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  1. So what was the score?
  2. If true just let them bid themselves into oblivion. There will be plenty of players available if it goes wrong for them
  3. Ok I understand dont be negative and all that. But our first warm up -as in a practice game to make perfect and all - is less than two weeks away. And we dont quite have a full 17. Are we going to start this season as we finished last with the bare bones? Even if we sign a few in the interim they are not going to have much of a pre season with the rest! Is any other team in this position? The irons in the fire need to be pulled out sharpish!
  4. To me the fairest thing would be to offer Haven or if they declined Barrow the chance to step up and if they do so they would receive the extra funding above the Champ1 amount (£75k ?) Any new Bradford club should have no choice but to start in Champ 1 as they are NEW club! . But because they are a new club they should not have to start with a point deduction IMO. So there s no chance of any of that happening
  5. Wandered into the shop and I think your dead right , even the polos looked as though they had been through the wash! What happened to last years manufacturers? Bought a jacket then and its spot on. Remember the days when kits lasted two years!?
  6. 25/1 - Cant argue with that at the moment
  7. You nearly got the spelling right David lol
  8. Totally agree, quality looked well down as well. Who making them this year?
  9. Ahh the Cumbria rock festivals ,those were the days! It failed due to two things , our boys in blue objected to a drink license, in case it caused any trouble( or work for them more likely). Yeah theres always trouble at rock concerts boys . But just as importantly it clashed with Maryport Carnival in its glory days, and folks round here were keener to go on the lash than support a local event.... nowt changes does it....
  10. Has been asked to re sign but no answer yet
  11. Was mentioned that Tony(i think) was at a fund raising event. Also said earlier on that two directors were returning from a RL meeting down country, but dont know who they were or if they made the meeting without further comment.
  12. No he and Tony Boyd were not there
  13. The Ansaldo guy was there and was thanked so looks like they are still on board. They are also looking at naming rights for the main stand etc as the Zebra sponsorship expires about now
  14. Fifita was mentioned as part of last years community coaching team,all of which have now left
  15. He came across as a no nonsense sort of guy.