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  1. Today I finished The Last Dance on Netflix. Even if you are not a Basketball fan like me it is a superb sports documentary. It shows just how driven Michael Jordan was to win and the burden he felt he had, although he couldn’t have done it without Pippen and Rodman and the latter two certainly couldn’t have done it without Jordan.
  2. I would want scrums brought back as they are a feature of rugby and do create space for the team that wins possession to attack the defence. All that happens is that teams have to wait for the defence to get set and then they just take a one up because with a fully set defensive line there is no space. If they are brought back then they should be enforced properly with scrums being bound properly and everyone in their correct positions so no nonsense like having three quarters packing down.
  3. With the players Hull have it is baffling how they can lose in this manner time and time again. A decent coach would be having this team challenging for the top 4.
  4. Setting up one try in the last ten minutes when the game is long gone doesn’t make up for being poor for the majority of the game.
  5. The problem with trying to play around teams is that you can only do that when defences are on the back foot and for that you need your props to dominate and while I like George Lawler as a player there is no way on earth or on any other planet he is a prop. If SKD had stayed off the pitch for the rest of the game after he got his yellow he still would have contributed as much as he did on it.
  6. At the moment the Super League clubs have a lot of influence over what decisions are made and if it came down to it I don’t think any amount of money would get them to give that up.
  7. Huddersfield shouldn’t have collapsed the way they did but Mellors “try” shouldn’t have been awarded, Gaskell looked to me like he got smacked right in the back of the head at the end of the 80 minutes which should have been a penalty and Lawrence was manhandled around the head in GP which would have given them a kickable penalty in front of the posts. I thought it was going to be illegal for the third man in a tackle to go below the knees and I saw that happen a few times and no action was taken.
  8. Saints look back to their best while Cats were their usual selves when playing poorly. It was a decent contest to start with but then all the momentum went with Saints and Cats could hardly get out of their own half. With the new rules momentum will play an even bigger part than it did before but even so the catalans were poor and that they only scored from a mistake in defence says how little they did with the ball when they were in a position to do something. I admit that I did miss the scrum. Scrums do give a chance for teams to try and be creative and gives teams a breather before play resumes while now play will restart quicker and if a team has been having to defend heavily before then and has to do more they will tire out quicker and a try will probably be scored. If it is decided that scrums won’t be brought back i feel that it will be because the league will only see how quick play restarts without taking into consideration how it could affect games as contests.
  9. It isn’t just the way of RL. The Premier League has only had seven winners, three of those only once and there is Celtic, Bayern, Juventus and PSG who dominate their leagues because they can outspend everyone else.
  10. Maybe without the worry of being in a relegation battle we could set our sights higher than the need to win enough games to just avoid finishing bottom. If clubs are happy to finish at the foot of the table every year because “it doesn’t matter” they will find that it does when fans stop going as they are fed up of paying money to watch losing teams. The Rovers fan base for one wouldn’t tolerate it. In the NRL teams have their bad years where they struggle at the bottom but they get through them and compete again. They certainly aren’t happy to finish bottom every year like you think clubs over here would.
  11. If standards drop would that the fault of not having P&R or the fault of the clubs? I would say that it would be the fault of the clubs. Rovers were in the middle eights every year and I didn’t like the system at all. It wasn’t good for long term planning as we didn’t know for sure what division we would be in the following year and we were at risk of losing Leeds and Warrington who provide Sky with some of their big games and Catalans, who at the time were the only non heartland team in the league, which wouldn’t have been good for a sport that is always criticised for being a northern sport if they had gone down.
  12. On the flip side if Leigh were promoted next year under this proposal they would have three guaranteed years in Super League so it would be their big chance to establish themselves as a Super League club.
  13. I wasn’t sure whether this warranted a new topic so I will put this here. Neil Hudgells proposal for what to do if Toronto don’t come back. https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/neil-hudgell-super-league-structure-4383848.amp
  14. Mawaan Rizwan is the only one I have never heard of. I can imagine Vegas being completely out of control.
  15. The lineup for the first Channel 4 series of Taskmaster has been revealed. Daisy May Cooper Johnny Vegas Katherine Parkinson Mawaan Rizwan Richard Herring
  16. Licensing caused divisions within the game but at least it was the RFL telling the clubs “this is what we are doing and this is how we are going to do it.” Since he left the RFL have let clubs dictate what goes on and the Super League clubs appointed Robert Elstone as CEO yet the clubs seem to be in control. Super League should have an independent governing body and there are plenty of ways for Super League to increase its revenues. Instead of having one main sponsor there should be several, three or four paying £500,000 a year would be better than one paying £1 million. I believe that when Super League first started they were approached by a kit manufacturer who said that they would manufacture kits for every team, if that happened the money from such a deal would be shared amongst the clubs. I remember at the end of last year when all the SL clubs were umming and ahhing over admitting Toronto. An independent body should decide who is let into the league and it is something clubs should have no say in. The league needs as wide a geographical spread as possible and clubs should not be able to try and stop new clubs from entering because “they won’t bring any away fans”.
  17. Last night I was going through the movie channels and ended watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit for the first time in years. It really isn’t a kids film.
  18. This is ridiculous, surely getting back to some sort of normality is something clubs would want instead of saying it’s unfair like primary school children. If clubs were told that if they refuse to go they will be given a 30-0 loss they would change their minds.
  19. I do feel that scrums can still have a future, provided that they are done properly. It is an aspect that differentiates rugby from other sports and does give the players a chance for a small breather which will be needed with the six again rule been adopted. It is the only time really when forwards are out of the way and the team in possession have a real chance to attack the defending teams back line.
  20. There was a moment towards the end of the Warriors Brisbane game when Brisbane had the ball well in their own half and on the first tackle a Warriors player blatantly dropped on the Brisbane ball carrier after he had been tackled which under the old rule would have been a penalty but instead there was no consequence at all.
  21. I guess that it would be the lowest eligible team that would go down. It is far from perfect but I do think that something needs to change to give clubs like Leigh, Fev, London and Toulouse a chance.
  22. Just seen this on Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/BBCScrumV/status/1280527415870214146
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