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  1. I think he'd fit right in!
  2. Absolutely correct NE it's the RFL's job to make their clients comprehend, accept and and support their actions and decisions. If we can ignore the differences between supporters' views it would be good to find out which 5-6 things cause the most disenchantment. If the RFL were able to convince, change, or be proactive or get rid of those causing fan disillusionment do you think it would help at all?
  3. Yes once they've shown it can work well........... I think this is not sitting well with the general expectation of failure and let down that seems to follow RL like a bad smell.
  4. Pepé Le Pew authentic Gallic accent and everything.
  5. I think that tautological Ben. There may be plenty but if they aren't in RL??????
  6. Watching your own teams isn't the problem then, nor your desire for expansion. So clearly the big events and the problems you've encountered with tickets and I'm including cock-ups at international level games here, is that right? You obviously love the game and it's good they haven't put you off that; all I'm trying to do is get to the bottom of the "Fan Issues" that may mean a fall in attendance and participation. If we can analyse and get to the nub of those areas we might also be able to have a questionnaire type thing to see which are the crucial bits and which ones are less important. Beyond that we could ask one or two of the journalists on here to cover this problem. At the moment I'm not altogether sure that the RFL even knows about the level of dissatisfaction or if they're simply dismissing it as the usual fan gripes and moans. If we can get away from the atomic bomb approach to bashing the RFL for all and sundry it might help. What worries me is that the most important issues will also be the most divisive ones and we'll be stuck in this twilight zone of interminable ping pong forever.
  7. There aren't enough Erics.
  8. Obviously or you wouldn't still be here, all the best fro the season John. And an awful lot was inflicted on you from the great beyond. With the signing of Carney you could be in for a great time so long as the Home Office denizen doing the paperwork isn't still smarting from Burgess leaving yawn.
  9. Although I can understand why these would upset you I don't see why that makes you disenchanted to the level you clearly are? I am not making light of your concerns here in anyway and I probably have a list as long as yours but that doesn't make me want to stop watching and following RL. If I wanted to watch a well run sport rather than what's on the paddock I know which one it would be and I'd spend most of my time in the bar. Go on guess!
  10. Then why bother holding it at all?
  11. I can't argue about the affects of boardroom NE no experience but having worked in many different organisations I can testify that problems occur from both ends of them, and they are nearly always based on mistaken perceptions about roles, responsibilities and treatment. Everyone on here, trolls apart, is passionate about RL, and the opinions of all valid. What is it about the way the game is managed that has caused you to feel this way? I still feel the trouble is that sometimes people lose interest simply because they disagree with what's done, other times blaming the wrong people for the wrong things. I feel the RFL don't market the game well but that doesn't make them incompetent or scallywags over everything. Parky feels the RFL are to blame for not bringing simple P&R back and I feel they're suspect for bringing P&R back at all, which one of us is right? Probably neither or both but the RFL is the villain here for us both.
  12. Good turfside stuff from Aaron, he's a real commentary bonus!
  13. Isn't it great to hear the new kinds of accents in TGG?
  14. Can't wait, not long now!
  15. Yes sadly the calls for justice just look like demands for interminable retribution these days. They go on for longer than a thread about Bradford!