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  1. The Raiders are now officially the Las Vegas Raiders. I get the feeling that they will regret this.
  2. Netflix are getting the Studio Ghibli films soon so that will be my lack of social life continuing even longer.
  3. Yes but try chances being bombed or a wrong move in defence determines results just as much as great play does.
  4. The Super League Show really needs a revamp and IMO should look at the BBCs NFL Show. That has a more laid back style and breaks down key plays from the weekend and why they did or did not work. The Super League show could do a lot more than what it does.
  5. I think it will be Rovers, Huddersfield, Wakefield and Toronto down at the bottom for most of the season. Rovers will pick up enough home points to be safe, Wakefield seem to have strengthened enough but I am not sure that Huddersfield have. Toronto will no doubt have kept enough space to sign a couple of more players if needed but if they get off to a poor start then it will be a struggle for them but Huddersfield are my favourites to go down.
  6. If he thinks that the NRL season is too long then he will be really shocked by a Super League season. It would be a great coup for Toronto and Super League if he comes but I just can't see it and if he does come it would only be because there was nothing viable for him in the NRL and would probably make that clear.
  7. 49ers win a wild one at New Orleans and it was a huge win as they are now back as top NFC seed before the Seattle game. After winning last week the Dolphins tanking goes back to normal after losing to the Jets.
  8. I was always playing Wembley Rugby League on the Amiga. There was an Australian version as well.
  9. Watching GB on the Kiwi line was like watching RU. All biff and barge and not even an attempt to try and do anything creative and once again they were much better when Clark had replaced Hodgson. You can't say that the errors were down to the Super League players wither as some of the biggest culprits were the NRL based players and Austin although being on the wing he wouldn't have been used to having high balls aimed at him. It will just be the same next week against PNG next week as well as Bennett is just so risk averse. One of the things that the NRL commentators said that they loved about the English players in Aus was that they weren't afraid of playing what they saw and Bennett isn't allowing them to do that. Bennetts tactics are outdated and we need a more positive coach who will encourage the players to play to their strengths.
  10. Hodgson needs to have it drilled out of him to not keep taking several steps before passing. Compare that with Clark making flat passes off the ground to the player hitting the advantage line and making more ground as a result. It won't make as much difference though because as Hodgson is the only English hooker to play in the NRL then under Bennett he will start no matter what.
  11. I remember seeing a clip when Boyzone were on the show when they were first starting out and he was not impressed.
  12. The injury to Gomes and some of the tackles I saw on EFL on Quest are why slide tackles will eventually be outlawed. The potential for injury when players are running at the speeds that they can reach nowadays is great. IMO a properly executed rugby tackle is safer.
  13. And then there was one. San Francisco are the only remaining undefeated team but next week are at home to the Seahawks which should be a good game.
  14. The Grand Final now seems to have a regular slot of the second week of October so this will probably mean that the season will start a week earlier than last year. The sooner the league is increased to get rid of the need of loop fixtures the better.
  15. Someone like Powell who can get the side to play with some flair and not be obsessed with achieving 100% completion rates.
  16. Two nuns are in a car and the one who is driving has to brake suddenly when a vampire jumps out in front of them. One says to the other "Quick! Show him your cross". The other one puts her head out of the window and shouts "GET OUT OF THE F****** WAY!"
  17. There is a rumour that Taskmaster is moving from Dave to Channel 4. So would possibly mean Jimmy Carr and Tom Allen will be on the next series as they seem to have to be on every programme that Channel 4 do. Carr has his moments but I just do not find Allen funny whatsoever.
  18. This is the first time that i have seen the nines version and I have been enjoying it so far. There is more space for players to show their flair and speed without it being all about just having the fastest players like in sevens. I'm not sure about changing magic to a nines competition but there should be one over here.
  19. Some nice tries from England in the first half. I was impressed with the womens team as well, they produced some good stuff.
  20. How many Saints players would Holbrook consider to be good enough for the NRL? Roby, Walmsley and Thompson immediately spring to mind but Roby has had more than one chance to go, Walmsley will be starting enter the final few years of his career when his current contract expires and I all I have read about Thompson is him saying that he is happy at Saints.
  21. Pure new wool with perfect stitches not the kind of jumper that makes you itches
  22. The crowd would either have never heard of them or it would have been 20 years since they last had any relevance to them so no wonder they didn't really grab the crowds attention. I appreciate that Super League doesn't have much money to throw around so can't afford a really big name but surely there would have been someone more modern out there who could have been available who the crowd would appreciate more. Hopefully they will take a different approach with regards to next years musical act instead of a band who hasn't released anything since the 90's, unless it is Sultans Of Ping because having the Old Trafford crowd bouncing to Where's Me Jumper? would get the whole stadium buzzing before the teams come out.
  23. Salford had a dig but Saints were just quicker in everything, driving forward, PTBs, defensive line speed etc. Salford had a go and did finish the first half the stronger but that was the only time that they were to be on top unfortunately. Salford did get some decisions going against them though such not getting a penalty when Dudson was thrown to the ground, Naiqaima getting away with a shoulder charge on Inu, a high shot on Evalds when he collected a kick and I thought there was one time when Evalds was pushed when he had leapt to take a kick. It is a shame that Salford couldn't complete a fairytale ending but Saints are truly worthy champions after the season that they have had. 16 points clear at the top of the table and the style of rugby that they have played all year.
  24. Heart says Salford head says Saints. Saints to cut loose in the last 10 minutes and give the scoreboard a lopsided look and make the game look more onesided than it will be.
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