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  1. moorside roughyed

    Swinton Friendly

    Sadly won't be there. Best of luck to the boys. Hope our travelling support have a great afternoon and fingers crossed another win. Also safe travel for our team and fans.
  2. Agreed,any RFL affiliated club which I assume the Wolfpack are should be automatically eligible to contest the challenge cup. Rimmer is useless anyway.
  3. moorside roughyed

    2019 Squad and signings

    Agreed 100%.
  4. moorside roughyed

    Today's game

    Whitefield and Stalybridge. Both better than Rochdale mate.
  5. moorside roughyed

    NCL Rugby AM

    I hope so.
  6. moorside roughyed

    Today's game

    Good to see the hornets over at ours today. I agree with 34 in this season being a long one for you guys. Normally it's hammer and tongues against us by Rochdale but I didn't feel it today. Good luck for the season ahead.
  7. moorside roughyed

    Law Cup Competition

    The boys collectively put in a shift today. A few blips here and there but against a supposedly championship side there are no complaints from me at all. Hawkyard deserved his mom as he was everywhere. Things could be looking good. I think Rochdale will struggle at their level this season.
  8. moorside roughyed

    Law Cup Competition

    No one's perfect.
  9. moorside roughyed

    Stuart Raper

    It certainly was,we rocked that night.
  10. moorside roughyed

    Law Cup

    As my dad used to say"it's not cold you just think it is". I'm from moorside,a stone's throw away from sheddings so I'm used to it. Looking forward to Sunday.
  11. moorside roughyed

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    Not so sure about the away kit.
  12. moorside roughyed

    Barrow v Oldham

    Well done to the boys. Hope everyone had a safe journey home.
  13. moorside roughyed

    Season ticket

    So am I mate.
  14. moorside roughyed

    Millom Vs Red Star live on the Beeb

    Can't wait.
  15. moorside roughyed

    super league website

    I've just tried smoke signals,no reply.😀