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  1. 2018 Squad and signings.

    This was always going to happen with our relegation. These players want to play at a high level as they can.I wish them luck. Its unfortunate but there'll be other days im sure.I don't think our own signings are looking too bad with a few new faces to get to know.
  2. 2018 Squad and signings.

    Nice one Kenny.
  3. Great news,gives new fans of the game an opportunity to watch the game at the highest level. It might also encourage others to tune in.I've always believed sport should be available to the masses, not just the subscribers who are willing and can afford the monthly fees.
  4. 2018 Squad and signings.

    Hope Sam signs for us.He's been great in his time with us.
  5. 2017 World Cup

    Too right it's annoying,fingers and toes crossed we can go one better this time.
  6. 2018 Squad and signings.

    Things seem to be coming along ok,where will we be playing next season is the question.
  7. 2017 World Cup

    I'll be watching because I support my country plus it will be better than the usual goble di gook they normally put on the box.But I too think we need an English coach, Daryl Powell would be my choice. Semi finals again for us again.
  8. New York rugby league.

    Fair point.
  9. New York rugby league.

    Spot on mate.
  10. New York rugby league.

    In any case doesn't the USA already have rugby league clubs,Philadelphia fight,New York knights,Jacksonville Axemen etc.Shouldn't they be concentrating on they're own domestic game?.
  11. New York rugby league.

    All I can see with these foreign clubs entering our competition is lost revenue,they won't be crossing the Atlantic to support they're sides just like we won't. Even less people through the turnstiles on a transatlantic game.
  12. Anthony Crolla Event

    Your right mate,it's not great for engaging the average fan.Plus I along with others are more jeans and t-shirt than suit.What more could we expect really?.When the club announced they would be having some sort of bash,I had a feeling it'd be something like this, defo not for engaging with the rank and file.
  13. Anthony Crolla Event

    A bit steep isn't it.
  14. Anthony Crolla Event

    I very much doubt it, they want your 45 quid instead. As 34 said, a bit of a kick in the teeth for us fans.Oh and don't forget your lounge suit.
  15. 2018 Super League Grand Final

    I thought it was Headingley.