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  1. I’ve known Harry all my life, playing at Saddleworth with him I could always tell he was going to make the step up. Next week is going to be a massive test against Workington.
  2. Why does he drop our best hooker???
  3. Yes bent is a very good tackler but he offers absolute nothing In attack, 4 carries from our lose forward is not good enough. Said this for a couple of years as well now Owen needs to step up a lot more he’s offering nothing at all
  4. We got hammered 31/0 we wasn’t good enough no excuses. Players like madders and Holmes on one side is so weak against the better teams. I remember saying last season that Holmes wasn’t good enough and I got slated for it, it always shows against the better teams that he’s nowhere near good enough.
  5. We’ve never had Caton brown
  6. That was absolutely dreadful to watch. No excuses with injuries or whatever that performance was unacceptable. Nobody offered anything the difference was they ran stronger and had better half back with Behrell. I just don’t get what Hewitt offers in these type of games. This league this season is dreadful and we’re 4th (5points of the top). Time for naylor to go because we’re going backwards not improving, he has no game plan in the bigger games.
  7. Couldn’t agree more with this spot on brooksy. Wilko is our best hooker and I can’t remember when Owen last had a really good game.
  8. We didn’t control the first 10 going 12-0 down then conceding 3 tries in the last 10 minutes that’s not good enough at all.
  9. I think it’s time for naylor to hit the nail on the head and call it a day. His rugby is boring and he doesn’t get the team playing smart rugby. His gameplan is shocking but time to go naylor before our season goes from title favourites to not even reaching the play offs
  10. Absolutely hopeless how can we go from 28-18 to lose in the last 10 minutes. A massive turning point I thought why did we go for the two points when we was 8 points up it did nothing for the game and let the pressure of them. Why did spender throw the ball into no mans land when he was through so frustrating. But we will never learn. So many players aren’t good enough Greenwood, Holmes, Hewitt some others as well
  11. YoungYed

    Danny Langtree

    Looks like he’s on his way back looking at oldhams twitter page massive signing
  12. Was hard to watch that first half today got totally out done on the wings. We definitely missed the players we had missing. Thought we looked much better when crook came off and Owen went to half back. Proud of the lads that they never stopped working, onto the big game on sunday against Newcastle
  13. YoungYed


    That play off final was heartbreaking had the best team on paper but couldn’t get the job done. Remember Danny Jones being the best player on the pitch for keighley
  14. What a frustrating game. 28-20 up then Hawkyard drops the ball with no one contesting him and then Scott law tries to offload the ball for no reason. When are we going to see a close game out. The referee was a joke and also laughing when walking down the tunnel. It just seems to be never our luck if it was the other way we all know it would of been given. Need to dust ourselves down work on defence but I think we showed good signs apart from stupid and defensive errors
  15. Our right side defence is shocking kershaw Holmes have no idea needs changing at half time
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