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  1. ghost crayfish

    London Broncos Announcement

    When I spent a few weeks in London back in 2010, I was pleasantly surprised by the level of coverage rugby league got in the free press you'd read on the tube. There were always 1-2 Super League articles. If that's disappeared in the years since, then this is already one clear example of the benefits the London Broncos bring to the competition.
  2. ghost crayfish

    Love and the Exiles!

    The NRL tried desperately hard to block players from going to Denver this year, so unfortunately it's hard to see them being fine with players making a longer journey, for an unofficial test. That doesn't mean it shouldn't happen though - again, other sports do it all the time. As a game, we need to stop finding reasons not to have internationals. Who cares if players are missing, or they're thrashings, or whatever. It's all content. Whatever the situation, there's a story to tell - blooding new talent, farewelling veterans, a rare chance to see stars who've gone to the NRL, a rare chance to see the best of super league playing together, building up to the ashes/the world cup/whatever. Just put games on, and tell whatever the story is that makes it worthwhile. If you can't think of one, quit your job in Marketing and PR immediately.
  3. ghost crayfish

    Clubs' Websites

    Agree with that. Content has to be updated regularly. One thing the central NRL site is doing very well - with the club's also following along - is providing regular news. These are stories that aren't just about bringing readers to their pages, they're actually about driving the media coverage more broadly. More and more, other media outlets are quoting from these stories, or running further with these ideas. This is starting to isolate the relentlessly negative tabloids, as they don't have a monopoly anymore, and get the good, interesting stories out there. The NRL even seems to own the old rugby league week content now, and often posts historical articles (alongside some great coverage of the England v NZ series!) With all the clubs now using a consistent template and style, this is actually something the NRL deserves a lot of credit for. The RFL wouldn't have the same resources, but it's certainly a model worth following.
  4. ghost crayfish

    Love and the Exiles!

    Exiles was a stupid name. Not relatable to anyone, and has negative connotations (foreign super league players are there because they're exiled from the NRL?) Call them Rest of the World, fill it with test players (including PNG, France etc players ahead of Aussies), talk up that side of things - the different cultures on show - and give people a reason to take an interest. The concept can work. It doesn't have to happen instead of anything else, just another fixture for the calendar.
  5. ghost crayfish

    Leeds New Signing

    Yeah you're probably right. He's a great player and more likely than not he'd dominate, but just saying it's a long season. Look at Ben Barba - it probably came too easy to start, and he lost his edge in the back end. Leeds could have several guys together all capable of doing the same. But despite that mild concern, he'd obviously be a great signing. On his day, he's right at the top.
  6. ghost crayfish

    Leeds New Signing

    If Leeds can get Taupau as well they'll be looking pretty awesome for next year! Attitudes might be their biggest concern though... Hurrell, Lolohea and Taupau all together could become an issue, particularly if they dominate early. None of them are known for their consistency or discipline. Still, good things happening in the english game right now, in build up to next year.
  7. ghost crayfish

    France, Wales, England all qualified, so...

    If the concept is respected, England could easily trot out a top notch team while GB is on tour. Something like this is a possible team which would treat France with respect and give viewers genuine test quality to watch: Walker, Johnson, Lyne, Percival, Manfredi, Myler, Richardson, Taylor, Clarke, Watts, McMeeken, Currie, O'Loughlin. A full strength France could give this side a decent few games too. Get Escare, Gigot, Fages, Albert, Miloudi and their best forwards all together, and there is talent to compete.
  8. ghost crayfish

    France, Wales, England all qualified, so...

    This series has to happen next year. Call them England, to give it more prestige and more appeal for sponsors and TV. The Knights is a development side, whereas this side should be the best players available, with veterans like O'Loughlin included. In fact, schedule the final test of the series for Wigan and give him the send off he deserves. England RU plays full tests while GB tours, so why not? They need to play home internationals on the BBC every year.
  9. Hodgson is comfortable as an 80 minute player, but with Milner and Rachford there are plenty of options. I think a bigger concern for England is in the middle. Milner is a smaller body and Greenwood is an edge forward, so they're going to need to get more out of Graham and Hill I think. I think they're both up to it - but maintaining their strength through the middle will be England's most important challenge, particularly with a new halfback combination needing to work off the back of it.
  10. ghost crayfish

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    The sold out bays have seats available?
  11. True. Of course there's some passive interest - rugby league is too popular for there not to be - but the demand isn't there (seemingly not from most fans, broadcasters, or sponsors) and as a result, the NRL just don't seem to want to bother hosting games in Australia. Unfortunate, but fine, so just let Australia tour! Seems like a win-win to me? England needs to host test footy, Australia want to come play them. Just seems simple to me.
  12. Possibly. But I'm not saying there'd be no interest, I'm saying there's no (or little) demand. If there was, we wouldn't be having this conversation...
  13. There is literally no demand here in Australia to see an English or GB rugby league side. It's sad but true, and English authorities just need to accept it. If they don't quit trying to force the NRL into a position it plainly won't agree to, that situation will not change. But if they partner with them to get it right, then it will. Book in a home ashes series for next year - work with the NRL to promote the hell out of it. It will be big, it will be great. Thats how to change the general apathy here. Then invite Tonga and Fiji over for 2020 to promote the world cup in a 4N with France. That series would do so much more to promote the world cup than an ashes series anyway, because it would show it's not a two horse race. Putting this great Tongan side on show on the BBC would change perceptions in the general English public about international league. Showcasing a Fijian side which includes NFL star Jarryd Hayne, alongside a number of other brilliant players - Uate, Vunivalu, Blake, Kikau, maybe even Radrada - would be another great promotion for the world cup. There's a real chance right now to build a coherent, positive calendar that builds momentum for international rugby league - and despite some merits in its favour, the GB tour just doesn't fit right now.
  14. But that's not what's been proposed at all. It'd be a GB tour, not England. How can GB play us for the Ashes one year, and England the next? What a mess! And besides, the GB tour has always been proposed as a Pacific tour - not an Australia Ashes tour. It's an anomaly because they're essentially a new invented country, as far as current rankings go, and they'd be playing for nothing. Aside from giving a few Welsh guys the chance to go on a bigger tour, what's the point? I actually wonder if there's a way to achieve both next year. Here's how: A full strength England hosts Australia in an Ashes series. Australia also play France. A GB squad, made up of the best Welsh, Irish and Scottish players (not Aussie heritage players though), and the best of the rest from England. They tour the Pacific, playing genuine contests against PNG, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji and NZ to fill in the off weeks for those teams in their 5 nation Pacific Cup. This would mostly be played in NZ, though PNG and Fiji could also host games. Then in 2020, host a 4 Nations to celebrate this 125 year milestone. Any of Tonga, NZ, Samoa would be great additions if Australia didn't want to come.