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  1. That's expecting a lot from the party who wouldn't ask for water if they were thirsty! It would also be a miracle on the road to Damascus and back again! Can't wait for the Jez v Jez election though!
  2. Oxford

    Our new position in the EU

    The swine! Had to laugh at this though "Brexit Groundhog Day for Theresa May" especially when it included this "It’s the biggest parliamentary crisis on Brexit that Theresa May has faced since the last parliamentary crisis that Theresa May faced. " https://www.politico.eu/article/brexit-groundhog-day-for-uk-pm-theresa-may/ What struck me most recently though was how you never hear from the neutrals mind you I suppose even reaching for the keyboard is a bit too much to ask for the CBA's who couldn't be bothered to vote in the referendum.
  3. Oxford

    Our new position in the EU

    Leavers in the Labour Party whatever next ? Obviously they went there for the rampant racism tee-shirt contests at the Party Conference.
  4. Oxford

    Our new position in the EU

    Because things are interesting by their very nature and what learning looks like ...... I thought you said you worked in education? You don't like people with reading difficulties and you've got it in for people finding things interesting .... You should work for Ofsted with those attitudes. "As Theresa May recycles the Brexit bus lie, two leading Brexiteers are accused of treason" Small quote from the above article "Wigmore also announced he intends to leave the UK for Belize" I have to say that you would think that, if it's going to be so rosy and wonderful after we leave, the brexiteers would be the first to say "Well. I staying here for the whole party!" I have heard rats leave a sinking ship but I never knew they scuttled the vessel first!
  5. Oxford

    Our new position in the EU

    Except people who can't read!😶
  6. Oxford

    Our new position in the EU

    Good grief! the reading level on here is like the Sun incarnate, look I didn't say that I said something like that,certainly but not that. When I was saying it I knew that it was not open to interpretation and no inferences can possibly be drawn from what I said, which, to repeat was not that .....at all ...... in any way shape or form and must always be taken at face value and black and white! And if I'd meant to say that I still wouldn't have said it. So I hope that's clear for everyone now if your reading's up to it, which of course if it wasn't you wouldn't have been able to follow this any way. So let that be a lesson to you all! I have produced this in blue text to support the government and Brexit and to help you all with your severe dyslexia. "These benefits come from a mix of global free trade for Britain outside the Single Market and Customs Union, plus opening up the British economy to the beneficial effects of entrepreneurial financing."
  7. Now SL think before you type or didn't you get the memo? So not being left wing but trying to be left wing is what took it away from christianity then or being right wing while trying to get lefty and trendy? Your attempt to clarify has left me with less understanding of the original text, not unlike the bible so I can see why you'd be so proud about your ability to quote it! Now if you don't want to answer that's perfectly fine but scooting round the point is well pointless, and being insulting is unnecessary. Which would still leave the picture painted as left wing drives you away from your christianity which is a fascinating position to hold none the less.
  8. I really miss the World Cup! And I can't wait for the next one!
  9. Oxford

    Our new position in the EU

    https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-final-deal-vote-lords-peers-theresa-may-defeat-parliament-commons-a8405226.html Curiouser and curiouser! Certainly proving to be a Rabbit hole in the best tradition this Brexit! But this I find incomprehensible .....
  10. Which one is that then? When government in the UK start to recognise that we all have to contribute for it to work, it's as well to listen to both sides to see where they will gather it all from before playing the scaremongering game. All the income streams need to be looked at even your sacred cow of corporation tax!😉
  11. But being a follower of say Jesus, for example, only implies an aspiration to act like him. So you're pretty free to be as disgusted as you like while aspiring. Now to me C of E implies, represents, is identified with, the establishment and hearing them described as lefty made me laugh and for mine they're about as trendy as a Marks and Sparks cardigan. Essentially I was trying to understand the position from what was said. Trumpy is a very different kettle of fish though as I don't believe he's a believer for a moment.
  12. Good point Bob. I do find it fascinating that even religion takes on the clothing of political outlook. Not that people can't see it any way they want but I do like people to be clear about the implications. Seeing religion as inherently right wing because it's age makes it old fashioned seems a very odd approach and it was a direct attack on the C of E. Now not being happy with a particular way of behaving is one thing using left wing as a pejorative may be handy but how interesting!
  13. This was just a response to your post SL it wasn't about the particular bits you referred to. I didn't quote the bible at you about the commandments. There are various reasons why I wouldn't and none of them have to do what you say above. That still didn't answer what you intimated by lefty and whatever as contrary to being a christian, which I found an odd thing to say for a christian. What you wrote in your post in no way invalidates either what I asked or the quote. So do you believe in a broad church? Would lefties find a welcome in your house of the Lord? I have brought it down to two questions which are fairly, a simple to answer as a yes or no. I suppose I'd have to take not answering as a no too. A little while ago you said that people shouldn't feel free to have a go at christians on here, quite rightly and I wasn't. But what about what I said about Trump and coming to his defence. Put this here again for clarity you see these two as not being christian? So Old fashioned and right wing must be the truly christian alternatives! That would seem to be Trumpy, certainly.
  14. I think there were more than ten What I find most amazing in all this is that the echoes of Trump and the UK now are so strong and yet he hasn't had more defenders as a president duly elected and constitutionally according to the will of the people. Really SL ...so logically Christians can only be right wing and old fashioned then? What a broad church that is then! Suffer little children to come unto me so long as they're not ...... fill in as applicable.