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  1. Some pretty good looking games in the draw. Still gutted for Thatto Heath,they played brilliantly.
  2. Both club and Edwards look absolutely stupid over the whole sorry affair.
  3. The whole thing is a sorry affair. I wonder why Wigan didn't get him to sign a contract in the first place. You shouldn't do the presentation of someone if it's not guaranteed he/she will represent the club at a said date. It stupid and it makes both parties look daft.
  4. Nice to see things happening in Welsh rugby league.
  5. The funny thing is how amateur this makes Wigan look. One of the biggest names in the game and they've been played. But I think it's dragged along far too long. But that's just my view.
  6. Personally I think the whole saga is getting Brexit like boring. Let's move on.
  7. Gutted for him tbh that it didn't work out for him at Hull. But dead chuffed he's back home in his Oldham top. Welcome back Danny, we've missed you.
  8. Looking forward to it,then it's to whitebank for the hunslet game.
  9. Best wishes to Scott in fighting this terrible disease. I'm sure he'll fight with everything he's got. He has his family, friends and the whole of rugby league behind him.
  10. The side will struggle in the forwards without him.
  11. The resemblance is striking.Not.Hmmm.Typical RFL.
  12. The way the game is run presently,we can only dream of having a six Nations type of competition. There isn't enough countries playing the game to do it. All we've got is our world cup really. I know people who don't watch rugby at all but they do watch the Six Nations so it does have a broad appeal. Our game seems to be too tribal. Years of bad management in the game have done damage, constantly faffing around with rules etc really gets people's backs up then they walk away. I like both codes and have played both,rugby league can only dream of having there own competition in the same vein. Well that's my view anyway.
  13. I installed it,found it was bobbins and promptly uninstalled it again.
  14. It'll be embarrassing come match day,I hope I'm wrong though. Since when has the nou camp ever been empty?
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