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  1. New Gym & wrestle room more or less done just tidy up, painting then installation of equipment/ matting & padding. Superb job by Riva & Henley Stone Astro Turf completed thanks to Christian Carpets Gents toilets more or less completed refurb thanks to Complete Services, A.J. Winner Plasterers, K2 Electrics & Christian Carpets will be ready for Keighley game. Officials Changing Rooms completed more or less thanks to P.B&T Builders ,Christian Carpets & Brian Winner Fabrications Signs around ground getting done thanks to Brian Winner & VP Signs Rons Lounge new balustrades done thanks to Kerr Interiors Seats for teams & visiting directors replaced. It has been a busy off season but things coming together at the Foxes Biscuits Stadium and still a few other things to sort to keep improving. Also when better weather comes painting to do. Looking forward to 2017 with our 29 squad of good players. Fancy an advertising board or any form of sponsorship contact Danny Maun. Everything looking great!!
  2. Bulldogs fans can have a free bobble hat as per photo above but if not a Bulldogs fan and don't want a Bulldogs hat instead can have a free drink.
  3. We can confirm our game v Bradford Select is OFF. We are very disappointed as today the Rfl gave their approval. We had a kit sponsor, Bulls fans had rung to reserve playing kits @£100 each. Ravensport were making the kit tomorrow. Everything was in place to stage the game and we were to announce that it was on at 2pm. However former Bulls players at last minute indicated they did not wish to play and risk injury with no playing contracts although medical insurance was in place. It is of course their decision just wished we had known earlier and saved a lot of work! Good news at Keighley game all those paying £10 entrance will have choice of free bobble hat ( maroon or grey) or a free drink! Looking forward to it!
  4. Must be old news. Sam is going nowhere.
  5. We are still working on getting a game on 15/1 at home against former Bradford players. Players & coaches want to play but we are waiting for Rfl approval. More news Monday but not reliant on a new Club being formed next week which i think is wishful thinking. If it doesnt happen it certainly will not be for lack of trying.
  6. Where does it say 13th?
  7. War Chest already up to 70 members with others saying they will return form and rejoin. Will send envelopes out in new year. Looking good. Thanks for support.
  8. Sadly Dave Maxey who helped the Club by putting highlights of games & other news items passed away last night. He had battled illness for a long time but was determined to get to Boxing Day which he did thanks to help from his son Tom & Richard Selby. He was a staunch Batley supporter over many years. In his younger days many moons ago he was a Coma bus traveller to away games. I regarded him as a friend and will miss him. He never gave up and i admire him for that. Too soon to know funeral arrangements.
  9. Only just tried to contact existing members to renew & already reached 50 in no time really. So looking good. Hoping for more renewals after first game on Boxing Day then try to promote it in Jan to get old & new members. Thanks again for support. Target 200 members!
  10. Can anybody who has not had a letter or email send me an email at address above and i will rectify. Sent them from Manchester so pigeon may have got lost.
  11. War Chest is definately running again and all existing members should have had a letter or email inviting them to join again. In which case they will keep their same membership number. Also looking for new members to add to 190 we had last season and reach 200 target. If anybody wants to join just email me- Also Battle Bus was a great success so thanks to Dean at Station Coaches & Supporters Club it will run again next season
  12. The Rfl wil look at what new owners end up paying creditors which will have a big influence i am sure when deciding punishment. The more they pay people the better their case as this is an issue which attacks the integrity of the sport
  13. In November most Batley Boys age groups had their Presentation nights at the Club so with bar takings there it helped the Club finances in close season. Just an example of benefits by having this relationship. We are trying to encourage kids & parents to support us & the more support the better
  14. Everybody over the years have advised us to do various discounts and offers which we would do if we thought they would only be used by new people but the problem is invarably they are not. From past experience this will only be small numbers. If people think that because a particular person has got a cheaper ticket than them they will withdraw their support by no longer buying a season ticket then i regret that but it is their choice which i hope they will not do. I came on here just to clarify the position but i cannot get involved in a debate so will leave that to others. I can see peoples different points of view.
  15. That is an error in wording as it should not be"supporters" but rather players & parents of child players. The Boys are based at our Club and the idea is to encourage kids who have an interest in RL to become established future supporters of the Club by encouraging parents to bring them and indeed also encourage them to support their kids interest in the game. So it is trying to both promote participation & support for our Club. Hope this clarifies the issue.