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  1. "What most politicians have failed to point out is that since 2006 the UK has been one of 60 signatories to the 'Code of Good Practice on Referendums' (part of the Venice Commission). This advocates a referendum as a two-part process, starting with an advisory vote and proceeding to a detailed proposal, with a second vote by either parliament or the people. This, you will note, is more or less where we are. They also advise that a vote below 55% in favour should be ignored. Hmmm." Hmmmmmm!
  2. In this I promise I'm not the Me or the Train Guy Train guy: “Did you see that Camborne elected a Tory councillor? One of the poorest areas and all you can hear is BREXIT BREXIT BREXIT. No one is interested in local issues and somehow not voting is the answer.” Me: “That’s crazy. It’s really sad how deeply divided the whole country has become. I feel like we need the government to completely collapse to force the system to change. At the moment we’ve got two leaders who no one wants - we can’t have an election based on that.” Train guy: “Trouble is Tory voters are smart enough to know that voting is important. Labour voters talk a good game but they are mostly the weak and the broken so the will has been beaten out of them (oh and Tony Blair happened of course). All the rest are just splintered into BREXIT, Green, UKIP and their vote is worthless. The Lib Dems do well at local level but nationally just don’t have it.” Me: “I think the problem is the central void. Labour could easily win if they just ditched Corbyn and moved towards the centre and brought people back together. You’ve got people of my parents’ generation who would quite happily vote Labour but won’t touch him with a barge pole because he’s associated with Marxism. It’s mad how triggered the older generation is by that word.” Train guy: “I think it’s really sad that people take a word like Marxism and allow it to blind them to three decades of tireless work promoting fairness and kindness to everyone. I predict a massive swing to the right at the next election. UKIP and now the BREXIT party will drag out the bigots in their millions.” Me: “I fear you may be right. I think there’s a massive smear campaign against Corbyn. In many ways I admire him for his authenticity and genuinely held beliefs. That said, I still can’t stand him because he’s a totally ineffective opposition to May and in being so, shares the responsibility for the mess we’re in.” Train guy: “Without a majority his hands are rather tied. I want to see him in power before he is judged as a leader. The manifesto for the last election was spot on in most ways and if we weren't still carrying the burden of Blair I think we could have been having a very different conversation. Labour is the only credible answer to the Tories at the moment and any vote for another party is just a vote for them I’m afraid.” Me: “The problem is they’re not a credible answer for me. And the fact that he doesn’t have a majority is a weak excuse. So often I hear Labour MPs being interviewed and even they’re not sure what their policy is on Brexit. I know it’s a changing landscape but I want to see clarity in opposition. “For me, the opposite to Leave is Remain, the opposite to May’s dictatorship is People’s Vote, the opposite to her failure to bring the country back together after the referendum was to try and collaborate with others and find a middle ground. He’s not done any of that.” Train guy: “BREXIT isn’t the issue, it’s the smokescreen. The policy was very clear and any MP who failed to answer the question just didn’t like the policy and should have just said so rather than fudge the issue. We have to leave BREXIT in its own box. NHS, Schools, mental health care are the real issues that matter.” Me: “That is completely true, but Brexit is practically the only show in town when it comes to an election. No one is going to win an election on the stuff that actually matters at the moment.” Train guy: “We need an honest vote. How do we sweep it under the carpet and tell millions of people to forget it.” Me: “Election or referendum?” Train guy: “Referendum. An election would be nice but not just yet. I need to work out how to show the people around me that not voting isn’t the answer.” Me: “The government needs to come out and admit they made a mistake, that they should never have allowed a referendum on something that none of us had enough information to make a decision on, admit that voters were misled and admit that they’ve found no way for Britain to leave the EU that would make us better off. And give everyone the opportunity to vote again on the basis that it was their fault, not the people’s fault, that the result ended up as it did.” Train guy: “There will be life after BREXIT and I passionately believe that if its life under the Tory party we are all in real trouble. “I want my grandchildren to have access to free healthcare and a decent education. I want jobs that pay a living wage for everyone. I want to see the massive mental health issues treated as a crisis and mended not ignored because there are still enough wage slaves. “I want to see a clean environment at any expense to multinationals. I want to see corporations paying their taxes to support the slaves they employ. “Time to admit it was all a game to get UKIP voters to vote Tory.”
  3. Because he's aTGG fan! He's a TGG fan! Of course not I'm a TGG fan!
  4. However long it is this is the most important word for me.
  5. There are other examples but this is another line of argument that leads us nowhere. For me the only question worth asking is "Do you want ventures like New York to work or not?" Quibling over what they've done, might do, promised or even failed to do are just where we landed with our answer to that.
  6. The sense of righteousness on both sides finds expression in describing the opposition using suitably negative adjectives. Neither side has any moral superiority in this or any other respect. This situation is epically crazy and we're all victims of its madness. Despite all of this I can't get over the feeling they're wrong!
  7. There are more answers than posters to all this. The same lines as with expansion seem to be drawn. Catalan need space in the calendar for France to play England. "I wouldn't watch it if it was in my backyard!" Now there's a statement for an RL fan to make. The Dragons do need to be made to provide their players but when you're only here by invitation and under sufferance would you? Attitudes are everything and it shows. The idea that you can beat the Aussies by never playing them has a real foothold in this sport.
  8. For those who need a sense of perspective Thanks for coming to the rescue Eddie!
  9. So, along those characteristics mentioned and leaving aside any notion of self-sacrifice or deprivation they're a perfect match.
  10. I suppose that's why the price on the Mad Hatter's hat hasn't gone decimal yet, the lunacy continues!
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