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  1. Video Games

    I'm the wrong side of 40 and still play games, although nowhere near as much as I used to as I don't get as much time to myself. I'm currently playing Assassins Creed Origins but at my current rate I still won't have finished it by this time next year.
  2. Rovers had a go and did well to come back in the second half. I wasn't expecting a win so I' m not in a mood.
  3. I'm stuck at home with the youngest.
  4. Some great goal line defence from Rovers and now Mulhearn is going off. Cooper scores from a scrum.
  5. Can't see past Warrington.
  6. Guasch "we have to walk away"

    How many of the decisions awarded against Catalans were wrong? There was the Tomkins one when he was taken into touch, there was a holding down one which I thought was iffy and then there was the ball steal that O'Loughlin got away with at the end, which was compounded by the Dragons being penalised for a ball steal immediately afterwards.
  7. Catalans threaten return to French League?

    If a pro league in France was set up would it be of a standard that would make it worthwhile for the Dragons to join?
  8. RLWC 2021 Venues

    The players that crashed into the advertising boards was what I was referring to. I think there was someone who got trapped underneath them as well.
  9. RLWC 2021 Venues

    I can't imagine that the Aussies would be impressed with the final being at OT after what happened at the 2013 final. Although if it is to be held there again then the Aussies can try not to get there as I'm sure that fans would like to see a World Cup final without Australia for a change.
  10. Radio thread

    Yesterday I got round to listening to the first episode of the new Colin Murray show Blood On The Tracks. It's a music show based on the Fighting Talk format and it was really good. I think the second episode was last night.
  11. Stop This MoM Nonsense Now

    The only reason Minns got the MOM for the derby would have been the hat trick but for all three he just had to fall over the line from close out. It was much better when it was someone in the studio picking the MOM.
  12. After a horrendous Easter this is a winnable game and one that has to be won. Widnes are poor away from home. Rovers by 10.
  13. Leeds to win easily. Huddersfield have just been poor and Leeds will be too strong for them.
  14. Maguire and Lunt in the 19 man squad. Their experience and organisation will be much needed and does improve our chances somewhat.