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  1. It's not just gloomy and working class stuff I like ..... And interesting how a thread like this pushes back at RL fan stereotypes and assumptions.
  2. I'll bet he still turns up late for that too!
  3. This tendency towards amusing buffoons is a waste of time and wear and tear on the typing fingers.
  4. You know that idea that dogs come to look like their owners or is it the other way round? Well I'm beginning to see how it works with Parties and their followers. It's useless looking for any element of truth in between myth, spin, misdirection and misrepresentation and downright untruths. And that is what people are in love with .......they want to believe so strongly that the policies are irrelevant and the consequences invisible and unimportant. It's not me so who gives a ......
  5. Good attitude, really refreshing and something we need more of. to stop us being jaded when we have the Greatest Game!
  6. Well we are discussing anything and everything RL/TWP or I thought we were! And I don't entirely agree with your assessment and I also think there are other attractive notions about this for players and disincentives as well which will depend entirely on the individual players ambitions and motivations.
  7. Yes but for Powell this has only recently become the case. And it's more the level they've had to play at than any influence the name of the coach might have. Next season more big name will come because Eric's building it! I also think it's a bit odd to talk in this way because under him Leigh did very well and played some great rugby which plenty of coaches in SL can't say.
  8. Two things occur about this and the article above : first of all when people feel inclined to dismiss TWP what are they seeing if not something successful and well worth celebrating? And secondly TWP have already received more minutes TV coverage on a news programme than well established SL clubs in their own local areas and probably more than SL on BBC the weekend after a round. What will they bring to the party? A damn sight more than what's on offer at present, that's for sure!
  9. Really we can expect a lot more out-sourcing and the like once the true reality of LAE kicks in! Even less protection and more of the stuff takes jobs away rather than creates them.
  10. Cod

    Tongs I hate to say this but you've not really got the hang of this Brexit thing, have you? Look the Tory party are sorting out the BBC so only positive and productive stories about leaving the EU are now allowed everything else is verboten y interdit. I know these languages are now forbidden but it's a sort of homage to the roots of our royal family. And I think this might be more than appropriate especially the first few lines .....
  11. Sorry to say this SRD fans but saw the Red Devil's performance and they've no chance. I'm afraid they'll be lucky to win a single match. However, Ladbrookes must know something we don't because they're making them dark horse favourites in the semi, that is unless they're just out to make a killing.
  12. Cod

    The Americans were brought in to feed them on chemicals and Hormones in a GM farming to fishing long term strategy. The EU is no longer in charge of our fish & chips so we can do what we like.
  13. Who trusts Labour?, was the OP .......according to reports Mrs May and the Tory party do! "It appears her wish has been granted. In at least two instances Jeremy Corbyn appears to have made demands of the government, which are then met days later." https://www.indy100.com/article/jeremy-corbyn-theresa-may-influencing-policy-transgender-grenfell-7856581 Jeremy Svengali Corbin ......
  14. 'It's not a huge deal' Liam Fox reveals transitional Brexit deal could last UNTIL 2022 http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/832020/Brexit-eu-uk-bbc-andrew-marr-liam-fox-michel-barnier-europe-brussels-european-union-wto So are we leaving or not? Really? Brexit means Brexit means it'll have taken the best part of a decade! Yes it is but what's the next level of cognitive dissonance? Hyper-delusional cd? Psychotic-cd - syndrome? Psychopathic- selfbeguilement? Auto-realization delay?
  15. Trouble is some of those connections are on the tenuous side but as a pattern of collusion, preference and agenda only an idiot could ignore the signs of the end. If Krakatoa is full of ashes, smoke, steam and bubbling lava you have to book your passage East. Course, if I was a Tory and a list like this came to me from the Express about the Labour MPs I'd be totally convinced that shady dealings were going on but even if comes wrapped like a present it's always better to get out the salt ....and your finger and thumb at the ready. As a socialist if a list like that came to me even from the Express I'd still have the salt but I'd be convinced that Labour had been found wanting if only for not caring whether anyone noticed or not.