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  1. Worst TV adverts...ever!

  2. Let's try and make each other laugh!

    A man walked into a pub carrying a duck and a biscuit tin. He put the biscuit tin down on the bar and asks the barman to put on some music. He then puts the duck down on the tin and it starts dancing. Everyone gathers around to watch and they are all loving it and throwing money onto the bar. Halfway through the song the duck stops dancing and is just standing there on the tin and won't move at all. Everyone starts shouting at the man to get duck dancing again. He takes the duck off the tin, opens it and looks inside then says "Oh dear, the candle has run out."
  3. Worst TV adverts...ever!

    It like nails down a blackboard, I can't bear it. The Sainsburys food dancing advert was just awful. Who actually does that in their kitchen while cooking?
  4. Player welfare.

    The problem is that chairmen wouldn't stand for rules restricting the number of games that their best paid players can play. Another issue for me is the lack of a proper off season. Most clubs finish their seasons in September and some clubs are then playing on Boxing day and everyone starts pre season games in January. In the NRL teams don't start pre season until February. That extra month makes all the difference in terms of recovering from the previous season and preparing for the next.
  5. NFL 2017/18 season

    With the Pats being at home I just can't seeing them lose. After the start they had to the season I thought that they wouldn't make it this far but they have done so again, which is down to Belichick. It is not a coincidence that he runs the tightest ship in the league and has also had the most success. It has allowed them to win titles when there were argubaly more talented squads around.
  6. New Leeds Captain

    He was linked with the NRL a few years ago but tellingly there hasn't been anything since. If he wanted to go he would have gone by now. This could be a great decision as as although he is a class player and has had so much success with Leeds this could be the making of him and takes his game to another level.
  7. NFL 2017/18 season

    If that was the case then it is ironic as he ended up mistiming the tackle and missed it! What are everyone's predictions for the championship games? The Patriots will win the AFC and although I would like to see the Vikings win and play a home Super Bowl I have to go for home advantage with the Eagles.
  8. NFL 2017/18 season

    What was the Saints safety doing on that Vikings winning touchdown? Even I could have done better than that!
  9. Scottish Football= a question

    Scottish football in the 80's didn't have the old Firm hogging all the cash for themselves and was of a higher standard than it is now. Clubs like Aberdeen could challenge for the title every year and with a manger of the brilliance of Alex Ferguson in charge they did win the title more than once. The best time to invite Celtic and Rangers was when the Premier League was formed. Their 90s teams with Laudrup, Di Canio etc playing for them would have held their own in the Premier League as it was at the time.
  10. Reserve and Academy teams

    As there are going to be too few clubs running reserve teams to make a viable reserve league for the foreseeable future then IMO B teams are a better alternative than dual reg. As has been said on this thread they would probably be playing at a higher standard than a reserve league could provide anyway. One issue though is if B teams were in League 1 now there could have been the situation where Bradford and it's B team were both in League 1 now.
  11. Challenge Cup Invitation to NRL Clubs

    That was what I was going to post. Home advantage for the lower division team might be a bit more of a leveller and might increase the chance of upsets, even though it would be a small one. The problem the Challenge Cup has is that simply the league is held with far more importance these days and bridging the gap between SL and the rest won't change that. Ties where a top flight team was away to a lower division side used to attract bumper crowds and there was a time when winning the Cup was more prized than winning the league but those days have long gone and that is reflected in Cup attendances in comparison to the league as now it is all about Super League or promotion to it or the Championship.
  12. I always look forward to the new season and with Hull KR back in Super League I can't wait. The team have spent a year playing alongside each other so will have a lot of cohesion and all have SL experience and with the addition of McGuire there is now that extra bit of class in the halves. Hopefully the feel good factor and the experience the team have of playing alongside each other will take us off to a good start. I would be happy with 8th tbh and I think we will be around that area of the table for a lot of the year.
  13. Reserve and Academy teams

    I believe that Hull KR were planning on running a reserve team this year but have now chosen not to. Probably for the same reason as Hull.
  14. Fantasy RL for SL & the Championship

    I had the same issue as well. It wasn't in my inbox or junk mail.
  15. How will Wigan go this season?

    It wasn't a good off season for them but I expect that they will be in with a shout of the top 4 all year. I don't think they will struggle as badly as many people are saying.