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  1. Liverpool Rover

    NFL season 2018/19

    As well as the Chargers and Chiefs are doing I wouldn't be surprised if the Patriots get to the Super Bowl again. They are a winning machine and if there is one coach who would be able to negate the Chargers and Chiefs strength it is Belichick. Another defeat for the 49ers. Their season finished when Jimmy G went down.
  2. Liverpool Rover

    Widdop wants UK return

    He did move when he was in his mid teens so would have had no say in whether he wanted to move or not, so if he didn't want to go and didn't want to be there then it possibly has always been under the surface and has never regarded Australia as being home.
  3. Liverpool Rover

    Reserve league

    As League 1 have lost teams and there aren't enough teams for a proper reserve league then a solution could be to put the reserve teams in League 1. The reserve teams would have a full season of competitive games and the League 1 clubs will have more home games.
  4. Liverpool Rover

    The TV Thread

    Only Connect returned last night and I did quite well by my standards. I got at least three right.
  5. Liverpool Rover

    Our new position in the EU

    The latest piece of idiocy from one of the leading Brexiters.
  6. Sounds like Workington put in a great effort considering the problems that they had in fielding a team for this game and I think Workington should have been at home as Swinton having home advantage rewarded them for finishing bottom.
  7. Liverpool Rover

    How to break the ‘Big 3’

    The last few years seemed to have an NRL Grand Final featuring at least one of Melbourne, Roosters, Canterbury or Manly. We need more teams to start getting into the Grand Final but the NRL to a lesser extent has had the same issue.
  8. Congratulations to Wigan. I think they have been the best drilled team in the league for a long time. Why didn't Tomkins get a card for his knees on Clark and why didn't Clark come off for a HIA? Warrington were woeful on Wigan's 20 although I think that was as much down to Prices tactics as the halves not showing a lot of spark.
  9. The cap needs to increase but it shouldn't be scrapped.
  10. Liverpool Rover

    Rovers Rebooted...

    With Hauraki and Lannon coming in some forwards had to make way. Donaldson will graft all day long but is injury prone and lacks size. I am surprised at Clarkson being let go and Kavanagh was starting to find his feet and believe Tickle has retired.
  11. Liverpool Rover

    Malcolm Andrews

    That is sad to read. His love for the game always shone through in his columns.
  12. Liverpool Rover

    The TV Thread

    Taskmaster is one of the best programmes on TV and tonights episode was really good. The soap opera task was great.
  13. As much as I would love to see a new name on the trophy I think Wigan will win by 7-12. Wigan will be too dominant on the day although the scoreline won't reflect that.
  14. Liverpool Rover

    Our new position in the EU

    When leave voters find that they can't just walk through an airport without being stopped and have to queue for hours to show the paperwork that they would have to fill in they would just say that it is the EU punishing us for daring to leave.
  15. Wigan just put on a team performance where no one really stood out. Defence really does win semi finals and their defence was exceptional and Castleford just had no answer and then took the chances that they had. Luke Gale showed again why he isn't England material, after the first head high tackle he was penalised for his head went and was rarely in the game after that, which isn't good for a player in a pivotal position in a big playoff semi final and the number of times Castleford players dropped the ball when no defender was near them was unCastleford like. Playoffs are a mental test as well as a physical one and yesterday, just like in last years Grand Final, Castleford were found wanting.