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  1. davet

    Salary cap

    From the RFL site "The Championship and League 1 Salary Caps are measured retrospectively: this means that each Club must demonstrate at the end of each Season that its actual spend over the course of the Season was below the Salary Cap" "In the Championship and League 1, Clubs are required to submit monthly returns to the RFL to allow their spend to be monitored." So, so long as they don't spend over £2 million within the season they are fine.
  2. Giants without Jerry & Cudjoe apparently, but hopefully we should still have too much for Salford. Need to hit the ground running this season as Catalan, Wigan, Wire & Saints make up 4 of our next 5 matches.
  3. davet

    Sundays match officials

    Referee G. Hewer - OUCH!!
  4. davet

    New stadium

    Is anyone else slightly concerned about the amount of work that still needs to be completed on the stadium. Knowing what has happened at Spurs' ground and how apparent it looks to being finished, i am personally a bit sceptical about it being ready in time to pass all safety and fire tests etc prior to the 20th of July.
  5. 27 posts to get on to Toronto. Must be a new record!!
  6. If you actually looked down further, only 2 matches, you would see that the Catalan v Giants match on the 9th is being shown.
  7. Wold presume we (Giants) will be on on Saturday the 9th of Feb when we are away at Catalan. Unless SKy are no longer showing Catalan home matches.
  8. davet

    Mid table finish

    I am not trying to put a downer on anything but i personally think we have to be realistic in what we think we can realisiticaly achieve. Would happily eat humble pie if we made the top 6 but i just don't personally see it.
  9. davet

    Mid table finish

    Lots of bold predictions about finishing top half or top 6. This league consists of lots of established clubs. To me finishing 10th would be deemed as a success. Can't see us getting anywhere near the top 6, too many bigger clubs up there (Toronto, Toulouse, Fev, Fax, Widnes, Leigh), before you even consider Dewsbury, Batley, Sheffield, Barrow, Swinton, Rochdale, Bulls & us.
  10. davet

    Sydney Roosters

    Gav Possible one for you to answer....... Could/have club asked whether Sydney City Roosters would be interested in basing themselves in York for their World Club Championship match with Wigan?? We can offer excellent training facilities as well as giving the players a run out against the League 1 2018 champions?? Great opportunity for our players too.
  11. davet

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    Like both home & away kits. Big move away from the traditional style for the home kit, but i think it is a positive move.
  12. davet


    We hear the same prediction every year from you guys!!
  13. Well if you go in your car and don't pay the locals to "look after it" then it would turn in to a static caravan for you to sleep in!!
  14. davet

    2019 squad

    Any rumors??