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  1. davet

    Joe Batchelor.

    Ben Reynolds - Granted not currently in SL, but has a season there.
  2. davet

    Joe Batchelor.

    Chris Thorman - Coaching wise anyway!!
  3. davet

    Joe Batchelor.

    Jason Golden
  4. davet

    Joe Batchelor.

    Although it is a great move for Joe, can't see him getting in to the Saints' 17 man match squad, so possibly loaned back to the club next season when they are in the championship to gain more high level experience.
  5. The sin bin was a weird one. By the letter of the law it was the right call, but it only ended up being reckless because both players went in fully committed. The Widnes player was running full pelt and Wardle (I think it was) tackled as per the instruction manual but the force in the collision meant he rolled up and over. If it was the other way round we would have been baying for that punishment.
  6. Solid(ish) performance by the giants. Main difference to recent matches was we looked after the ball better and have away less silly penalties. Only thought there was gonna be one winner when we got our noses in front. Big well done to the youngsters. They are stepping up when needed this season and putting in some good performances.
  7. As soon as an attacker feels a second tackler on him and one of these tacklers is in close proximatey to the ball he will let go of it and claim it is stolen, to gain the non-sportsmanship penalty. Bring back trying to steal the ball no matter how tacklers are there and that will make the attacker more protective of the ball when carrying it forward.
  8. davet

    Huddersfield future

    With the new HD1 development allegedly getting moving later this year there is no real incentive for the council to sell their share of the stadium, as it is a vital piece of the mass regeneration of the area.
  9. Was expected in the country today / yesterday but no working visa. Possibly "officially" in charge for Wakefield CC match.
  10. I can't see the FA selling out tbh. I appriciate that they are already cash rich, but what message would it send out, if there to sell one of their 2 main places of infrastructure.
  11. Gav With Toronto been draw at "home" to Warrington in the cup, i presume they will forefit home advantage and play in this country. Could the club approach the Toronto hierachy (with the blessing of YCFC) and offer Bootham Crescent as a venue?? Possible more positive PR for the club?? Presume it would will be a long shot, but maybe worth asking he question.
  12. Not sour grapes at all. Any team which had creative half backs playing today would have easily beaten Salford. We just don't have any creative nounce when we are 15 / 20meters away from the opposition try line. We as a giants team gave away too many penalties, not all which were obvious to the eyes of the fans. And no, it was no worse than Friday's night match. What compounded the event is the fact that it took over 1hr 50mins from the first whistle to get to the final hooter!!
  13. Poor game between 2 poor sides and an even poorer match official!!
  14. davet

    Attendances - Updated R10

    Thunder v Bulls will be the biggest league 1 crowd of the season with it being on the eve of Magic Weekend.