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  1. Kevin Nicholas

    WW 1

    Brilliant that Rob. Thanks for that kind and thoughtful post. Agree totally. Will speak to John to get it out on social media.
  2. Kevin Nicholas

    Why oh Why

    I cannot really say much more to explain our stance if we decide to go with it.
  3. Kevin Nicholas

    Why oh Why

    No big difference of opinion here as the key word is “ rely”. We are not seeking to rely on DR. We have a loan deal already with Giants so we have a relationship there but not getting in bed. If Championship/ League1 Clubs have a problem in 2021 it is because we cannot rely on some of our own clubs. We knew how all SL clubs were voting but not our own- problem! For us as a club this is not a make or break decision and we have a lot more important decisions to make to improve our club on and off the field in 2019.
  4. Kevin Nicholas

    Test Match Party

    Great afternoon. Pundits superb!! just thinking about whether to do it next week. Depends if interest shown.
  5. Kevin Nicholas

    Why oh Why

    Whose stupid idea was it? it was the idea of coaching staff at Giants. Not sure it is stupid. For me personally this is not a big issue as we are not reliant on DR at all. If it works then great but if it doesn’t so what as we have invested no time and effort into it. We are in a totally different position to any previous arrangement as we are not driving any arrangement if it happens at all. It is a win win situation. My position is that I am delighted with signings we have made, I am delighted with players who have resigned, I wish good fortune to players who have done great for us and moved on and I am looking forward to 2019 when I think we have the ability to perform well. In the scheme of things because we are not reliant on DR this is a minor issue which may never even happen. Giants have let us have Sam Wood on loan which is very positive for Giants, Sam Wood and us which is great. Anything else let’s just see how we go.
  6. Kevin Nicholas

    Why oh Why

    We have not signed off a DR deal as of today. It was suggested to Matt when he went to Giants to see how they operate as part of his desire to improve as a coach. If we finalise one there is nothing for us to put up with so we cannot be mucked about. We are committing to nothing other than if they wish to send us a player on DR we will consider it. There are no promises that we must play whoever is suggested. They don’t send us any players not too troubled as not looking for another club to DR with. They send us players and we decide to play them then both Clubs are happy. They offer us players and we don’t play them perhaps Giants are unhappy and may seek to end agreement which is fine. We have no expectations and it is not us that are looking to DR. If it happens it happens but if it doesn’t then it doesn’t as we are not too concerned either way. This is just an option we are open to but forms no part of our already established plans for 2019. We cannot lose as far as I can see. i do understand supporters dislike and distrust of DR and I personally am not a big fan but if we are not relying on it and it might happen then it may just help us or it may not.
  7. Kevin Nicholas

    Why oh Why

    First of all this is not Diskin’s stupid idea. The Club makes these decisions so please don’t look for any excuse to criticise Matt. In the past DR not really worked for us so we are not pinning any hopes in it working this time. That is the difference as previously we have gone with a smaller squad and tried to rely on DR. This year all our signings have been based on not having a DR and we are ready to go with the players we have signed and the trialists we are hoping to have. So if we are offered a quality player one week and Matt wants to pick him after carefully considering everything that may be beneficial . If we are not offered such players or Matt doesn’t think it appropriate to pick him we are not too concerned so it is a potential option and no more. it is totally different this year as you will soon see we have made no effort to get a friendly with a SL Club and I hope when the alternative friendlies are announced you will see how we are seeking to improve our own lot. We have not tried to get a DR deal so if it works for US great but if it doesn’t not too concerned. We are on friendly terms with the Giants so happy to give it a go but not relying on the deal at all. i can assure you there is no loss of identity as we are Batley Bulldogs and due to the way we have developed the Club we are reliant on no other club. However the whole process we have been through over recent months has now United certain clubs and I believe you will see that it will make us all stronger. We know the clubs we can rely on when it matters. Training starts next week and we think we have a good set of players but simply leaving the door open to look at all options.
  8. Kevin Nicholas

    Shirt Sponsorship 2019

    Training starts 5/11 but can ask me any questions you want at our Test Match party on 4/11 from 1 pm in Rons Lounge. All players signed will be confirmed by then. In fact if things go to plan we will be in a position to announce a new signing tomorrow or Friday at latest. As far as Brethy is concerned i am confident he will play for us next year so Forum sponsorship will be great.
  9. Kevin Nicholas


    Now its official. Signing announced.
  10. Kevin Nicholas

    Bulldog Inbound = Joe taira

    Now announced
  11. Kevin Nicholas

    Test Match Party

    On Sunday 4th Nov in Rons Lounge from 1pm onwards. More details to be confirmed shortly but put it in your diary. Should be a good afternoon.
  12. Kevin Nicholas


    Should be in a position to announce new forward signing later today
  13. Kevin Nicholas

    Pink weekend draw

    Sorry only just seen this. white ticket 236-240 yellow ticket 436-440 Unclaimed i think so hope not thrown away! one prize was a round the world trip for 10!! other prize was a bottle of wine. Thanks for support
  14. Kevin Nicholas

    Batley v Swinton Attendance

  15. Kevin Nicholas

    19th Player for 2019

    Worth a look at website/ twitter/ facebook for news.