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  1. 6pts behind. We don't actually have to catch Wire or Cas for it to be exciting. The possibility of us being able to catch them brings the excitement and thus eagerness to do well in the remaining matches to possibly catch them.
  2. It was either throwing the ball away and preventing a quick re-start or talk back to hicks about the challenge and being forced in to touch.
  3. davet


    Never mind us being called York City Rovers, it is becoming Hull Kingston Rhinos!!
  4. Wardle in for Mamo is the only change in the squad for Giants, so would envisage the same 17 team as beat Cas last week. Match wise, should be even and entertaining. Hopefully we don't take the foot off the gas now that the 8 has been secured. A win and results in our favour could see us finish 5th before the split which i thought was possible at the beginning of the season but not so after 11 rounds. Giants by 12pts for me.
  5. davet

    2019 Season Tickets

    First half the players play football then second half they play RL. Back to the days of Wigan RL v Bath RU (but with football as the "other mediocre sport")!!
  6. Only time in his rugby life he will have done!!
  7. Just like some of his appearances on the pitch then!!
  8. hand on heart, can't see us getting the win we need at Cas, but hopefully we should push them close. then again, no-one gave us chances against Hull & Wigan either in last 2 weeks.
  9. Tough one to call. Cas will start favourites due to current league position and recent record against us (although last 3 wins have all been narrow ones from memory). Ta'ai added to last weeks squad in place of Wardle, so; Presume Cudjoe to play if fit in place of Wardle. Rankin or Mamo full back. Tai'ai to replace Ferguson or Roberts or English in match day squad. Good to have some selection headaches for a change. If we play with the same grit and detirmination as we have recently, par KR away then we could push Cas close and hopefully get something out of the match to secure top 8 finish with a game to spare. Will settle for Giants by 2pts.
  10. Would love a Hull win to help the Giants and make the final match @ home to Wakey high stakes!!
  11. Before the match I thought we had a small chance of doing Wigan over as we have performing better and better over the last couple months, despite the KR result (which I think was now a blessing in disguise) but from the first whistle we just wanted it more. Like last week against hull, we were clinical and played some excellent rugby with good lines in attack. We now look interested in matches and seem to have an appetite, something that we lacked under Stone's leadership. The youngsters in the squad are laying down markers week in and week out and their pedigree is only rising. With the addition of a few more quality players this off season then I can see being very competitive in 2019 (whatever the set-up). Holding out for a Wakey win tomoro, but can't see it. Roll on Cas next Friday night.
  12. If the Wigan players put as much effort in to the basics right then they do talking to and complaining to the ref, they might actually be a decent side!!
  13. Giants blow a chance just before the hooter. HT 12-6. Thoroughly deserved lead for giants. Expected and expect more from Wigan.
  14. More I'll discipline by Wigan, Brough goal. 12-6.