7. It’s All the World Cup’s Fault

    Two thoughts: Good! & No change there then!
  8. It's the the mixture of mood, myth and magic that makes sport (Not K&C, synchronised swimming or gymnastics obviously) and TGG in particular so great and forums so diverse We all believe a load of rubbish We all think it's everyone but us Our team would win everything if it wasn't for chuffin' refs and the rules and when we win we did it in spite of all the things ranged against us which is magic!
  9. Only if you ignore the accusation that the crowd controls events Here's an example from the East Stand and you can how the angry mood might persuade the poor ref in the middle
  10. You see you've all got it wrong Any fault with the game is not coaches, refs or players it's you lot!
  11. Of course it does! Yes it is! Then = you were younger more excited and excitable ....... Now = you're jaundiced, you've seen it all and you're looking for it to bring back then The game is magic but it's not going to get 5000 fed with 5 loaves and fishes! Absolutely
  12. This should be the TGG mantra It can always be worse, you could be a Salford fan!