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  1. Kevin Nicholas

    Yorkshire Cup Final

    The more online tickets we sell the more turnstiles will be needed to scan. At the York game we had a crowd of 786 including 118 online tickets. We had 8 turnstiles open including the online one. In rough figures that is an average 100 per turnstile so only problem could be online ticket purchases coming at last minute hence queue. This week should be 10 turnstiles open and trying to sort scanning on “Ticket” turnstile on each block if we can. Clearly if we sell 500 online tickets we will need more than one turnstile to cope. However it is same at any event anywhere if you turn up near start you have got to prepare to queue. Secret is to turn up early.
  2. Kevin Nicholas

    Yorkshire Cup Final

    We hope to use Fox’s car park. we are looking at possible extra turnstiles for online tickets BUT There is a clear sign saying “ Paul Harrison Entrance” on turnstiles next to players entrance and the online ticket does say on it “Admission at Paul Harrison Entrance” in capital letters. Not sure we can do much more .
  3. Kevin Nicholas


    We have emailed a trial newsletter to those on our database and are seeking feedback to decide on our proposal in the future. Anybody interested in it can register on our ticketing site even if you dont buy any tickets. Then you can be emailed it on our list. if you have bought tickets and not had a newsletter please email
  4. Kevin Nicholas

    Yorkshire cup tickets

    Sorry adult ticket is £39 not £38!
  5. Kevin Nicholas

    Yorkshire cup tickets

    The £38/£24 tickets get you in to all games. If we were at home we could sell tickets online but at Bulls they cannot scan our tickets so we have to sell their tickets but then can only sell physical version so need to post or collect. It is frustrating for us. Distantdog if you ring me I will try to sort it for you. Anybody else with such a difficulty ring me today or Friday and I will try to sort. 07831230999. Hope there is not too many! If we are not in Yorkshire Cup Final then we will play on Saturday 19/1 so everybody if they wish can also attend the final on Sunday 20/1 so the all games ticket covers that game as well as it covers ALL games.
  6. Kevin Nicholas

    Midnight Tonight

    Anybody wanting to buy a discounted ticket for our Boxing Day game should be aware that you can only do so up to midnight tonight. You cannot buy on line discounted tickets on matchday. Just go to the Bulldogs website and from there to ticketing site. Hope to see you there as this is a vital income stream for the survival of BOTH our great Clubs where gate receipts are SHARED.
  7. Kevin Nicholas


    Anyone wanting to buy a discounted ticket on line should be aware that they are not available after midnight tonight. In future this will be the same as they cannot be bought at the discounted price on matchdays.
  8. Kevin Nicholas

    Boxing Day

    I can guarantee it will not be touch and pass. As for blood and guts not sure can expect that even for £21. Think you need to manage your expectations and perhaps consider seeing a psychiatrist before Christmas!! Happy Christmas though and still hope to see you there.
  9. Kevin Nicholas

    Boxing Day

    In my eyes Boxing Day games are special as they usually are a decent crowd of local people getting together to enjoy great Christmas atmosphere and watch a game of rugby league. We play for the Roy Powell trophy and this year it is exactly 20 years since his passing which makes it extra special to me. To suggest this is just a friendly where players and coaches treat it as a training session could not be further from the mark.For those that attend and hopefully are entertained I hope they feel that the players and everybody who is working at the stadium on a public holiday have done their bit to enhance their Christmas break and feel they have not been ripped off by the Clubs. I have looked around at Christmas and I cannot see much of value that you can get in a shop for £20 or on line for £18 but I am sure there are bargains to be had if I looked closer. I appreciate that some people think we could have charged less but surely not that much less? Maybe a few pounds? Not even the cost of one pint? Or one coffee at Starbucks/ Costa etc? On behalf of both Clubs who share the gate and have agreed the prices could I just ask you to help us keep going by coming to the game as the receipts are vital to maintain Rugby League in the proud RL area of the Heavy Woollen. This is an important fundraiser for BOTH Clubs.The friendlies that follow in the Yorkshire Cup are reduced admission at £15 or £13 on line for adults and in all these games children are FREE. Ask just one question- do you want two professional rugby league teams in the Heavy Woollen? Or is the answer, not really if it is £18 in on Boxing Day? I think most people don’t think like that and even if they only come to games once or twice a year they come on Boxing Day as a tradition and don’t begrudge paying. I hope I am right or the future is uncertain to say the least. Happy Christmas and hope to see you on Boxing Day!
  10. Kevin Nicholas

    Louis Returns

    This is our attempt to up our game on the social media front with our limited resources. John Miller has worked hard with help from Dan Winner in particular to improve us in 2018 and we have undoubtedly done so and we now look to improve yet more. Mark Wells has now stepped in to help and the video was edited brilliantly by Dan. We aim to build up our likes and followers as we step up with content so we need everybody to view, like and share content as much as possible so you can help in this regard. Our video so far on Twitter and Facebook has over 20,000 views and we want to see how many we can get so please spread the word.
  11. Kevin Nicholas

    Season Tickets

    I am not the man to ask as I am more or less clueless(on this issue!). If it is only you having problems then bring your money to Club and buy there. If everybody is having problems then you need to let us know so it can be rectified.
  12. Kevin Nicholas

    Season Tickets

    For those unable to make the Launch last night we can confirm that season tickets are now able to be purchased online via our website. A first for the Club as we seek to improve everything for 2019.
  13. Kevin Nicholas

    New shirt launch

    We wish to explain our thinking on pricing for season tickets & admission prices as well as our new ticket system on night but i can assure you they are good value but not give away! Adults will have change out of £200 & Concessions will have change out of £150 but £150 /£100 wont get you a ticket. Come along and be one of the first to know, ask a question and see the home and away kit. Have a drink and help the club and hopefully enjoy yourself! Look at other club’s prices but we cant afford to be the cheapest in the Championship ( wont be dearest ) and we may not please everybody but we aim to be as good and as fair priced as we can. Our facilities are good and we hope the matchday experience is enjoyable as well as trying to put the best team we can afford on the pitch.
  14. Kevin Nicholas

    More squad news

    Danny is concentrating recovering from his knee injury then will consider his position. His rehab will be at the Club.
  15. Kevin Nicholas

    WW 1

    Brilliant that Rob. Thanks for that kind and thoughtful post. Agree totally. Will speak to John to get it out on social media.