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  1. We are now FULL. This is great news and now trying to sort everything. Well done everybody.
  2. To be fair to Rfl i think they had all info to sort fixtures on Monday check any errors with Clubs and publicise Wednesday but needed to satisfy themselves as best they can that Swinton could fulfill fixtures due to their cash problems. It has been bad but not an easy situation . Just hope they were right with decision to include Swinton in fixtures and they can now complete them.
  3. Thanks to Woodman bus supporters we are now up to 117!!! So close. Anybody else interested. Just contact me.
  4. Now 106 on walk so nearly there!
  5. Now got 101 on walk which is good. So need to hurry if want to go on it. Will be a great day. Just text or ring me on 07831230999 or email Sorted match tickets out with Rfl yesterday. Now sorting sponsor forms & t shirts which hope to be done by weekend.. Maybe chance to parade round Wembley pitch before kick off if can get to Wembley in time but again will know shortly but this is a chance not to be missed so are there another 19 out there up for it? £20 for coach, match ticket & pink T shirt if walk 10k from London Broncos to Wembley and get minimum £20 sponsorship for Breast Cancer. Not bad?
  6. Trying to sort this week. Got Rfl meet today. As at today got 101 registered so still some places on first come basis but looking good. We will have a great day and might get on telly in Wembley!!!! Want to book on just tel or text me on 07831230999.or email
  7. Will circulate winning numbers to members
  8. Now up to 50 doing walk so we are getting there. So still 70 places left although others not yet booked on are trying to get groups together to take part so hopeful we can get there. As a Club we have raised £30,000 for our Pink charity and we should be proud but so far shown little recognition by Rfl so need to prove we can achieve this goal as well as raise more for our cause to try to save lives. So please join us and book on this walk if you can. You will not regret it. Then can watch a great game whoever is there and may get on tv as well.
  9. Now up to 30 walkers!!! Only need 90 more. Hurry to book your place.
  10. Got email from Northern Eel. Thankyou. Now got 20 on Walk already. Brilliant. Just another 100 to go! Have spoke to a couple of people trying to get a group together for a day out. Should be a good day as early signs are positive that will achieve our aim. So why not join us?
  11. Not getting too excited but we are heading in right direction hopefully and i can tell you we do have a feel good factor round the place which is good. We should not look further than the next challenge which is Rochdale who beat Bulls last week & gave us a scare at home. Certainly looking forward to it though!
  12. Can you send me an email or text with names & tel. No. Thanks
  13. Brilliant Chris. Got message from Iro. Anybody wanting to come contact me . 07831230999 cheers.
  14. Thinking about it i think it is laziness as well as incompetance. The 3 Board members and Ceo their wives & children just sat back and lorded it up in the sun and never had the intelligence to even think about giving flyers out. Pathetic. There again you knew that and try to point it out when given an opportunity as you knew full well no flyers were given out but always good to highlight the issue. Nevertheless was a great day just a pity we didnt do a bit better. Nevermind we will continue to try harder and i will remind all concerned that they didnt work hard enough. Problem is if say that to Beverley i might be homeless and to the others might be friendless with no BOD or CEO then will have noone to sack the coach next time we lose. I can discuss all these issues when on Pink walk in London as long as it doesnt spoil what i hope will be another great day for the Club. I have bitten and posted on here again when friends advise me not to. Again sorry Lets be positive if things are being mentioned on here about off field things it must mean things on field are hopefully getting better so onwards & upwards. Cant wait for Rochdale away when can sit back have a beer and enjoy Rugby League. Hope Supporters bus, Woodman bus & Bulldog cars are full and we have good support.
  15. Brilliant. Not sorted parking yet until know it will happen but cannot see a problem. Started to get people on board just got too busy on Sunday when intended to launch & promote this. Need to get to point when confident will happen by Dewsbury game. Thanks for your support.