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  1. Giants squad; Mamo, McGillvary, Turner, Murphy, Gaskell, Brough, Ikahihifo, Leeming, Hinchcliffe, Ferguson, Rankin, Roberts, Ta’ai, Clough, Smith, Walne, O’Brien, McIntosh, Roche. Still not the strongest we can put out, but is slowing getting there. Going to be a cool night, touching on freezing, but the Giants faithful to be kept warm by getting up and appaulding their teams try after try after try!! Giants by 8pts for me.
  2. Crowd v Bulls on Sunday

    All depends on size of an allocation. If only 5 per allocation then they ain't bringing many!!
  3. Masilla looked overweight & unfit to me.
  4. As far as I am aware, our opponents in our next match have nearly the same amount of rest time before our match (just under 48hrs less). There are a few teams who have a decent rest period after this week before the next matches. It is a privilage from avoiding the middle 8's last season!! If other teams decide to travel and play matches elsewhere in their rest period then so be it!!
  5. A job well done by the Giants last night. Never really gave Wire much to go at. Lineham's take for his try was excellent (from where I was sat), but from then on in we never looked like we were going to lose. Seb did his usual running in hard with the ball and Ferguson worked tirelessly. Personally think there are a lot of positives for the Giants to take from that and hopefully with 2 weeks rest and a few bodies to return for the Saints match, we will make 2 wins from 2 at home in 2018.
  6. Tough one to call. Both teams will want to improve on last weeks patchy performances. Going to be a cold one out there on Thursday night. Will stick with my team and say Giants by 6pts, just because it is still early season.
  7. First match of the season is always hard to call!! Giants missing a couple of players, but what is new. Going to go for an upset and say Hudds by 4pts.
  8. Joey Barton

    To be fair, Joey Barton for all his failures, is actually really knowledgeable about a lot of things. It is just unfortunate that the bad things he has said and done have always got more of the headlines. He has trumpeted RL on numerous occasions in the past.
  9. York vs Hunslet

  10. York vs Hunslet

    the "or" has been missed out of the middle of 56!!
  11. So where do you think we will finish ?

    this must be the most popular topic on this forum page for years!!
  12. So where do you think we will finish ?

    A 2nd & 4th place finish for Hunslet!! You are having a laugh Would personally say 6th (you might just scrape 5th if you are lucky!!)
  13. Dual reg

    That is correct in an ideal world, but we don't live in an ideal world. Win at all costs comes to mind as does survival of the fittest and doing everything you can to be the fittest. This is just how the world is these days!!
  14. Giants

    Bonus of it being moved to Thursday night or Friday if it was, is that it gives everyone the full weekend to be able to do stuff!!