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  1. Kevin Nicholas

    Foregone conclusions

    If meal is no good stop going to Restaurant and put a bad review on their website.It is your right. Is it fair to keep putting reviews on a year later when you havent been to the restaurant in the meantime? However it is a free country with free speech so you have a right to continue. We have had some poor results and with injuries we have failed to sign replacements which maybe is because we are incapable but it is not because we are not trying or somehow are not bothered about supporters or do not want to improve that is what i have said. Also of the 6 teams presently above us 4 are full time. The other 2, Fax & Fev get double or often treble our crowds. It is not easy to compete but we will continue to try. However i have bored people with this on a number of occasions when we have not achieved what we want to achieve. It will be difficult tomorrow against London but the players and coaches will try their best and hopefully it will be a decent game and a good afternoon out with pre and post match live entertainment, decent food on sale, fairly priced drinks and a tenner in. So hopefully some will come and give it a go. The fact that there are financial issues of great concern at Barrow, Keighley, Whitehaven and indeed other Clubs shows these are worrying times for our sport when some of us want it to continue. If we had the answers why would we not implement them? We will continue to try to improve. We dont ask for happy clappers but equally dont need people who dont come kicking us when we are down. Just go to a different restaurant that gives you better value for money or one day when we win a few games come back and give it another go but if you dont want to then thats fine that is your right.
  2. If doing nothing Sunday and you are a SL season ticket holder bring your ticket and it is £5 entrance at Batley v London ko 3 pm. Come early/ stay late as there is a tribute act on as pre and post match entertainment in our beer garden area. Weather should be good . Just a thought.
  3. Kevin Nicholas

    Batley v London

    If doing nothing Sunday and you are a season ticket holder of any SL Club it is £5 entrance to Bulldogs game and come early/ stay late as we have pre and post match tribute act as entertainment in our beer garden area. Just an idea.
  4. Kevin Nicholas

    Foregone conclusions

    As a fan i can understand frustrations certainly of recent results but it is not correct that that we are refusing to spend to bring in players in our injury crisis. Bissa have made it clear to the Board that they can and want to help financially to bring players in. The issue is that we cannot get players. We need halfbacks and there arent any. Our top try scorer Wayne Reittie has been out for weeks and we have been trying to get a winger but cant. We may be failing but we are trying. We have been decimated by key players getting long term injuries like never before.Just go down our squad list and see how many players for one reason or another have been unavailable for large parts of season. It is half of our squad. Reittie, Smeaton, Ainscough,Walker, Brambani, Gledhill,Lillycrop,Manning,Hemingway,Brown, Bretherton, Cowling & Campbell. Others have had injuries to miss games or played with injuries.
  5. Kevin Nicholas


    We have reduced admission this week to see if we can get a bigger gate by doing it. It is a risk that the same people will come but pay less and we will lose out but after great crowd last game we thought now was the best game to try it to see if it works. It is a pity that our recent results have not been better but with good weather and our Tribute act as pre and post match entertainment we hope people come up and have a great afternoon when also no SL matches and all local SL Clubs away this week. Season ticket holders bought tickets on basis they then get in to all games and they still do as it is others that got in free as well but it is hoped that we will beable to do same next year so that you are aware before you make decision on season ticket purchase. I hope people still want to buy them as all we are doing is trying to get more in to generate more money to get a better team which hopefully then benefits everybody. Also season ticket holders do get a free drink this week with Sheffield season ticket voucher so there is some benefit. It is not easy! attendance v London 2017- 587 2016-783 So maybe 900 gate would be a success? Not sure yet until look at gate & bar receipts but i think that is probably about right. it would be nice to get 1,000 gate but we will just have to see.
  6. Kevin Nicholas

    Fitness Coach

    Just to confirm that we have replaced John Heaton with our new conditioner for this season Gary Dempsey who is doing a fine job. I should also add that it is great to see John Heaton at most games and he was one of those delighted to see our win over Toulouse.
  7. Kevin Nicholas

    Oldest ground?

    The first game of “ Rugby” was played at the now Fox’s Biscuits Stadium in October 1880 whereas in April 1880 the first game was played at Belle Vue BUT.... the first game of Rugby League was played at our place on 7th September 1895 but the first game of Rugby League was not played at Belle Vue until 2 weeks later. So which is the oldest stadium?
  8. Kevin Nicholas

    War Chest 2018

    We made the first two War Chest draws in Ron’s Lounge on Sunday with results- Swinton win- Member 7 Barrow win - Member 145 Please consider joining by emailing me on Results will be confirmed on website,Facebook Twitter etc. Heres hoping for more draws soon!
  9. Kevin Nicholas

    Leigh challenge cup game

    Now looked at weather forecast and might be complaining about snow as well!! Hopefully they are wrong about weather. To be fair dont think it is endless criticism apart from 2/3 individuals who never seem to be positive about anything but hey it could be worse- saw events at West Ham recently and actually there are loads of positives about at moment at our Club so not too concerned.
  10. Kevin Nicholas

    Leigh challenge cup game

    This round of the Challenge Cup involves Community Clubs, League 1 Clubs and Championship Clubs. The highest League is therefore the Championship. There are only two all Championship ties namely Barrow v Sheffield is. 8th v 12th and us v Leigh ie. 7th v 9th so whilst everybody can have an opinion on what is the tie of the round I think we have no problem justifying that. Perhaps you can advise us how you think we should have promoted it? Entrance prices is another issue but again there may be different sensible and justifiable opinions as to what the prices should be we certainly cannot base them on weather forecasts! If it is forecast a sunny day do we put prices up? Again the two teams taking part are both Championship teams so the prices reflect that and also need to be agreed by both teams. This will of course not be everyone’s view but hopefully people will still come to watch what promises to be an interesting and competitive game. I should add that we have not asked the players to take reduced pay because of the weather forecast either! Also half of the shared gate goes to Leigh who have full time wages to pay so we guess that’s why they agreed to prices. Cannot honestly see the point in this criticism other than just for the sake of it. I am sure there are other things the Club could be criticised for but not this. So I say come to watch Bulldogs v Leigh possibly the tie of the round in this years Challenge Cup!!
  11. Kevin Nicholas

    Sundays game

    Don’t think there is any team that is “relegation fodder” in the Championship especially at this stage of this season. If we view any team in that way we will lose. i personally think there were certainly a couple of tries we should not have conceded but Swinton are a very capable team in attack and had some decent players on the field. Last season we did not find it easy to beat them and in 2016 when we achieved the middle 8’s we lost at home to them and in that great last match they scored 24 points albeit we scored 62! So we need to show respect for every team as Matt and the players know and I am sure will do. Yes they will work on defence but just a thought- in how many games last season did a team score 48 points and lose? So we can be positive I am sure. Looking forward to our first home game against Barrow. Maybe Toronto and Leigh thought they were relegation fodder and look where it got them. # Year of the Dog. Happy Chinese New Year to all our supporters.
  12. Kevin Nicholas

    News- mailing list

    Recently started a database and sent out our first email to 300 email contacts we had with news on War Chest and 19man squad. Hopefully we can now build up data over season and communicate easier with supporters. Need supporters to now get their info to us so considering best way to do that. Also can see if it is effective in recruiting new members to War Chest. Dont want to inundate people with emails but it should help supporters to be more aware of news at the Club. Here’s hoping anyway.
  13. Kevin Nicholas

    Good Friday fixture

    Not decided on fixture time on Good Friday but it will not be 3pm.
  14. Kevin Nicholas

    Good News

    This week thanks to help from Kerr family starting major work on construction of 8 hospitality boxes in back of K2 Stand one of which will also be an office/ meeting room for our charity away from matchdays. We are delighted with this facility and are now looking for up to 7 people/groups/ companies to sponsor use of a box for the full season. R& M Motors are the first company to do so . A big thank you to them as we welcome them to our major sponsorship family. Contact the Club for details. This is a big investment for us to try to further improve our income streams long term.
  15. Kevin Nicholas

    Good News

    Fibre Optic cable being laid today so scoreboard progressing as hoped. We hope to have further good news on ground front on Monday/ Tuesday. as we seek to make a significant improvement.