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  1. My husband had an accident with my camera whilst on holiday and I want to upgrade to a DSLR for a Fuji 5700. I want something that is easy to learn, has auto for when I feel lazy but has scope to grow with me. I am comparing Canon, Nikon, Olympus cameras and wanted any comments. Budget is around
  2. Just finished the latest London Rivers book, Lies Sleeping. I can't read Horowitz, he is self absorbed and self promoting in his own book.
  3. Saw lots of them on a visit to Kew, but thought it would be too cold up here.
  4. We have suddenly started to see Parakeets in our garden. Never thought I'd see them in Salford
  5. Went to see the Pre Raphaelite exhibition at the Lowry recently really interesting to see them close up, the fine detail in hair etc was so well painted you could almost touch it.
  6. I have been, it is very busy during the day. It is huge so go with a plan with the things you want to see. some of the ceramic flowers were amazing.
  7. Red Willow


    I think Salford were pointless because of the name change to Salford Red Devils. Wakefield Wildcats was disallowed as they change the name too
  8. Maybe before throwing these comments around Chalmers should pay back the money he was paid by Salford for doing nothing but making poor decisions such as Noble, Harris, and endless players with the tag of "character " We need to widen the talent pool involved in RL.
  9. Red Willow

    Sio Signs For Salford

    We have lost Burgess and Kopcek and so far not replaced them. Mossop will struggle to play the whole season. Flanaghan is staying which is good news. Need a couple of forwards and then see how we go
  10. Red Willow

    Sio Signs For Salford

    Need forwards now and we might survive
  11. Red Willow

    Suicide/Mental Issues

    I work in an environment where mental health is high on the agenda. This week on the staff intranet someone had put a series of cartoons saying imagine if physical illness was treated in the same way as mental health. these included a diabetic injecting and the words were something about it being wrong to take drugs to feel normal. This will continue to be a problem until the government take it seriously with more safe havens for people in crisis.
  12. Not sure Buzz came out of the film well. They made him seem socially inept
  13. Also went to see First man. I enjoyed it and had no idea just how many died to get them there.
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    Dear Diary

    Good luck Bleep
  15. Red Willow

    Koppy leaves Salford

    You haven't been watching his performances over a few seasons. He will be great for the first season, I would loved for him to stay. There will be more injuries and longer time out. If the rumours are true,he fell out with Watson about 6 months ago and wanted to leave then.
  16. Red Willow

    Ideas thread

    This is nonsense. 11,000 went to the game because it was the last. Have a look how many went to other games that season.
  17. Red Willow

    Koppy leaves Salford

    Koppy has been a great player for Salford, never gives anything but 100%. He is coming to the end of his career and has shown signs over wear and tear in the last year
  18. Red Willow

    Ideas thread

    For me we need to start at the centre. The RFL need to employ marketing experts, decent press officers. They need to market the game at all levels and not just SL. Next we need to obtain agreement with SKY over moving fixtures, the situation with London and Toulouse games V Salford shouldn't happen. The profile of the game needs to be addressed and whilst most of us don't like celeb tv programmes many do. Salford have tried the theme games and the low cost for teams with no away support but you are only selling to the converted and risk alienating season ticket holders. What about an RL shop in places such as the metro centre, Trafford centre where you can buy tickets and merchandising with regular visits by "names" whether current or former stars.
  19. Had an odd thing happen today. Saw a Nuthatch trying to get into the bluetit nesting box, all of a sudden out flies bluetit and they fight over the box. This happened a number of times. Not seen this before, I assume they wanted to shelter from the wind.
  20. The Salford V Toulouse game didn't have footage on the screen even though it was in the ground.
  21. Well done London. Rowley found out yet again. Well coached by Danny Ward
  22. Red Willow

    Hastings signs for?

    Hastings has a little it of the star quality about him. He has been involved in the community with good reports. as for the crowds much depends on how the team performs and whether they get any publicity. The local news didn't even mention this.
  23. Red Willow

    Hastings signs for?

    Love the way it was announced!
  24. Red Willow

    Jackson Hastings

    At Salford for another year
  25. Like Murray maybe ??