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  1. At least some among us can get away from the Teflons and the machinations, backstabbing, mediocrity, self-serving, lack of hope .... etc etc etc On that last one it did strike me that, for a while at least, the one thing the Blair government did was provide some hope. This may seem small but it is far more than, more or less, any other one has done. But is this really worth considering? "Domestic political chaos may be price worth paying if it stops Brexit" https://www.heraldscotland.com/business_hq/17298040.ian-mcconnell-domestic-political-chaos-may-be-price-worth-paying-if-it-stops-brexit/ And for good measure ... https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/politics/brexit-makes-look-only-good-13731255 And I can understand this. More or less every Leaver and Tory is now in my ignore list. Funnily enough, not one of them is there because they're a Teflon or a Brexiteer. When a post hits a nerve there they are clustered in a small group saying I don't want to see them. The main reason they're there is that there is little point engaging with them. And when I see other posters trying to reason and debate I see I made the right choice. So ignoring them and going a completely different way has not guaranteed me meeting opposing views but the tone and themes are very different, a breath of fresh air and very much more reasoned though still as flawed as mine are. I think I have come to the conclusion that maybe the chaos might be the price we have to pay to get back to sanity and the break up of the UK is the only forward for Ireland and Scotland. I'm not sure about the Welsh as the Telflons and ru may be too much of a draw for them to be able to move into tomorrow.
  2. And the cream of the crop geologically!
  3. Shouldn't the title of this be from New Orleans to Halifax?
  4. They already have before, during and after the event and a few even prehistorically. But anyone who doubts that distancing yourself from Brexit isn't a good idea must be looking in a very different direction.
  5. "The end of austerity! " 
  6. Is outwitting dimwits newsworthy now?
  7. So like so much Brexitese and the future we've all gained it's the opposite of what's said on the tin or the side of a bus. No change there then for the winners who want to be loved for winning while we all lose.
  8. But all anyone one has to do is cut and paste the bits they think are a) relevant b) alternative solutions Citing a huge document is suspect, suspicious or pretty lazy. I don't read every document to do with all this but I will read any number of bullet points and lists of strategies from any side of the argument, even if all it achieves is a right good laugh.
  9. It is odd that a PM who by all accounts is a staunch fighter for female rights and protection should feel comfortable with letting these two back in for any reason what so ever! I'm waiting for a convoluted Teflon explanation to make my eyes glaze over, it'll be along in a minute you mark my words.
  10. Jiggery pokery is something people are very passionate about and appearing above board also. I suppose that's what helps those who agree to keep supporting and those who feel cheated vindicated. And it's nice that each side are only adamant about what the others are up to. It's a very agreeable arrangement. The French have a saying that goes something like women are never wrong and men are always right which I really understand for the first time now.
  11. Funny you should say this when I put this on here through my head was a list of those I'd fallen for when young, Jackie wasn't one of them but ....
  12. It's all pretty distasteful to be honest least of all their hair cuts.
  13. Oxford


    It's a case of revolution according to a Christmas card from France. For those who feel quite amorous toward middle of the road politics good example right there.