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  1. moorside roughyed


    Really worrying developments at cougars. I hope upon hope someone can turn things around for them. The runnings of the club seem worse than ourselves at Oldham. This new owner needs to get a grip as he put himself in this position,now he has to do what's right for the club or does he want to build houses on cougar park just like what happened at watersheddings.
  2. moorside roughyed

    2019 Squad and signings

    Fingers crossed.
  3. moorside roughyed

    2019 Squad and signings

    It'll be good to have an older more experienced head in the team.
  4. moorside roughyed

    2019 season tickets

    OMG. A good luck message from a hornet, wonder's will never cease.😂. Are we starting to get along here?
  5. moorside roughyed

    Lewis Hatton

    Billy Brickhill,now that is a quality name if ever I've heard one.😃
  6. moorside roughyed

    Fund raising

    At Oldham we have "ORSA" Oldham rugby support association I think it means. This runs independent of the club but chips in with some of the costs involved with running a club. It does help. At the end of the day there just isn't enough people watching their local team at lower end of the championship and league 1 to make the club's completely self sufficient. I think they have section on the roughyeds website if you'd like some ideas. I know we're rivals but we also all want our clubs to be as secure financially as possible.
  7. moorside roughyed

    George Burgess summoned

    I just think he's a plonker for allowing himself to get into this ludicrous position in the first place. He's supposed to be a seasoned professional. WALLY!
  8. moorside roughyed

    New NCL Teams

    Fantastic news more clubs coming to the NCL,the more the merrier. Shame about one club suffering financially as alluded to by a previous poster. Money does seem to be an issue throughout rugby league unfortunately.
  9. moorside roughyed

    George Burgess summoned

    What a wally for getting himself into this position in the first place. Gouging is a despicable act plain and simple.
  10. moorside roughyed

    2019 Squad and signings

    Good signing is Matty.
  11. moorside roughyed

    4 Nov: England v New Zealand KO 2.30pm (BBC TV)

    He's not done too bad has he? Just think he's only part time as well. Imagine what impact he'd have if he was full time.
  12. moorside roughyed

    4 Nov: England v New Zealand KO 2.30pm (BBC TV)

    At the end of the day a wins a win,if Bennett can keep on with the "belief" mantra I don't think we'll be a million miles away by the time the world cup comes. I've honestly always thought we had the goods but it was belief we needed. Wayne seems to be getting through to the boys,may it continue.
  13. moorside roughyed

    Chile Enter World Stage

    Welcome to rugby league Chile. The more the merrier joining our game.👍
  14. moorside roughyed

    2019 squad.

    Yes they we're. My god,a roughyed and a hornet agreeing on something.😁
  15. moorside roughyed

    4 Nov: England v New Zealand KO 2.30pm (BBC TV)

    We'll done England. Good result today. Wayne Bennett has been a revelation in my eyes,the belief he's instilled in the boys in great to see. We've always had good players,it's the belief that we sometimes lack. Wayne's given it to them. More of the same next week please.