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  1. Kevin Nicholas

    And another Bulldog inbound Danny Yates

    Nothing whatsoever strange about announcing a signing now before the end of the season. Other Clubs can announce the signing of any of our players at a time they wish. I am not aware of Clubs announcing their players have signed for a different Club but if they have it is up to them. If we have not announced one of our existing players has signed for next season then he has not. He may sign later or may have signed for another club but that is his business. If a player wants to announce anything himself we cannot stop him but he may wish to keep his affairs private. We always get agreement of player before we announce his signing. Nothing has changed and nothing wrong with our approach.As soon as we can and feel it is right we will announce signings. We will hopefully be announcing more signings before the end of the season and indeed within a week but we have to get everything over the line first.
  2. Kevin Nicholas

    Hospitality offer

    Just a reminder of our hospitality offer which applies to our next game v Rochdale on 9/9/2018. £35 each including ground admission £20 each for season ticket holders Pre match meal in Cooney suite( or can arrange a buffet in box if prefer provided at least 8 booked in box) watch game from hospitality box complimentary drinks in box during game Just give it a go as we are sure you will enjoy it and its a great price!!
  3. Kevin Nicholas

    Wembley Pink Walk

    We had a superb day at the Challenge Cup Final. 57 people including 7 children took part and thanks to Nev Wright it was all recorded for posterity with his excellent photos. A big thank you to all that took part and all that agreed to sponsor the walkers to boost our Pink Weekend fund. We don’t know Final total until all monies collected but Beverley should be in a position to announce the total at the Sheffield game. What is absolutely certain is that it has been yet another very successful event of which we should all be very proud.
  4. Kevin Nicholas

    War Chest

    Please see website for all winning numbers in 2018 members draws. Thank you for your support.
  5. Kevin Nicholas

    Wembley Pink Walk

    Our last fundraiser takes place this Saturday. We have a coach leaving at 6.30am to get to Broncos for 10.30am then walk 10k to Wembley for Challenge Cup final. Everyone gets a pink tshirt and ticket for game as well as coach travel. Cost is £25 if get £25 sponsorship or if too late to get sponsors just pay £50 for a great day out raising money for a good cause. 2 people cant make it and coach is slightly bigger than thought so we have up to 5 spare seats. If anybody interested in going just call me on 07831230999. Or if interested got some spare Challenge Cup final match tickets for £15. Just call same number. Again all proceeds to our Pink Weekend for Breast Cancer charities.
  6. Kevin Nicholas

    Ducking Stool

    One of the now regular parts of the Pink Weekend is the ducking stool. This year some players and coaching staff including Matt Diskin and also SL ref Robert Hicks were there to be ducked. So any critics you had your chance to have a go at them in a nice way. It was too cold for me.( gone soft). A big thank you and well done to those and everybody else who helped in any way. It was a superb weekend and makes me personally very proud of our Club. This was the first Pink game we have won so well done to players and coaching staff especially Matt as a win made it even better. As said elsewhere we have our Pink walk to come next weekend with 61 taking part and we are up to £14,000 already and £65,000 overall in 5 years it has been going.Absolutely remarkable.
  7. Kevin Nicholas

    Championship 8s deal

    If you come early on Sunday can pay and get it then. A hospitality offer out as well to encourage people to sample hospitality with a view to then maybe recommending it or doing it themselves next year.
  8. Kevin Nicholas

    Content to be also rans

    Everybody is entitled to an opinion but all i was saying was that i cannot change your opinion on Matt so i will leave it at that. i do not accept that “many” people have that opinion.A few on this forum is not many. Crowds not great but not staying away in big numbers and they did not go up in big numbers in 2016. There lies the problem to solve.
  9. Kevin Nicholas

    Content to be also rans

    You were pulled out of the hat because you said the Board were content to be also rans. As said the facts are there you make of them what you will or just ignore them and continue as before. it will be harder next year because Bulls & York look favourites to get promoted and are financially stronger than us and other Clubs assuming we can avoid relegation. There is nothing that i can say to StevieB that will change his view on Matt. The meeting with players and coaches did not uncover any issues between players and coach but was about winning the Swinton match and we did. When we sign players we will advise and not before. Everything is in the air at the moment as we do not know the competition structure or money we will receive as distribution next year other than it will be the same as this year or less.( not more). I can add nothing more.
  10. Kevin Nicholas

    Content to be also rans

    This comment by Phildog i hope is only the view of a very small few. In League 1 there are 14 Clubs of which i think 4 have always been there but 10 Clubs have been at various times relegated. In fact in the Championship we have Barrow, Dewsbury, Swinton,Rochdale, Featherstone, Toulouse( withdrew) and Leigh(saved from drop) who i believe have been relegated. That leaves Fax & London(relegated from SL) and new Club Toronto and Sheffield( dont think have been in League 1) so i do not see that we have not tried to improve and on occasions even succeeded as a Board over 20years. In that time we have won Transpennine Cup and got promoted in 1998 and avoided relegation since then unlike others. Then- 2010- Northern Rail Cup 2013- Grand Final 2016- Qualifiers Over last 10 years our league position- 2009-8th out of 11 Thornton/ Harrison 2010-7th/11 Harrison 2011-3rd/11 Harrison 2012-5th/10 Kear 2013-5th/14 Kear 2014-8th/14 Kear 2015-9th/12 Kear 2016-3rd/12 Kear 2017-6th/12 Diskin 2018-7th/12(so far) Diskin We have constantly competed with Clubs who are full time, have bigger crowds or wealthy owners or Clubs prepared to cheat salary cap/ go bust. All our coaches have been superb and have worked hard within our budget. Smell the coffee please as we cannot get success each year but we can and do try. We have had 11 of our squad this year unavailable for many games due to injuries etc or we would have done better. It is not the Coach or indeed players fault whether you like it or not. Just get behind the coach and team and enjoy the last 7 games of rugby. Also still got places at Transpennine dinner on Friday!!! Next season will be even harder probably and we will have ups and downs but we will all try not to be also rans i can assure you.
  11. Kevin Nicholas

    Batley v Swinton

    Just so you and others know- Diskin is safe whether or not we beat Swinton. It is as simple as that. We are all trying to turn things round and that does not involve turning on each other. Maybe not what some want to hear but thats how we work. Anybody want to take over and do things differently give me a call. Or lets stick together get behind the team and lets try to improve.
  12. Kevin Nicholas

    Enough is enough

    I don’t go on Facebook or Twitter but obviously view this forum. I can see the bad reaction to our poor performance in a local derby and it is not easy to defend. It is also on back of a string of defeats which does not help.After having to play full timers London,Leigh and Toronto I personally was hoping for something better. I know the Board and Matt are very disappointed with the result and performance and on Tuesday I will check that the players feel the same. I hope they do. Then we need to stick together and rectify it against Swinton who will be as desperate as us to get a win. Thereafter we need to rectify it in the 7 games of the Championship Shield to set a platform to improve for next season and give us all something to cheer about. We have on occasions regrettably been in this situation before and turned it round. I know this reply will make no impression on some on this forum but it is a statement of what we will do. A person who was unhappy I understand referred to Matt and the Board as “ Dicks” which we are not and I do not see what right he thinks he has to resort to that abuse because a game of rugby league was lost. Anybody who criticises I am happy to speak to face to face. Perhaps the easiest thing is to see if we do turn it round and if we don’t then we know what is coming. The other option as a supporter is to try to get behind the team. I know those who went to Dewsbury did try to get behind the team when we didn’t succeed but as they say if you don’t succeed you need to try, try again and that is what I am hoping we do.
  13. Kevin Nicholas

    Foregone conclusions

    If meal is no good stop going to Restaurant and put a bad review on their website.It is your right. Is it fair to keep putting reviews on a year later when you havent been to the restaurant in the meantime? However it is a free country with free speech so you have a right to continue. We have had some poor results and with injuries we have failed to sign replacements which maybe is because we are incapable but it is not because we are not trying or somehow are not bothered about supporters or do not want to improve that is what i have said. Also of the 6 teams presently above us 4 are full time. The other 2, Fax & Fev get double or often treble our crowds. It is not easy to compete but we will continue to try. However i have bored people with this on a number of occasions when we have not achieved what we want to achieve. It will be difficult tomorrow against London but the players and coaches will try their best and hopefully it will be a decent game and a good afternoon out with pre and post match live entertainment, decent food on sale, fairly priced drinks and a tenner in. So hopefully some will come and give it a go. The fact that there are financial issues of great concern at Barrow, Keighley, Whitehaven and indeed other Clubs shows these are worrying times for our sport when some of us want it to continue. If we had the answers why would we not implement them? We will continue to try to improve. We dont ask for happy clappers but equally dont need people who dont come kicking us when we are down. Just go to a different restaurant that gives you better value for money or one day when we win a few games come back and give it another go but if you dont want to then thats fine that is your right.
  14. If doing nothing Sunday and you are a SL season ticket holder bring your ticket and it is £5 entrance at Batley v London ko 3 pm. Come early/ stay late as there is a tribute act on as pre and post match entertainment in our beer garden area. Weather should be good . Just a thought.
  15. Kevin Nicholas

    Batley v London

    If doing nothing Sunday and you are a season ticket holder of any SL Club it is £5 entrance to Bulldogs game and come early/ stay late as we have pre and post match tribute act as entertainment in our beer garden area. Just an idea.