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  1. M.O.M. Fev V Toulouse (H)

    1. Clark 2. Davies 3. Wildie
  2. Good read that and I’m not taking the pizz 👍
  3. M.O.M. Fev V Halifax

    1. Briscoe 2. Ridyard 3. Farrell Good all round team performance with graft from all over the field

  5. Colin Smith

    Good on ya Colin It’s the volunteers like yourself that makes Fev so great. Enjoy putting your feet up
  6. Andy Bostock retires

    Cheers Andy it's been a pleasure to watch you in a Rovers shirt over the years, I've always been more confident when I saw your name on the team sheet. All the best
  7. Bozzy

    Just seen in Pont and Fev Express online that Bozzy needs a full knee reconstruction, gutted for him. Hope it doesn't mean the end of his career but he's got to think about his day job and future. Get well soon Bozzy
  8. M.O.M. Rovers V Leeds (Cup)

    1.Walton 2.Hardcastle 3.Griffin
  9. M.O.M. Rovers V Bradford (A)

    1. Briggs 2. Hardcastle 3. Ormondroyd
  10. Wolfpack info

    Gareth Hock pack your cases and off to Toronto pronto???
  11. M.O.M. Rovers V London (H)

    1. Bozzy 2. Davies 3. Briscoe
  12. M.O.M. Rovers V Dewsbury away

    1. Davies 2. Lockwood 3. Handley
  13. M.O.M. Rovers V Sheffield (away)

    1. Thacks 2. Walton 3. Briscoe
  14. M.O.M. Rovers V Swinton away

    1. Thacks 2. Wildie 3. Hardman
  15. M.O.M. Rovers V Batley away

    1. Davies 2. Carlile 3. Thackeray Tough one to pick in a top all round team performance. Superb defence, well done lads