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  1. York City Knights

    I think this season is going to be very competetive.
  2. Barrow win.

    Thats my fear mate,that the game itself is shrinking.The crowds seem to be shrinking,also the average of the fans seems to be getting older.You dont see as many kids at games.Yes it is a worry.I hope im wrong.
  3. Halifax in the Cup

    A bit nippy.
  4. York City Knights

    It was a belter of a game by both sides.Neither deserved to lose tbh.Roll on the rest of the season.
  5. York City Knights

    The top and bottom of it is league 1 is a lot harder division than when we got into the championship. There'll be some wins,losses and incredibly close ones like this one.This season will be a very competitive one. This wasn't a bad loss in my books,it was two evenly matched teams,we just happened to be on the wrong side of it.I didn't come away frustrated just cheesed off because we lost.
  6. York City Knights

    Cheers,can't stand DR grrrh.
  7. Oldham away.

    As I said on our forum, a great game for a neutral. Nip tuck all the way.Congrats on your win,good luck for the season apart from your home game against us
  8. York City Knights

    Can't stand DR,why can't York players play for york,Oldham players play for oldham etc.Do you know of any other sport that has these types of arrangements?. Just for curiosity.
  9. York City Knights

    Great game for a neutral,unfortunately we was on the wrong end of it.It was nip tuck for the most part. Its still early days so let's look forward to the rest of the season. You win some,you lose some.
  10. York City Knights

    I'll give em a cheer for you mate.I'm no longer sounding like Chris Rea so I'm up for it.
  11. York City Knights

    Here's to hoping for a good afternoon of rugby league and more importantly a win would do nicely. York seem to have recruited well so I'm anticipating a close game. I do hope we can give the team a lift,a decent turnout would be great.
  12. NCL Free Sports Coverage

    Aaaahhh! I forgot all about it.I'll defo be tuning into the next one.
  13. Playing at a higher level

    Hi Nero.All the very best in your quest to make it in rugby league. I'm sure you'll get there mate.
  14. York City Knights

    Looking forward to Sunday, should be a cracking game. Let's hope we get a decent turnout for the lads.Come on Oldham, loud and proud. Hope my throat's better for Sunday as I sound like Chris Rea at the moment.
  15. Scott Moore sentenced to Jail

    Scott Moore, what a wally and an embarrassment to himself, his family, friends and our game. My thoughts are with the officer on reduced pay just for doing his job, now that does stink!.