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  1. Interesting figures on UK sports

    It puts the small sport with small media bang into question. And what if we had marketing and media coverage of ru or cricket?
  2. Not really news, headline material though is it? Nazis found in a government? I think we already live there!
  3. Our new position in the EU

    If these are criteria for remaining in the country there wouldn't be enough of anybody left to be worth calling it a population! As for getting into the country we could use the same screening techniques as Trumpton! Anyway is the point to stop all the misogynists, homophobes and anti-Semites because we're already oversubscribed, or because we want to leave room for all the racists we have to move around a bit?
  4. Our new position in the EU

    "The scientist is not a person who gives the right answers, he is one who asks the right questions." Claude Levi-Strauss
  5. is this fair?

    No, I have no idea to be honest but divorcing it from the club entirely seemed ... intriguing, that's all.
  6. Our new position in the EU

    That's just Toryville dressing the salad. And here this may surprise a few I feel sorry for the leavers because this can't possibly be what they wanted. With the exception of Nigel Farage, of course, because he's the essential architect of this mess and needs to own up to his responsibility.
  7. is this fair?

    It did happen in the street but saying it was not related to the Rugby Club is questionable Tongs. You'd have thought it must be but .........
  8. is this fair?

    This is my experience too. Did Salford get the blame at the MPG rather than HKR ? So Fev got it cos they were at home? Trying to understand how this is decided is er ..... interesting! Having said this I do remember being in a coach that was hit by a stone in Fev! The only time I've had that happen. (In the interests of balance!)
  9. Anyway, I think I'll cancel when TWP are in SL so only one year to go!
  10. And extremely thin?
  11. Bloody hell! What pension is he on?
  12. Is this the way you save most?
  13. Sorry is this a separated at birth thread, now?