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  1. Liverpool Rover

    Hall to Roosters (Merged threads)

    I thought he wouldn't go as he would have gone well before now but I'll think he'll go down a storm over there.
  2. Liverpool Rover

    Surviving on Two Quid an Hour

    That was a superb read.
  3. Liverpool Rover

    NRL Proposes International Shake Up

    So what do PNG do in 2019? And why do Fiji and PNG have to come to Europe? What would be better IMO is for a pacific cup featuring Australia, New Zealand, PNG, Samoa, Fiji and Tonga. Two groups of three with the group winners in the final. The only reason I can think of for Australia to want to come over here is they think that it would be more profitable for them.
  4. Liverpool Rover

    Our new position in the EU

    He only chose the leave side because he thought that it was best for his career. He must be the least believable of the lot of them. His "oh carp we actually won" look of horror on his face when he was on TV the morning after the referendum showed he didn't mean anything he said.
  5. Liverpool Rover

    Our new position in the EU

    His deputy has also resigned. If there are any more cabinet resignations during the week then I can see the Tories putting in a vote of no confidence against May and trying to launch a leadership challenge. To think that the whole reason behind the EU referendum was to try and unify the Conservative Party 😂.
  6. I thought that it would be more of a tight cagey game with Rovers pulling away in the last 10 minutes so to win as convincingly as that is very pleasing. Lunt and Maguire coming back into the side has made a huge difference and if we play as well we have done these past couple of weeks against Widnes it will be a third win in a row and we could even go above Leeds on points difference. We seem to be getting into form at the time when we needed it most and with our last two games being against Warrington and Hull next week is a game we can't afford to lose.
  7. Liverpool Rover

    Barba - back on compassionate grounds?

    How many articles have there been this year from Australia about Barba wanting to be released from his contract. I just think Barba being in Super League and not the NRL is putting the Aussie medias noses out of joint.
  8. A big win and with our players coming back and with another winnable game next week at home to Salford hopefully we will be getting into form for the business end of the season.
  9. Liverpool Rover

    Super League Takeover

    14 teams would be ideal as 27 games with playoffs and Challenge Cup is plenty and it will provide another game to sell to broadcasters if Super League looks to increase the amount of games it wants to have televised if\when it breaks away.
  10. Liverpool Rover

    Wane to Scottish RU.

    I read what he said and it was the bog standard generic "going for a new challenge etc etc" that people say when they are leaving their current job and keeping the reason why a secret.
  11. Liverpool Rover

    Ryan Hall and Carl Ablett.

    I think if Hall wanted to go to the NRL he would have done so long before now. I too would be amazed if he joined us. The only reason I can think of is if he fancies the challenge of helping to take us up to the level of realistically challenging for silverware after years of being at a top club where he has won everything there is to win several times. Or of course there is the possibility we have offered stupid money.
  12. Liverpool Rover

    Wane to Scottish RU.

    Wane leaving and the revamp of the team that looks like might happen could mean the end of the Maguire style rugby. This must have been negotiated on for some time before Wane left, so he either felt that it was time to leave or he jumped before he was pushed. Wane did have them competing for trophies regularly so if he felt like it he had to jump it might have been that Lenagan wanted a coach who played a less structured style of rugby.
  13. Overall it would was a good performance and it was a win but as it was an understrength NZ team I'm not sure if there is a lot we can take from it. We did look a lot better when Bateman wasn't at centre but with Bennett being Bennett, Bateman will be at centre for the test series.
  14. At that Altitude going for a penalty there was the right decision IMO.