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  1. ghost crayfish

    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads)

    Interesting article here! Great news if this can be confirmed so we can all move on, and just look forward to it! That said, I do want to know how/why the NRL was the hold up. I suspect that once again, the RLPA will have been an extremely annoying factor. But I want some journos to explore this properly. Why are end of season test matches apparently so hard to organise?? Is it player demands, clubs, TV issues, stadium hire costs, sponsorship? Player insurance is a new one that gets a run these days... All I know is the constant uncertainty is not good enough, and fans deserve an explanation.
  2. ghost crayfish

    NRL players seeking SL deal

    Maloney never survives anywhere for very long. Everyone is pretty open about the reason why: he's annoying.
  3. ghost crayfish

    SBW to Toronto??

    I wonder what the RFL will do about their participation bond, if the Challenge Cup's most marketable player is at Toronto...
  4. ghost crayfish

    World 9s - Invites Sent

    I've offered my opinion, you've got yours. I hope the next 8 months of dreading this upcoming terrible farce are enjoyable for you.
  5. ghost crayfish

    World 9s - Invites Sent

    Firstly, I didn't say they're in Christchurch or Canberra. I said they're in western Sydney, where the 9s is being played. And the RLWC crowds were obviously disappointing, but of those Sydney games, I'd say 8k v England were Lebanese supporters and double that v Australia... So you've kinda proved my point, thanks. With the 9s being in Parramatta, those numbers will likely be higher still. I'm not sure why I'm bothering to go to Wikipedia for you, but hey...
  6. ghost crayfish

    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads)

    None of this was offered? What about the proposed 4 Nations: I'm not saying this is perfect, but what if the RFL had negotiated in good faith for Tonga or Samoa to come instead of PNG? Would've been a strong 4N to promote the world cup, possibly building on an ashes win. But oh well!
  7. ghost crayfish

    World 9s - Invites Sent

    I think you're worrying over nothing. That isn't happening.
  8. ghost crayfish

    World 9s - Invites Sent

    I think the thing you're discounting with Lebanon is the vibrancy they bring to a Sydney event. There are 10s of thousands of people in western Sydney who identify as Lebanese Australian. That is absolutely an important part of their identity, and their involvement adds a lot of international colour to the event - regardless of where they were born. That brings a vibrancy to the occasion that will make it more enjoyable for the crowd, and look better on TV. To casual audiences watching around the world, that actually does mean a lot. Will Americans who happen to be watching on cable TV care where the singing Lebanese and Tongan supporters who fill the stands were born? Besides, if Lebanon do well and it makes the news over there, how can it hurt what's happening there? We've already seen the Tongan king embrace the 'heritage' team representing his country... So he's not too worried about it!
  9. ghost crayfish

    World 9s - Invites Sent

    I see absolutely no indication or precedent to suggest anything like the "bloody Aussies" predictions above will happen. Here's my predicted 12: Australia, NZ, England, Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, PNG, Wales, France, Lebanon, USA, Jamaica. I reckon that'd be pretty good.
  10. ghost crayfish

    WCC v All Stars Game

    Similar to a lot of their programs in PNG, Fiji etc the All Stars game is a partnership with government, about more than the game. The federal government puts hundreds of thousands of dollars into the indigenous programs the NRL delivers, with the all stars being the big promotional vehicle. So yes, of course they promote it.
  11. Yeah and the worst of the NRL players go to super league and all of a sudden we never hear anything about misdeeds! So either something about England miraculously makes them behave themselves, or players in England actually get away with a lot more due to the relative lack of scrutiny...
  12. ghost crayfish

    Branding and Image of Super League

    I was staying in London a few years ago and had a hit with a local cricket club. All the guys were keen to talk sport with the new Aussie bloke, and I sheepishly said I am a rugby league man - expecting no one to know what I was on about, after all I'd read on here. But to my pleasant surprise, eyes lit up, and the fellas all went "oh, you mean like the super league? Yeah great, I watch a bit of that!" I also found it easy to see games in pubs, and coverage in the free metro papers... It was certainly much better known than I'd expected!
  13. ghost crayfish

    2019 World Club Challenge predictions

    Geez good to get back on topic after all that flirting above! For all the talk of Wigan's attack, I think the need to get their defence right and win this game through attrition. It's cold, the roosters haven't played. Use those advantages to stifle their attack and keep it close. No one scores many points against the roosters, so the key is to stop them scoring, and hope you can take what few chances you do get.
  14. ghost crayfish

    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads)

    If I was England I'd just invite Tonga over for three tests after the Pacific tests are done. England could play France once or twice, then a series against Tonga. Not a bad home season. Another option is a 4N with them, France and Wales. Given the short notice, I'd probably be going for smaller grounds that come relatively cheap and are fairly easily filled. Leeds and St Helens are both good bets. I assume inviting multiple PI sides out for a 4N would be too expensive.
  15. ghost crayfish

    World Club Challenge

    Interesting Ryan Hall is included. I thought he was still out for a little while yet.