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  1. Good News

    This week thanks to help from Kerr family starting major work on construction of 8 hospitality boxes in back of K2 Stand one of which will also be an office/ meeting room for our charity away from matchdays. We are delighted with this facility and are now looking for up to 7 people/groups/ companies to sponsor use of a box for the full season. R& M Motors are the first company to do so . A big thank you to them as we welcome them to our major sponsorship family. Contact the Club for details. This is a big investment for us to try to further improve our income streams long term.
  2. Good News

    Fibre Optic cable being laid today so scoreboard progressing as hoped. We hope to have further good news on ground front on Monday/ Tuesday. as we seek to make a significant improvement.
  3. Wakey friendly

    Yes 2pm kick off.
  4. Good News

    Website & social media confirms signing of Lewis Galbraith. Good news. At game on Sunday you will see scoreboard relocated in permanent frame at top rear of Lingard terrace. Fibre optic cable going in tomorrow so can operate from in Rons lounge. Software been looked at so by first home game should be as we want it. This is with help of sponsors which will credit shortly when job complete but we are very grateful- good news i think more to follow....

    No it didn’t. I failed miserably. This is one of issues I need to address as it is vital the War Chest is a success this year. In 2018 the War Chest winning numbers will be on the website after every win and half-time draw winning number and amount will be on website as well. This is essential and will be addressed.
  6. Good News

    Got an idea of wish list from on here! Might be something on that list. You never know?
  7. Good News

    Due to personal issues away from the Club I have to accept that my contribution on all fronts was limited in 2017 and the close season has seen little or no involvement from me in many areas. My office in Manchester eventually closes on this Friday which hopefully will free up some time for me to get back up to pace to help take the Club forward in 2018. We had an important strategic meeting at the Club this week and we expect to bring some vital improvements to the Club over the coming weeks. We hope to start to make some issues known later this week re some on and off field issues which I think supporters will be positive about so..... watch this space as they say. Or keep an eye on website, Twitter and Facebook!!
  8. Matt Diskin 's name in the hat for Bull's job

    Not really too concerned who will be the next Bulls coach just know it will not be Matt who will continue to work hard with our players to improve on last season. More importantly Matt and the players WILL improve as all existing staff grow together and new lads fit in well. We have a good group of lads. I personally can sense that and am full of confidence in everyone’s ability and attitude.
  9. Omari Caro

    We have not signed this player nor have we spoken to him or his agent(if he has one).
  10. 2018 Season Tickets

    Season tickets ordered from printers & kits more or less finalised for approval by Rfl. will likely have some news within a few days. Will both be available well before Christmas. Will announce prices etc when advise re launch.
  11. Tommy Holland

    I can feel a boycott coming on as we have signed too many forwards although didnt know Buford had ended his last boycott.
  12. Tommy Holland

    We believe that this lad & Ward are 2 players who Matt has targeted who have been under the radar a bit and are exactly what we were looking for. We are sure Oldham & Haven speak highly of them. They are here to impress not make up numbers.
  13. Cain Southernwood goes to Hunslet

    Not sure what all this is to do with Cain going to Hunslet though!
  14. Cain Southernwood goes to Hunslet

    New Air con in sponsors boxes All repairs to breakins . All work could not have been done without help from our loyal sponsors. Will try to do more work this season as well to maintain & improve our stadium. All costs more money than think and all income streams lower this year just to pay everyday running costs. In Championship Shield alone won 5 and drew one game out of 7 and look at crowds!! A financial disaster. Next season will be even harder financially,but hey we will be there.
  15. Cain Southernwood goes to Hunslet

    Apart from rewarding the players ( which they deserved) we have done other things- Gents toilets behind Tomo Stand totally refurbed Newly refurb Officials/ Coaches changing rooms inc. adding a second shower New seats in players dugouts & away directors and segregated with new metalwork New Balustrade in Rons Lounge All new metalwork on Linners Terrace & Rons Terrace at rear and pitch side to locate new perimeter boards and try to protect from high winds New AstroTurf on LongStand side vacant area Gym equipment/ rowers bought from Hull & Hull KR,new padding to form wrestle area, new flooring & decor in gym New flooring in disabled toilet Thats all I can think of at moment.