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  1. The problem there is that even with SL money, Championship clubs can’t start recruiting properly until they are promoted and by then all the best available players will have been snapped up. Promoted clubs then have to sign whoever is left because they are an upgrade on what they have but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are enough of an upgrade.
  2. I’ve seen the movie and started watching the TV series. It was crazy the pressure the team was put under to win and how quickly everyone turned on them when they didn’t, for school sport.
  3. The problem is that the prevailing belief in this country is that you have have to be drunk or you haven’t had a good time, so people go out and drink to get drunk which causes all the trouble.
  4. I’m not sure that there is the room for two magic weekends. Newcastle is now the established venue so that means waiting for the football season to finish and with the Cup Final and Grand Final that is 3 events in 4-5 months. That means the best time for another one is probably at the start of the season but then most people would probably choose one or the other.
  5. I didn’t think I would miss scrums if they went but I did. It made the game look more one dimensional.
  6. I keep meaning to try to get more into College Football to watch the stars of tomorrow and to know a bit more about the top teams and their traditions. I have seen bits of it on TV and there are probably better atmospheres than at NFL games. What I can’t get my head around is High School Football. I’ve seen High School Football movies and apparently it is just like that in real life, entire towns whose life revolves around the School team.
  7. One chairman says that it would be 100% no amongst them for a French team in the league and later in the article Gary Hetherington talks about how it is a good thing for there to be two French teams in the league. Do the chairmen actually sound out each other’s opinions before claiming to be speaking on behalf of them all?
  8. As soon as it was announced that the rule was being introduced anyone could see that would happen. I would get rid of the 6 again completely.
  9. It looked like Toulouse would run away with it but Fev came back into the game but their attack inside Toulouse’s 20 let them down.
  10. Fev made more of a game of it but they just had too much to do. Congratulations to Toulouse.
  11. Toulouse were too big and strong for Fev in that half but if they keep conceding penalties in their own half then Fev will surely capitalise.
  12. The criteria would be all the usual ones. How high was location as a criteria last time as it didn’t seem to be that important.
  13. The Challenge Cup Final used to be the big day out where fans of al clubs would attend regardless of who was playing and the Grand Final up until this year would regularly get 60k-65k. Hopefully this year for the GF this was a one off. General sports fans who want to go to a big event should be targeted rather than existing fans as I think a reason for attendances not being what they should be, especially for the Cup Final, is that a lot of fans are only interested in their team so if their teams aren’t in the final they don’t go. You see it at the Magic Weekend when fans will take their seats before their teams game and then leave when the game ends.
  14. The Grand Final was only a month after the Magic Weekend so any might have prioritised that as their team league wasn’t guaranteed to be at the Grand Final.
  15. On Facebook there are a lot of people of the “English teams for English leagues” school of thought.
  16. The Challenge Cup Final with Catalans was one of the lower attended finals of recent years. I can well imagine that there are plenty of RL fans who won’t go to finals involving Catalans “on principle”.
  17. It seems as though Radford will employ the same style of rugby as he did at Hull. Will it work with the 6 again rule? Im not so sure.
  18. I guess that one pro, assuming that any new licensed system is done properly of course, is that Championship clubs could develop and improve everything they would need to in order to meet the criteria at their own pace, rather than succumbing to the temptation of thinking that they have to have promotion right now and basically roll the dice.
  19. Weren’t Harrogate told that if they didn’t replace their pitch they wouldn’t have been allowed up. The leagues below the Football League are very strict on criteria and if clubs don’t meet them they don’t go up.
  20. NFL teams can’t just move wherever they want whenever they want. There has been a few moves in recent years but on the whole it doesn’t happen very often. Teams such as Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers etc. are as much a part of their communities as sports teams over here.
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