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  1. moorside roughyed

    Top, top, top, top, top of the league.

    I know. But aside from that you've got to give their boys credit for turning out every week. When they played us they played the game in a good spirit with no funny business and good sportsmanship. But as regards the scorelines,it not the best advert for the game.
  2. moorside roughyed

    History of Oldham Amateur District League

    That's what I thought.🤔
  3. moorside roughyed

    Top, top, top, top, top of the league.

    Well done and we'll deserved. You've been fantastic all season,the stand out team for me. Hopefully we can join you all next season. Keep your fingers crossed for us.🤞
  4. moorside roughyed


    I wasn't taking any ground,I'm just as disgusted with my club for what they've done. I,like the Bradford chairman believe these decisions have been for short term gain and not long term security. I dread to think what will happen when the sky contract is up for renewal, we'll get nothing. Hornets will disappear as will Oldham and a host of others,well that's view anyway. Oh and by the way I've never looked stupid in my opinion and that's the only one that counts.😛
  5. moorside roughyed


    Well then, we're at their place then. I know in the past I said I wouldn't go to odsall because I thought it was a bit pricey. But this isn't an ordinary game,it's our cup final so me and my son will be going. I'm not buying anything though (tight git me).
  6. moorside roughyed

    London Skolars Away

    Exactly,that's the beauty of sport,you never know.
  7. moorside roughyed

    London Skolars Away

    Oh try to at least air on the positive. You never know mate.
  8. moorside roughyed

    London Skolars Away

    Just thanked York on their forum.
  9. moorside roughyed


    Pass on my our thanks to team and the fans for cheering them on.Nice one.
  10. moorside roughyed


    Good luck York,do us a favour today.
  11. moorside roughyed

    London Skolars Away

    Well done to the team,job done,it's in the hands of others now.
  12. moorside roughyed


    I think the superleague club's are a bunch of elitist snobs,they should be in union but they're even worse than that. I wouldn't trust leneghan the Wigan chairman as far as I could throw him.There was only Gary Hetherington of Leeds rhinos of all people, fancy that,me siding with a Yorkie. I think he was concerned about the game as a whole whereas the rest of them seemed to have a different agenda.The two Hull chairmen didn't come across as very nice people either,a little threatening I thought.
  13. moorside roughyed


    Maybe but I've got to admit,it does take some of the lustre away from supporting your hometown club when you disagree with it on such an important issue, wouldn't you agree?. Did you agree with Rochdales decision?. I've never disagreed with the club so strongly. At the moment I'm very disappointed by the whole thing. I'm really of the opinion that this vote has given superleague the power it needs to do whatever they want,I fear for the semi pro game.
  14. moorside roughyed

    London Skolars Away

    Good luck to the boys for today's game. Safe travel for our travelling support,hope you all have a great day and a safe journey home.
  15. moorside roughyed

    Chris Hamilton

    You only have to quote things once. Also read the first few words of your post,they don't make sense.