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  1. They would only get the points back and relegation revoked upon appeal, as it would be classed as a minor infringement and a administrative error just like the salary cap issue!!
  2. Did you not know, they are one of the rumoured new teams in the 14 team SL competition for 2020!!
  3. York have benefited too from a couple of players from Coventry in recent years. Unfortunately it is just evolution and unless as pointed out in deluded pom's post unless serious investment comes in then it will continue to happen. The plus side of this though is that young aspiring RL players in the midlands can see that there is a pathway to bigger teams and clubs if they are good enough, which can only benefit the game as a whole.
  4. Giants with the same squad ad they had for MW which must be the first time this season they have had the same fit 19 to choose from. Should be a good close match. Will settle for an away win by anything.
  5. Been one of the best forwards for the Giants this season. Sorry to see him go. But as one door closes another opens. Still lots of options for the Giants in my opinion.
  6. This was on twitter etc on Sunday. The halfback signing will be interesting.
  7. Quote from press release a couple of months ago; "Betting firms announced last month that they will stop running advertisements around live televised football matches from this summer. The ban will start five minutes before pre-watershed live games and end five minutes after the final whistle." Would be very unethical if Sky / betting companies went against this for RL.
  8. Should have gone for Rangi.
  9. "The Dons have signed England international Rangi Chase on a deal until the end of the 2019 campaign" I think they have missed the word FORMER from that sentence!!
  10. Did it say "selling programmes here" If not, then technically nothing wrong!!
  11. If a player is worth £100 then you will get 100% ownership of him. However if he is worth £1,000 then you get to choose which 10% you want!!
  12. I like the idea on the Hunslet forum where fans can take away a jar and put anything they want in to it and return it when it is full. Presumably 1p, 2p 5p, 10p are the most popular coins that people don't want in their pockets or wallets / purses these days, Why not run a competition over the off season to see who can fill the most jars or have the most money in a jar and the club give a prize out. At home we put £5 a week in to an envelope when schools go back in September so have over £200 by the time August school holidays come round to spend on keeping the kids occupied for 6 weeks. Not hard to do when you can get it set up correctly.
  13. There seems to be more and more players getting injured before the season starts these days. Have training regimes changed so much over the recent years that players are doing too much in pre-season and thus having a knock on effect in the early rounds??
  14. when are we able to collect the tickets for the summer bash?? only a fortnight away now and as of yet i have not heard from the club to say the tickets are available.
  15. You would hope that that is a stipulation with regards being invited to play in the match.
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