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  1. YoungYed

    Danny Langtree

    Looks like he’s on his way back looking at oldhams twitter page massive signing
  2. Was hard to watch that first half today got totally out done on the wings. We definitely missed the players we had missing. Thought we looked much better when crook came off and Owen went to half back. Proud of the lads that they never stopped working, onto the big game on sunday against Newcastle
  3. YoungYed


    That play off final was heartbreaking had the best team on paper but couldn’t get the job done. Remember Danny Jones being the best player on the pitch for keighley
  4. What a frustrating game. 28-20 up then Hawkyard drops the ball with no one contesting him and then Scott law tries to offload the ball for no reason. When are we going to see a close game out. The referee was a joke and also laughing when walking down the tunnel. It just seems to be never our luck if it was the other way we all know it would of been given. Need to dust ourselves down work on defence but I think we showed good signs apart from stupid and defensive errors
  5. Our right side defence is shocking kershaw Holmes have no idea needs changing at half time
  6. I personally think Owen has lost a lot of confidence since his injury
  7. YoungYed


    Merry Christmas and happy new year. even though we have our disagreements from time to time hope everyone stays safe and hope 2019 is oldhams year.
  8. Disagree with this. When we had it with Huddersfield they played with passion the likes of Dickinson, Sam wood, Liam Johnson couple of others and they bought into our values. The only player I remember who let us down was Gene Ormsby at Bradford one year who didn’t care one bit about us
  9. Was with gaz Owen, phill Joy and Harry madders last night In envy. All very positive about the season phill joy has lost so much weight. Also he said couple more signings to come but the squad is getting on so much.
  10. I’m sure most fans were calling for naylors head last season and the season before, now everyone is loving him again. I remember playing hornets at home 2 seasons ago and he was calling fans to the faces what sort of manager does that. He should of gone when he sent us down. Can’t wait for 1 man rugby again this year ?Also R34 I had work commitments last night so unfortunately couldn’t make it. Most of the top teams will go with DR my opinion is that it’s going to bite us back on the a***.
  11. No DR needed is a absolute joke from naylor. Can’t wait till half way through the season and we’re short on players again like last year. Like I said last year it’s time for naylor to go he has no idea.
  12. Second row, winger/full back/, centre and a big nasty prop needed
  13. That’s the one I wanted the most. fair play to wilko for staying around
  14. Hmmmm don’t know what to make of this one if we sign another half back I will be really happy but if we don’t I see it being the same as last year or even worse. Crook isn’t going to develop speed over night and that’s what he lacked last season. Also I believe that hornets were interested because foster rated crook very highly especially listening to his interview after our home game with haven
  15. I don’t think I’ve ever seen bent pass a ball so no chance at half back.let him stay at lose forward and do the hard tackling for the team
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