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  1. There was a very cold wind swirling round the ground. Rovers are a penalty machine, most of them daft, at least Salford stopped doing daft things for most of the game. I'd hate to see the first half completion rate. Salford played a simple game which may have been exposed by a more ruthless team. Rovers seem to have quite a few over 30s players that are probably close to the end of their careers. I was surprised Lee Jewitt is still playing, seems to have been around for ages. Love to see how Evalds got that ball down surrounded by defenders. Also letting him to run the other to the posts is unforgivable. Don't think either side are going to worry anyone.
  2. Gaz OBrien offers so much to the team, you could say that Trin defended well enough to force Salford out wide making the kicks harder. I've seen him kick from there in many games disappointed in the result but an improvement on last week, we will be better when Brinning and Flanaghan return
  3. I've spent an hour or more watching a similar thing this afternoon (checked it was a Sparrowhawk, )it consumed a large portion of the pigeon and once it had eaten enough it picked up the rest and flew off. It had a dodgy eye it kept an eye on the 4 maggies and a squirrel interested in it's feast. It covered the body with its wings only when anything got too close. Got some good video of it I think
  4. Salford v Catalans in New York

    I have mixed feelings about this. As a season ticket holder it reduces the value of my ticket by a game, I was already unsure that that it was value for money. The postponement of the Easter game is a huge advantage for clubs (although not for Salford who will play Leeds) If this was arranged for next year I would probably be excited and looking for flights.
  5. Regardless of how the teams are playing Salford rarely win at Trin.
  6. My husband had an accident with my camera whilst on holiday and I want to upgrade to a DSLR for a Fuji 5700. I want something that is easy to learn, has auto for when I feel lazy but has scope to grow with me. I am comparing Canon, Nikon, Olympus cameras and wanted any comments. Budget is around
  7. Salford made too many unforced errors and for long periods lack flair. They were also expensive on pens. Having said that a couple of Wigan's 2nd half tries are outstanding, a chip kick over the heads from the wing and another lob outstanding from the left wing
  8. Bradford Rumors

    SL doesn't need Bradford harsh but true. I'd say most of the clubs can come and go with no detriment to the league. Maybe an odd exception to that but probably half the clubs weren't in at the start or had been relegated since. Koukash is a difficult subject. He was badly advised at the start and Chambers was one of those advising. Poor appointments in Noble followed by Harris . This was compounded by a rash of "maverick" signings. Do I think the club is in a better place? probably not, the club is still precarious best to say we had a couple of extra years of the club.
  9. Not sure where the money will come from, but a debt specialist and a tax lawyer might help avoid many of the problems.
  10. Both times Salford were relegated they remained full time, however it didn't stop the club being asset stripped. Some players wearing the new shirt before relegation was confirmed. Not sure there are great advantages other than allowing clubs to off load some contracts
  11. referees

    At the Salford V Swinton friendly today we had a young ref. It occurred to me that the best way for all these new boys to gain SL Experience would be to allocate these games to non Sl refs. The gmes have nothing but pride riding on them
  12. Salford Transfer complete

    Not sure he has sold up, the new board should be debt free. I don't know where the money will come from. I worked with one of the gang of four and he will have the club's interests at the heart of what he does
  13. Landlord/tenant issues

    How likely is it the property will remain empty? are the tenants relying on you not wanting the property to be empty.
  14. having a baby

    Your pregnant partner should not claim the cats My children grew up with pets and as far as I can tell suffered no consequences, my grandson is also growing up with a cat The issues will come once offspring is mobile. Can you set the litter trays somewhere out of the main areas of the house.
  15. Malc was never very bright, he seems to have had a tough upbringing in an aggressive household. Beating up an academy player on pre season training resulted in the sacking as Captain. Since retiring he has had well documented mental health issues. Hope he finally accepts help but my thoughts are with the victims not Alker
  16. Professional Northerners

    I give you Liam Gallagher as the best example of a professional northerner. The accent has got stronger the longer he resides in the south. The same was true of Cilla.
  17. Ben Murdoch-Masila

    The first half of the season he was the stand out player, in the 2nd half the whole team dropped off and Big Ben added a lot of extra weight. I am sure that will come off in pre season and will be an asset to Wire. Hope this is the last of the departures from Salford, rumours abound that they all signed long term deals to increase their value when going to other clubs. Not yet renewed my season ticket, as I am still waiting to hear what the new structure will mean.
  18. New Badge

    Salford have had a new badge designed. Awful
  19. New Badge

    That's the improved version posted by a fan the white will make it stand out against a red shirt.
  20. New Badge

    The tree represents the meaning of the name Salford not the old ground. This badge will disappear on a red shirt and all you will see is the tree. I saw someone take this design and make it look an awful lot better on face book
  21. Salford. Trouble at mill.

    Marwen isn't transferring the club to the fans trust but is setting up a trust to run the company. The Supporters Trust is a separate entity . It looks like a trust for the board rather than directors but will include a fan's rep.
  22. Salford. Trouble at mill.

    There is a lot of rumours about players, Tasi sacked, BMM off to Warrington. Did Koukash sign players on long term deal to recoup the money in fees? I am hanging on before paying for my season ticket.
  23. Salford. Trouble at mill.

    which Company ? if I recall the old club was called something like Salford 1914 and is the business in administration Koukash kept the debts there. He set up the Red Devils as a new co and if that has run up £8m then questions about the cap should be asked !
  24. salford/bradford

    In what way would this be a merger? You propose Salford giving up a "franchise" and giving it to Bradford. Bradford have had chances and mismanaged them. If Salford lose their place it would be better to give it to some one who offer something different or better. Bring in Wolfpack or Toulouse. No Salford fan would go to Bradford to support a team they have no affinity for.
  25. Koukash gone from Salford?

    The problem is we are still short on detail. What happens to the holding company, the old company who holds the debts, is this just a board to run the club? Lots of rumours and players being offered elsewhere.