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  1. Week 1 - Starting Lineups

    Sorry to be picky, but the spelling of some of those names?
  2. Can you tell us who it is so we can ignore him or her in future?
  3. Salford Transfer complete

    As a long standing, long suffering fan of the Red Devils, delighted with this. Hope it all works out and we go from strength to strength. I feel we do owe Marwan a debt of gratitude for saving the club from oblivion, but time to move on now.
  4. Post-World Cup blues!

    Just over 1 month till it all starts again. Enough time to chill, relax and then start all over. I can wait that long. Glad it's no more though.
  5. Well played everyone. Deserved to win that. Ultimately a phantom penalty and a forward pass wins it. But brilliant performance. Got to play them again sometime soon.
  6. Hope I'm wrong but I think we have had our chance.
  7. And not passed to Ben Thaler for a decision?
  8. We need an English ref for the 2nd half. See how they like it.
  9. We have had one 50/50 call and he had to refer that to the video ref!
  10. So they can tackle high and throw forward passes. Jesus wept.
  11. That's the shape of the Aussies line in the Ashes when Root was stumped. Maybe they don't know what a straight line is. Come on England