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  1. moorside roughyed

    London Skolars

    Top post,spot on.
  2. moorside roughyed

    London Skolars

    Yes I know I mentioned the attendance but it's one of the most important parts of any club,no fans equates to no club.I know it seems to be mentioned ball the time but it's a genuine concern of mine and I bet I'm not on my own.And yes agreed the team are doing brilliantly at this time.I really believe we'll be in the mix for going back up if the boys can keep this momentum going.I just find it a little gutting that people can't be bothered when the boys are trying their hearts out for our club.Yes huge credit w to those who did show up.
  3. moorside roughyed

    London Skolars

    Good result today for us.Bridge had a Stormer and a hat trick to boot.Langers again brilliant.The whole team have been great recently,may it continue.The attendance seemed a little disappointing,it seems to be getting less and less each home game.
  4. moorside roughyed

    London Skolars

    Looking forward to the game tomorrow.Come on Oldham!
  5. moorside roughyed

    7 on the bounce

    Well done to the boys for the win today, onwards and upwards.
  6. moorside roughyed

    Oldham and Rochdale to merge?

    Yeah, without him they'd be knackered.
  7. moorside roughyed

    Oldham and Rochdale to merge?

    I'm sure we both have the odd one knocking about somewhere.😂
  8. moorside roughyed

    Coventry Away

    Safe journey to our travelling support.
  9. moorside roughyed


    Who penned the t I t s chant?. I think it's great,adds a bit of humour,I can understand why some might not like it. When you've got kids present it might be a bit iffy trying to tell them what it means.
  10. moorside roughyed

    Oldham and Rochdale to merge?

    They'll do what they want anyway mate,if they do I hope it blows up in their faces.
  11. moorside roughyed

    Oldham and Rochdale to merge?

    I very much doubt the fan's would wear it,from any of the club's mentioned.You can't have a club without fan's to follow it.
  12. moorside roughyed

    Terry Flanagan - MBE

    Nice one Tel.Get in!
  13. moorside roughyed

    Doncaster game is one to get the turnstiles clicking

    The heartbreaking thing is the performance was worthy of a crowd of much more than 4 hundred and odd.The team seems very together which is heartening,let's just hope that if word spreads that we're doing ok people may come and have a look.Langtree and Bridge,the perfect combo.Loved Lee Kershaw's full lengther.
  14. moorside roughyed

    Doncaster game is one to get the turnstiles clicking

    The attendance was bobbin's.You can't force people to come though.I honestly believe that what fans the club has lost down the years are probably gone for good.
  15. moorside roughyed


    Good to hear.Having access to Wigan's set up and know how on how to be successful in the game will be great for your club.Keep plugging away and you'll get there.