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  1. Graeme Langlands dies.

    Magic player, magic sidestep magic versatility! Quote "Stick it up your ######!" in response to a MOM award! Brilliant! RIP
  2. The very last one promise! This is just to say goodbye everyone all the best and hope next year is great for you all and your team (so long as they don't beat mine of course) It was excellent fun, really interesting but it's time to move on. I won't list you all cos' it will sound like an Oscars acceptance speech!
  3. Fouroux 1995 french comp

    That sounds positive and really good news, thanks!
  4. Our new position in the EU

    Not enough people believed a Tory PM, whatever next? This was such a decisive, crucial and long term decision that more so than an election the old adage about old people cocking it up for those who come after them seems the most accurate description.
  5. Fouroux 1995 french comp

    I won't go into this too much but we were at most of these matches and very few of the lessons were taken on board, TGG being resistant to change who'd have thought it? I'm pretty sure that group weren't at the other matches and I'm glad because with all the times they were the main attractions at Fete in the area I never wanted to hear Zouk Machine again. At one match a woman behind said "Mais c'est vite!" and that made me realise what a good job had been done of hiding RL. It may have been the Forbidden Game but far more damage was done by it being the Hidden sport! Thanks for finding it great stuff .... I still had a tee-shirt from the series until quite recently. It was " nearly as faded as my dreams" misquote.
  6. The Culture Wars

    As I suspected silly stuff under the guise of the OP/thread.
  7. League Restructure 2019

    "This is the law of the Yukon, and ever she makes it plain: "Send not your foolish and feeble; send me your strong and your sane -- Strong for the red rage of battle; sane for I harry them sore; Send me men girt for the combat, men who are grit to the core; Swift as the panther in triumph, fierce as the bear in defeat, Sired of a bulldog parent, steeled in the furnace heat. Send me the best of your breeding, lend me your chosen ones; Them will I take to my bosom, them will I call my sons ...."
  8. League Restructure 2019

    League Restructure 2019! Okay that's it! Enough's e-chuffin' nough! Oh yeah ....... I don't know what the games coming to .... A laughing stock ......
  9. The Culture Wars

    "Owers said: “We need to look closely between the relationship between ethnicity and the use of force.” One sentence explains.
  10. UKIPpery

    My memory of both of those was people voting to give a woman a chance and voting for change because they were fed up with the Tories when it came to Blair.
  11. UKIPpery

    I think that has more to do with with other things right at this moment, and the range of factors that would affect an election outcome can't ever be just down to one leader ....... Does anyone vote for a party on the basis of who the leader is? I would have thought we'd have had far more hung parliaments when we consider the suspects we've had to choose from!
  12. Our new position in the EU

    "In the context of Brexit, buyer’s remorse meant that people who had voted to leave would quickly regret what they had done because the economy would plunge instantly into the stonking recession predicted by the Treasury in the run-up to the plebiscite. Project Fear was actually Project Reality, it was said, and before too long Brexit voters would be clamouring for the chance to think again. " I think this article misses the point because the buyers remorse is affected by the reaction of those against the decision. It is not so much the buyer deciding the cardigan's no good. It's more a kind of reaction to the whole family saying they don't like the cardie that you thought was wonderful so you're damn ell going to wear it even if that means you look like a cross between a barbers pole and a box of skittles. Of course the economy hasn't gone down the Khasi we're still trading and still in the EU. We'll still be trading after we leave so the affects won't be that great, it's why there needs to be a long transition. But having said all this some leave voters and some remain must have changed their minds as logically and statistically it was bound to happen. But even if everyone suddenly said "Let's stay in the EU." I've no doubt that we would still leave.
  13. The Culture Wars

    Not on a TGG forum necessarily!
  14. The Culture Wars

    Yes he's brilliant isn't he?
  15. Challenge Cup First Round tie live on BBC

    The first one because it's great that it's an all Londinium tie. Second one because having the armed forces in our CC is excellent and there may be people who don't know RL is played in them! The third which would be just be because it's a pure heartland tie. And that's why I'm torn but it's always a win win.