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  1. Liverpool Rover

    Why get rid of middle 8’s or something similar

    A 12 point lead can easily be wiped out quickly by Super League teams that have been conditioned to play at a more intense level. The qualifiers do have benefits as there is no room for error, after our loss to Salford we were really under pressure to beat Toronto and Leeds and with the way it is panning out we can't afford another loss. However IMO the disadvantages outweigh the benefits.
  2. Liverpool Rover

    Why get rid of middle 8’s or something similar

    To be at a good enough standard they need to be full time and outside the few that could afford it that would mean going full time in the hope of promotion and the increased SL funding offsetting the losses that was made.
  3. Liverpool Rover

    Why get rid of middle 8’s or something similar

    Under this system teams are promoted in spite of the system, not because of it. Super League clubs are given the chance to save themselves by beating teams that have spent the whole year playing at a lower standard and then they get a further chance through the MPG. It is like something you would see in South American soccer.
  4. That was a harsh penalty. Nowt wrong with that tackle.
  5. This should be the start of Widnes racking up the points now. Although I emphasise should.
  6. Halifax will be happy to be just 4 points down at the break.
  7. The no try was a bit harsh on Fax. They have done well so far but it was poor stuff to concede that drop out.
  8. That's probably the longest Houston has gone without dropping anything.
  9. Quinlan, Jewitt, Justin Carney, Shaw, Masoe, Lawler and Addy. Plus there was Heffernan and Minns who are both no longer at the club.
  10. The team will need a reshuffle after last week but our Super League know how will see us home. I doubt that it will be a convincing win though.
  11. Liverpool Rover

    NFL season 2018/19

    Only the Browns could end a 17 game losing streak with a tie.
  12. You would think that we would win comfortably but knowing us I wouldn't be surprised if it was like last years qualifying game against them.
  13. Liverpool Rover

    New league structure revealed

    On the flip side under the current system we were 80 minutes away from a purely Yorkshire and Lancashire Super League this year which would have given the games detractors an excuse to put the boot in again.