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  1. It'd be interesting to see just how much the club is or isn't worth.
  2. I would've thought for someone to buy the club there would be equity in it. But I wonder how much there is in in the club. How much debt is there?. I bet the books are a right eyesore.
  3. You never know,Leeds in the championship. Well I never. It could happen.
  4. Unfortunately it's about 22/23 years too late.
  5. The last 25 years of Oldham rugby league has been upsetting to say the least. Ground gone,club gone. New club lifts off but the years of a nomadic existence haven't done it any favours. The big question is- Is rugby league even relevant in the town. Stagnation and isolation have been a big turn off for fans as the attendances have seen. We were one of the club's who created the game for crying out loud. Crying shame,that's what it is.
  6. The club can barely function let alone set out plans for its own facility. It's not going to happen especially on the current attendances. It's really sad to think that 25 years ago we had our own ground etc and look at us now.
  7. Poor lad,I hope he's fit to play again soon.
  8. George Tyson belongs at Oldham. It'd do the side a world of good with his aggression and enthusiasm.
  9. I know it's our loss but I'm chuffed to bits for the lad. He's getting his rewards for his hard work. Good luck to him.
  10. Concentrate on the league. The final is being played "after" the challenge cup final I believe. I wonder how many fans will hang on to watch it. I just view it as a replacement for the northern rail cup.
  11. Don't like "DR" period!.
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