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  1. eltel

    Food and Drinks ban

    Well my family and I have been watching rovers both home and away since the 60s my dad before that rip. We usually fetched a hot flask of oxo and the odd food especially during those cold winter months. I know it is supposed to be summer rugby now but tell that to the fans this weekend. To target people with this money grabbing ban is an ill thought out idea especially regarding hot drinks which can be vital for the older supporters like myself. If Fev persist with this draconian idea it may well backfire as I personally and possibly others shall no longer be attending games in the future as I cannot be assed to trundle to the fev food sellers in a freezing queue only to get a plastic cup of bovril/oxo then try to forge my way back to my seat without spilling half of it over other fans it’s just not cricket. I guess the next idea will be paying extra for exit seats next to the aisles in the stands or reserve a seat before the match or check in before kick off (Michael O'Leary eat your heart out) Some fans myself included need hot beverages during the games in cold weather no good 1 or 2 hours before the match in a warm pub or car. If Fev persist with this nonsense I shall not be renewing my £64.99 tv subscription either. So in essence this food/drinks ban could cost Fev the extra revenue they are hoping to extract from fans and alienate quite a few. Better put my tin hat on now for all the you are wrong brigade you are not entitled to an opinion whereas it is opinions that really matter . Up the Rovers Down with stupid rip off fans idea.
  2. eltel

    2019 Championship Predictions

    It pains me to say it but bradford will defo finish top 4 with kear at the helm For fev its a case of sink or swim depending on how much farting about we do with constant changes in the squad resulting in decent players being dropped for leeds second string thus alienating our own players but here’s hoping we finish up with a decent first team squad as at the mo we need some additions. So its top or bottom 4 for me hopefully the 3rd or 4th By the way Schofield predicted London would finish 10th last season so by that reckoning get your money on Sheffield
  3. eltel

    AGM tonight.

    Well I have been sitting back reading most comments honestly I thought I was a person who mostly looked on the black side but alas there seems to be quite a few doom merchants. The game is on its knees and fev will continue to suffer especially with the superleague elitism and moneybags Toronto not to forget we owe shed loads of money Bradford but not to worry as they can spend money like there is no tomorrow once again if my memory serves me right the last liquidation in 2017 amounted to over 2 million in debt. Fev need to take a risk with option C it may or may not be our saviour but risk quite often reaps reward but continuing to plod along in the current system is poor management of the club in my opinion. Tip for top 4 Toronto Bradford Toulouse Widnes followed by Fax and Fev told you I looked on the black side but not to forget leigh if some moneybags come along ?... koukash may want back in somewhere.
  4. eltel

    toronto question

    Bang on Phil Widnes were invited to the party without qualifying except in the eyes of the super we are all right jack clubs and although I do not like the toronto idea ( expansion my rrrrs the RfL keeps dropping further down the well time to take back control ) If toronto do get promoted just watch the brick walls starting to appear causing the further downward spiral of Rugby league it certainly ain’t gonna be a happy ending and grass roots rugby will almost disappear especially with the idea of teams from all over the globe being set up in the uk by their bored billionaires just like footy.
  5. Seeing the way rugby league is heading (steep cliff springs to mind) I think the time has come at the end of every season that’s all players surplus to requirements should be either: a) put in an auction to the highest bidder (ebay maybe?) b) advertised on a supermarket display board with prices available upon request (terms and conditions apply) c) be sold in a car type showroom to include guarantees for performace and breakdown cover d) walk around the streets with an ad board around their necks saying available after all they have just become commodities nowadays being on sale to the highest bidder (loyalty don’t make me laugh) *Noting once a player is purchased there shall be regular performance reviews just like the average joe bloggs has to endure and if they are doing well they get a bonus if not they are out on their ears with no possibility of signing for another club until the following season so stop ranting on about the playoffs ruining players lives can’t pay the mortgages if we get relegated WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD you players are no different. In fevs case after all the big bash results unfortunately we would be without a team. *On a more serious note I stick with my regular yearly comments i.e. Let the superleague go and get back to basics with york’s v lancs cups and a proper challenge cup like it used to be and let’s breakaway just like we did from the RFU. I’m convinced those idiots running rugby league will in time come crawling back to any such breakaway league even sky will get sick of showing the same 12 teams over and over again I honestly believe the championship and league 1 are at a crossroads and sticking with the current lot ruining yes ruining rugby league they should grasp the opportunity with both hands and they shall survive otherwise we shall certainly be continuing down the long slippery slope with the sole intention of the likes of the we are alright jack St. helens and the wigan pie eaters clubs destroying the heartlands of rugby league.
  6. eltel

    Hock bought out of this contract?

    Thacks interview says it all i.e. We’ve got a really tight knit group and we’re there for each other but it has been difficult. We know now that we aren’t going to have the same sort of squad next year,” he admitted, continuing that “we will probably be able to keep six or seven players… it’s bad really. I’m gutted really after what we’ve been through, it started in pre-season and it’s hard – we’ve got a really good group and it’s going to be torn apart in a few weeks’ time.” Link to Thacks interview https://getemonsideblog.com/2018/08/12/exclusive-an-interview-with-anthony-thackeray/
  7. eltel

    Hock bought out of this contract?

    My thoughts exactly no wonder fev are in the position they find themselves I just wonder how much we are paying John Duffy cos he was probably on a pittance at Swinton. Seriously we need a closer look at our recruiting methods and I do realise players will not be queuing up to join Fev.
  8. eltel

    Hock bought out of this contract?

    Wasn't it only a short while ago we extended his contract for 2019 surely anyone with half a brain cell would have made a sub clause opting out unless top 4 was achieved. OK he has been very good when not banned but what a mammoth cost he has been and Fev are totally to blame if they are paying him £30k to fly the nest I just wonder how much he has cost the club per match played including the speculated £30k. Just hope John Davies remains but if he gets a decent offer he really ought to take it has he has been a loyal true workhorse and deserves better. Who else will join Briscoe and go this year Thacks Moore Ulugia Hardman Taulapapa Ridyard Holmes Carlile Wildie Brooks perm any 6 from 10
  9. Need I remind fans of our abysmal bash results 2015 Lost 31-12 to Leigh 2016 Lost 37-0 to Halifax 2017 Lost 42-16 to London Broncos 2018 Lost 24-18 to Halifax Total for 46 Total against 134 We are joint bottom of 18 teams in the league table for the bash results so buying a shirt which has not done anything noteworthy is beyond me unless you want reminding of fevs failures.
  10. eltel

    M.O.M. Rovers V Toronto (A)

    1 Davies by a mile 2. Wildie 3. Taulapapa real workhorse tonight
  11. Brilliant Rovers best defence I have seen for years Toronto only scored with a little help from the ref penalty wise but that does not matter now. If only we could have put the same effort against fax but credit to the lads they deserve a bonus for that performance tonight.
  12. eltel

    Fallout begins

    Sounds like a good idea baldrick just hope duffy also gets a pay cut if he is still at fev next season.
  13. eltel

    Toronto and visa's

    looks like toronto visa problems will rumble on https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/twitter-talk-toronto-visa-problems-to-hit-super-league-clubs/
  14. So it is jack smith the ref for Sunday could have been much worse
  15. If rovers lose to London and they really give it their best shot probably blaming the ref then ok but if it is a case of not being up for the fight then that is just not acceptable these are good championship players and need to be fired up without accumulating any more match bans. We can cope with one or two having an off day but not the majority of the squad as was the case against fax. I predicted a 12 point win against fax and look what happened so no predictions on this one but for sure London are certainly beatable on grass.