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  1. Fevrob

    M.O.M Swinton v Featherstone Rovers

    Jack Render was on the other wing
  2. Fevrob

    M.O.M Swinton v Featherstone Rovers

    1. Hardcastle 2. Briscoe 3. Wheeldon
  3. He’s there every week, he’s a capper through and through
  4. Fevrob

    M.O.M. Featherstone Rovers versus Sheffield

    1. Bussey 2. Davies 3. Turner
  5. Fevrob


  6. Fevrob


    Yeah it’s only Tubby who was 🤣
  7. Fevrob

    M.O.M. Feathersone v Halifax

    1. Newman 2. D Smith 3. Day
  8. Fevrob

    Brothers, a couple of questions for MLP

    Deryck And Martin Fox played in the same team I think in the mid 80’s
  9. Fevrob

    M.O.M. versus BATLEY

    1. King 2. Watson 3. Cameron Smith
  10. Fevrob

    M.O.M Bradford v Fev

    1- King 2- Watson 3- Lockwood
  11. Fevrob

    fevnut's musing 2019 #2

    It was a well timed pass by a true grafter in Steve Hankins and he was supplied by a solid crash and pass from Gary Siddall. Oh the joys of being there as a 10 year old, thinking this happened regularly 😩
  12. Fevrob

    M.O.M. Championship Shield Final

    1. Newman 2. Hardman 3. Robinson
  13. Fevrob

    M.O.M. Rovers V Barrow (8's)

    1. Hardcastle - Lots of hard graft again 2. Davies - As above 3. Cooper - 80 minutes again with plenty of go forward Plenty of busted bodies out there, I take my cap off to you all
  14. Fevrob

    M.O.M. Rovers V Swinton (8's)

    1. Hardcastle - Got through a lot of hard work, deserved his try late on 2. Thacks - Kept probing all game 3. Davies - Usual hard graft
  15. Knowles didn’t play and Carlile came on for about 2 minutes at the end after Hardman had to come off with a similar looking injury to last week. Carlile was limping slightly as he came off the field