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  1. We might just win this. Every defeat in a losing streak brings it closer to it's end and while Salford are a decent side they can blow hot and cold. Rovers by 4.
  2. Great game to start the weekend. I thought that it would be going to golden point when Catalans were caught on the last tackle until Gigot took matters into his own hands with the DG which he thought that they should have set up for in the first place.
  3. When the Iron Throne was melted I thought that Westeros would break up and the seven kingdoms would each have their own ruler, not that so the one person who wouldn't need to sit on a throne would become king. It was obvious that at the end it was going to be someone who never had any designs on being the Monarch and after Jons conversation with Tormund before he left for Kings Landing it was clear that he would end up living beyond the Wall.
  4. We could be bottom of the league next week if London beat Leeds by a big enough scoreline. Things are really looking grim and next week really is a must win.
  5. The team looks a little bit stronger with Garbutt back and if Rovers play as well as we did last week we will win.
  6. I loved Sally Phillips from Bob Mortimer's series. She was a fantastic contestant.
  7. Paul Sinha is proving on Taskmaster that the saying "High intelligence low common sense" is true although completely forgetting the rules of one task straight after reading them was good.
  8. I received a brexit party flyer through the door this morning, going on about how the UK voted to leave in the biggest mandate in UK history. Funny how 52-48 for remain wasn't going to be a big enough mandate for him.
  9. Kings Landing being destroyed was always on the cards and throughout the show there have been signs that Danny could be brutal e.g. executing all the slave traders without any kind of trial. Right from the start she always thought that she would take what is rightfully hers and the people of Westeros would welcome her with open arms, but she was ignored by everyone at the banquet after the Battle of Winterfell and knows that Jon would be pushed by everyone to take the Iron Throne if word got out about who he really is and that he has a greater claim to the throne, which is why she promised him to keep quiet about it. She has always been convinced that it is her destiny and nothing will stand in her way and if the people won't accept her then she will make them through fear, she realised that there would be a plot to get Jon onto the throne when she found out that word had got out about him (I watched it yesterday morning and didn't realise until last night that Varys was trying to have her poisoned). I don't think she will end up on the throne herself though. When she was at the House of the Undying she got close to the throne and then was called by Khal Drogo and her stillborn son. I do think that Tywin said to Joffrey about how anyone who calls themselves King (or queen) is no true King ( or queen) is going to be important about who ends up on the throne, that is if it isn't melted down at the end.
  10. No not really. If we finish bottom and go down then so be it. I felt the devastation and joy of relegation and promotion under this system as well but it never changed my mind that it was an awful system.
  11. No we can't. Any sports top division is that sports premier competition which brings on the majority of sponsors and money so it should always have the main focus of attention.
  12. There is a reason no other sport had the 8-8-8 system. It was awful. The super 8s seemed to have the season coasting along in cruise control until the semis, the championship shield was pretty much ignored by everyone who weren't fans of the teams involved and while the middle 8s got a lot of attention, if any Championship clubs involved were part time they could forget about having any kind of meaningful impact on them. The middle 8s drew attention away from and at times felt like it overshadowed the super 8s. A league system where there is more interest in fighting to get into the top division than there is in the club's who are competing to try and win it isn't a good one. It was quite rightly binned and and should never be allowed to see the light of day again.
  13. As far as I know there hasn't been a law passed in Parliament to which the EU has said ""You're not allowed to do that".
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