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  1. If we play to our best and don't take them lightly we will win.
  2. Liverpool Rover

    Scott Taylor at the RFL disciplinary...

    I've seen the tackle that he was banned for again and I have no idea what Taylor did. The player with the ball (Clarke?) did get turned onto his back but there was no twisting a player over like Westwood did with Hurrell.
  3. Liverpool Rover

    NFL season 2018/19

    The Rams defence kept them in the game for so long but the offence couldn't do anything. Only being on the field for 4 or 5 plays at a time put too much pressure on the defence and the Pats offence wore them down. Brady will go down as the GOAT. When he and Belichick step down I don't think anyone else will win 6 Super Bowls. Their consistency in the modern NFL is exceptional.
  4. Great performance from Warrington. They won all the collisions in attack and defence and their line speed was great. It's been mentioned on here that Warrington had a slow start last year as the team got used to Prices style so we should wait a few more weeks to get a better idea of how Leeds will do this year. Merrin gave away several penalties and Lolehea was poor, although he and Myler were behind a losing pack but there were some poor end to sets for Leeds where the halves should have taken charge. Hurrell looks like he will be a handful and looks like he will be their best signing.
  5. Liverpool Rover

    NFL season 2018/19

    Brady has hardly been sacked, if at all, during the playoffs and the Rams could struggle to get to him. The Pats defence may try to box in the Rams offensive line like the way they did against the Chiefs to get to Gurley. Belichick will come up with ways to take away the Rams strengths like always and Brady will capitalise to pick the Rams defence apart and on Monday morning he will have enough rings for both hands.
  6. Rovers were hanging on for a lot of the second half and struggled to make much ground inviting Hull back at them. When Dawson-Jones stole the ball and went down hurt it gave Rovers the chance to get the defence set when a quick PTB would have had us in trouble and could well have scored. Garbutt was great, Keinhorst more than made-up with being at fault for the Faraimo try and when Quinlan is back we will have good depth in the halves with Atkin, McGuire and Drinkwater although Dagger night get a chance as Atkin did struggle at times tonight.
  7. A good intense game to start the season where both teams showed bits of quality and good defence. It would be worrying for Wigan that their only tries came from a close barge over and an interception. Hardaker played well enough and Naiqama looks like he will be a good signing for Saints.
  8. Liverpool Rover

    The shot clock.

    If the clock hits zero while a player is in the act of taking a kick or feeding a scrum will the ref let it go or give a penalty?
  9. Liverpool Rover

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    This all shows that even a small country such as Ireland can have a more powerful voice when they have 26 countries behind them and the UK has chosen to walk away from it.
  10. Liverpool Rover

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    At the start of all this I thought that the Tories plan would be to make proposals that they would know full well that the EU would never agree to and then say "no deal is the EUs fault because they wouldn't agree to anything."
  11. Liverpool Rover

    Last gasp wins

    Watford v Leicester in the Championship playoffs
  12. Liverpool Rover

    The worst imports to great britain

    Dane Tilse. At his size he should have been running down field swatting defenders away all game but I don't recall him ever breaking a tackle.
  13. Liverpool Rover

    Hull KR derby promo video

    I can see what the video was trying to do. Two of the biggest rivals in the game going at each other full blooded which can spill over. Some of the big hits in the video would possibly result in a yellow card now. There could have been some tries included as that what the game is about after all.
  14. This video Rovers released seems to be dividing opinion on twitter, though they have released another one since this. Maybe Super League have had words. Is this the kind of promo people want or is it an advertisement in thugby?
  15. It was probably doomed the moment Australia said they weren't interested