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  1. Some people are like the founding fathers angry the game is controlled by London's idiots, some are like the Salford board in 1895 not quite sure and can't make up their minds, some are dragged kicking and screaming into the light but love it when they get there and some will never, in the whole of forever, come out of the darkness and would like all of us to simply join in their unhappiness. So like most choices in life it's all about which song you prefer Sweet Misery by Hoyt Axton or Fun fun Fun by the Beach Boys. Hey, look some Canadian kids are playong TGG!
  2. I find the argument on a forum that posters' views don't matter telling and intriguing. Talk of matching demographics and our sport would only ring true if our sport was covered sufficiently rather than grudgingly. We always seem to be cursed with administrations that are terrified of rocking the boat. Which for a sport that beached the rugby yawnion yatch in 1895 and stillremains unfirgiven. I feel that, like too much on here, we fall into, those who will stand up and be counted and those who'll wave the white flag before the stuff even begins.
  3. Look the problem of our sport is lack of stability, continuity and opportunities for forward planning so suggestions of even more jeopardy makes no sense what so ever!
  4. That would seem the most likely and logical reason behind all this. I do find arguing for the Sun questionable to say the least and saying it's for RL's footprint is complete nonsense. Now a complete ban on the Sun on the grounds of it's discriminatory attitude towards our sport along with several other papers might be a way forward and a marketing push we could keep on track for quite a while.
  5. I'd like to be able to say this came as a surprise but I've read your posts!
  6. Best ever in my life "Come and try rugby."
  7. I was also thinking TGG could steal the idea of the different shirts for different reasons from the tour.
  8. Thanks. I'll give him a go next then. And I would like more suggestions along this line please as it seems to be the only sanity clause left.
  9. and I think I might watch this even if it was rubbish as the only plae TGG gets a mention on UK TV.
  10. Still ploughing through the Sinai Tapestry and Connections by David? Burke Thinking of going back to Douglas Adams and Kurt Vonnegut as they make me laugh about how stupid the world is. Does anyone have any recommendations along those lines?
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