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  1. ghost crayfish

    Drinkwater leaves Catalans

    I haven't seen him play in well over a year. Not saying he's a great signing, just saying I can at least see the thinking behind it. There are positives he might bring, particularly in combo with the other guys I mentioned, by having a simple role that uses his strengths.
  2. ghost crayfish

    Drinkwater leaves Catalans

    It's a shame for Catalans, but the signing of Smith makes slightly more sense now. Their improvement after Drinkwater joined showed how much they needed a half who can organise and kick. Despite his limitations, Smith is experienced and has shown he can do that job - including in some big games. His combinations with Tomkins and McIlorum will also help, and with Gigot and/or Albert also offering a bit of attack around him, they should still have a decent spine.
  3. ghost crayfish

    New league structure revealed

    Believable. In fact, i honestly think that's the way the English game is going...
  4. ghost crayfish

    Steve Renoufs Test Team

    I think Renouf's team looks about right to me, except I'd have Sims over Papali. Mitchell is a better centre than Roberts, but does he ever play on the right? That's my only other real question mark. Other than those two spots, Tom T is also unlucky but Gagai is a high performing incumbent involved in finals, so hard to argue against him. This Aussie team is beatable because the new spine combo has nothing like the game management Cronk, Slater, Smith, Thurston offered, but it's probably the best we can do for now. The Kiwis could beat them and Tonga may be able to give them a game. This year may have also represented England's best chance, but then again they're missing their three most senior backline players so may have struggled anyway...
  5. ghost crayfish

    Dave Furner, new Leeds coach

    Haha interesting! I thought he was older... Certainly been playing like it. Ok. Maybe he just needs a change of scenery...
  6. ghost crayfish

    Dave Furner, new Leeds coach

    Yeah, except in my opinion he has been. Qld picked him (along with Thaiday, Guerra etc) through loyalty, not performance. He was rubbish, so they dropped him. And apart from being ok in last year's finals, he's done nothing ever since. If you wanna split hairs over whether he's been past it for one year or two, go for it.
  7. ghost crayfish

    Dave Furner, new Leeds coach

    He last played for Australia in 2016, got dropped by qld along with the other oldies in 2017, then got dropped from first grade this year. So no, they're not bad, they agreed with me that he's past it.
  8. ghost crayfish

    Dave Furner, new Leeds coach

    Linnett still has good football to offer, but O'Neill is well past it. He's been poor for a few years now, and barely even looks interested.
  9. Fair point... Still. Just sayin everyone does it. I don't agree with it - particularly in Australia's case because their depth is so good - but England and NZ are also guilty of doing it... So the "he's Australian" comment is what I was responding to.
  10. The weakness is more glaring this year because I think Hingano (their RLWC halfback) is out injured.
  11. Unlike those noble English gentlemen, who would never poach a player from a neighbouring second tier rival, or for that matter pick any player who had played senior rep football anywhere else. Well... except Ben Currie from Ireland, and Chris McQueen from QLD.
  12. ghost crayfish

    England need a game.

    This situation again highlights that the England authorities simply have to commit to getting France up to speed. The international game needs a second decent NH side to balance out the growth in the SH, and England badly needs a local rival. Tonga is probably now a more profitable/appealing rival for NZ than England. So they need to capitalise on what Les Catalans have done this year - put Toulouse in Super League, commit to a mid-year Test, and keep the momentum going in their own region.
  13. I think I remember Catalans not wanting to play ball given they provided the team? With Toulouse and a larger scattering of Frenchmen at English clubs, maybe it's not as big a deal now?
  14. The Denver Test was already dead - this announcement is just NZ moving on with life. And the 'annual' Tonga v Samoa test didn't happen in 2017 either, because Samoa played England. Samoa v Fiji would be a great game, maybe as part of a double header at Eden Park? Or otherwise, there's nothing stopping Engand once again playing Samoa (or Fiji). Personally I think they should try playing France in a properly organised mid-year test, but that's just me!
  15. ghost crayfish

    New league structure revealed

    Toronto's ability to just survive over multiple years as a transatlantic professional rugby league club, in the lower leagues, is extraordinary. It shows they've got somee serious creativity and business acumen there, which rugby league desperately needs. I reckon the bigger say they have in the game's future, the better.