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  1. Look at HullKR website. I like the way they announce their squad. We certainly will now try to do it 48 hours before match. On website & social media. John Miller & our 2 students are sorting things
  2. I am not aware of putting forward too many excuses every week why team not released. We have to declare 19 man squad same time as every other Club and believe Rfl then put squad on their website over which we have no control. We have not had a website running hence no squad released on our site. No excuse just a fact. Now our new site is up & running so can put squad on when get chance hopefully Friday afternoon but if not there look at Rfl site. We aim to do this but no excuses if not on at 2pm Friday. We will as always do our best but sometimes regretably that is not good enough but that is not an excuse just a fact of life.
  3. Done some changes to errors on site. if anybody spots any more errors on what is on there now just post on here and we will rectify. Still more content, links etc to get on inc.- Player Stats ,Bissa link, Supporters Club / Battle Bus news, Sponsor links, Kerr Interiors Man Of Match, half-time draw result, Bulldogs TV etc. Will sort as soon as we can. Also then look to get content/ news on. When will this be done? As soon as can. Whens that? Dont know but as soon as can.
  4. Yes we have same budget every year which is not unrealistic. Sometimes do better sometimes do slightly worse but financially for this round it is not a good draw! You are correct just have to win!!
  5. Just to confirm the Board are absolutely delighted with today. Last season we lost to Swinton at home and managed to get in top4. It is good to see most people showing respect to Swinton who will beat teams this year having already narrowly lost to London & Fev. Last week we stopped off at Village hotel Tingley and met Fev team on way back from Swinton and they were complimentary about Swinton quite rightly. The conditions today were difficult to say the least so well done to Matt, the coaching staff & players for a great result. Also well done to Browny who apparently had a great game to help Keighley get a good win v N. Wales. Also well done to Linners. All round a good day.
  6. When we have got the website upto date as far as we can see we can invite anyone to spot an error or omission and at that stage if anyone thinks anything is not right no problem in criticism but just wait a little while longer as we know it is not right just yet.
  7. Just to clarify we have to abide by same rules as all other Championship Clubs . So have to provide 19 man squad so Rfl can announce i think at 2pm Friday for Sunday game so 48 hours or so notice. If not on Rfl website their fault. If not on our website then our fault. As i have said we will now sort everything over next couple of weeks. We will try, honest but just bear with us as we have no full time staff to spend all their time on it. Buy a programme on Sunday to see in my notes the priority this week. We are trying to take this Club forward this year and so far we are doing it so that by end of March we will have completed our goals including the website then we will have a review of where we go next .
  8. As i said there is a fair bit to sort out inc. items mentioned and more but it can now be sorted as it is up & running. Our 2 students will then show what they can do with news, videos etc. So far they have been great on social media and very keen to do much more. Also sponsors will see more benefits which may help us keep them and get others.
  9. The new website is now up & running. The next task is for us to check content, rectify where necessary & get all info on site BUT it is there! It is a start for us now to attend to. A big thanks to Buffalo Web Design ( Francis Stephenson) one of our valued Sponsors for sorting this out for us
  10. Deafening silence comes to an end. Was advised site would be ready 21/2 but did not really want to put that on here as out of my control. However people mentioning problem with site so posted but wish i hadnt. I am told it is nearly ready so i pass that message on. I have no wish to criticise anyone who is helping us get this new site so what can i say? i understand the frustrations re not having it and know it is important. We have 2 students chomping at the bit to do more videos & news items. However i am not posting anything else on this issue until the site is up & running. When will that be? As soon as we can. When is that? As soon as we can. What date? Soon. When is soon? Dont know. Is this what you wanted to hear? No Sorry, but we want this to happen as soon as we can so please bear with us.
  11. We have been promised a new website by 21/2 at latest but possibly as early as14/2. So we are presently in limbo until then. Maybe not ideal but that's how it is. Hopefully the wait will be worth it. Then you will see from videos already produced and on twitter/ Facebook/ YouTube that we have a couple of great lads chomping at the bit to improve things in all our social media so a couple of weeks could be worth the wait
  12. For those that completed the form but did not get a bobble hat I have been assured by Ravensport that more hats will be ready for Friday at Cas game . Again can collect in Cooney suite. We did not want to order too many but gate bigger than expected. Now we have forms we know exactly how many we need and that amount have been ordered. Supporters seemed to like idea so now hope in not too hot weather everybody comes to games in them and wear them when out & about to promote the Club. If didn't complete a form you will not be on list to have one ( sorry) . Still on sale at Doghouse though!
  13. New Gym & wrestle room more or less done just tidy up, painting then installation of equipment/ matting & padding. Superb job by Riva & Henley Stone Astro Turf completed thanks to Christian Carpets Gents toilets more or less completed refurb thanks to Complete Services, A.J. Winner Plasterers, K2 Electrics & Christian Carpets will be ready for Keighley game. Officials Changing Rooms completed more or less thanks to P.B&T Builders ,Christian Carpets & Brian Winner Fabrications Signs around ground getting done thanks to Brian Winner & VP Signs Rons Lounge new balustrades done thanks to Kerr Interiors Seats for teams & visiting directors replaced. It has been a busy off season but things coming together at the Foxes Biscuits Stadium and still a few other things to sort to keep improving. Also when better weather comes painting to do. Looking forward to 2017 with our 29 squad of good players. Fancy an advertising board or any form of sponsorship contact Danny Maun. Everything looking great!!
  14. Bulldogs fans can have a free bobble hat as per photo above but if not a Bulldogs fan and don't want a Bulldogs hat instead can have a free drink.
  15. We can confirm our game v Bradford Select is OFF. We are very disappointed as today the Rfl gave their approval. We had a kit sponsor, Bulls fans had rung to reserve playing kits @£100 each. Ravensport were making the kit tomorrow. Everything was in place to stage the game and we were to announce that it was on at 2pm. However former Bulls players at last minute indicated they did not wish to play and risk injury with no playing contracts although medical insurance was in place. It is of course their decision just wished we had known earlier and saved a lot of work! Good news at Keighley game all those paying £10 entrance will have choice of free bobble hat ( maroon or grey) or a free drink! Looking forward to it!