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  1. davet

    Sydney Roosters

    Gav Possible one for you to answer....... Could/have club asked whether Sydney City Roosters would be interested in basing themselves in York for their World Club Championship match with Wigan?? We can offer excellent training facilities as well as giving the players a run out against the League 1 2018 champions?? Great opportunity for our players too.
  2. davet

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    Like both home & away kits. Big move away from the traditional style for the home kit, but i think it is a positive move.
  3. davet


    We hear the same prediction every year from you guys!!
  4. Well if you go in your car and don't pay the locals to "look after it" then it would turn in to a static caravan for you to sleep in!!
  5. davet

    2019 squad

    Any rumors??
  6. davet

    Kriss Brining

    Announced he has left Salford with immediate effect. Feel sorry for him. Great season first time round but plagued by injuries this term.
  7. davet

    Rovers Rebooted...

    Squad number??
  8. This is 2 fold; Is there an exact date of when the stadium is to be finished and fit to play in or is it just a month at the moment?? Could the club "request" that the first home match in the new stadium be against one of the "bigger boys" of the league to help ensure what would already be a bumper crowd be even bigger??Maybe a rematch of the trans-atlantic battle which saw Toronto lose their first league match??
  9. davet

    Rovers Rebooted...

    You only have to finish one place higher in 2019 for it to be an improvement!! But not sure if you would really count that as an improvement. Maybe not being involved in the middle 8's could be classed as an improvement, so you have definately already on that front.
  10. davet

    Josh Drinkwater

    A team in Canada perhaps??
  11. davet

    Rugby League Backchat

    Usually sat the my sofa with a cider once the kids are in bed. You??
  12. I think Fev will, but it seems unlikely that Leigh will.
  13. davet

    Dream team

    O'Loughlin is a poor choice for loose forward.
  14. davet

    Shopping List

    I remember after a previous promotion we signed Simon Brown who had been a world (well championship) beater at Sheffield and he never really did anything for us. Granted he had a couple of injuries, but half the time he just didn't seem that interested.