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  1. Whitehaven

    I did not go to the match but thought that the our team was good enough to do the business. Can anybody who went tell me why we lost ? Was it heavy going on the pitch / lack of cohesion due to " fringe players as some suggest / or lack of effort ? The result was very disapointing to me - I thought we were better than that. Incidentally , there were only 4 players that I would class as fringe players or new faces so we need to improve quickly.
  2. Toulouse predictions and team

    So there you have it, we lost to a better team but we certainly didn' t give up. It could have been a whole lot closer, because:- 1) We lost concentration twice close to our line and gifted them 2 easy tries. 2) We allowed them to intercept a pass that was going forward anyway, and was a bit speculative, but the player making the pass made a tremendous effort to make up for it. 3) We had the opportunity to score two tries close to their line but our close quarter passing either hit the chest of the receiving player / was too hard / or was just dropped. Still some work to do to cut out the mistakes but it is gradually coming together. I was disappointed that we lost but am very hopeful going forward.
  3. Toulouse predictions and team

    I would like to see Trout included in the second row with Spicer, or certainly on the bench. He was a second row as we all know, but also gives options for prop. Could rest Crowthet, but I also like Reilly so what do you do? g
  4. Toulouse predictions and team

    It's interesting JIMBOBRAM to see that you have selected Speakman at no.6 and Knowles at no 7. Both have played at scrum half as partner to Sykes and I wonder whether any body would prefer to see them play the other way round? Actually I agree with you but Knowles is a good ball distributor and can pass accurately both ways so stand off may be better for him ? Anyway I am curious as to what NK will do. It's a good discussion point. Does anybody know whether Day can play at scrum half because he is quick around play the ball. What if NK played Day at scrum half and Brown at stand off - would it surprise you ?
  5. Barrow v Dewsbury

    Apparently Barrow have been able to get some practice in this week. Doubt whether we have, but someone on here may know. Hope we are not at a disadvantage before we even kick off.
  6. (Will It Be A) Happy New Year

    OK- I'm back with another correction. Did anybody else spot my deliberate error? Obviously we cannot play and win against ourselves. Never posted so much before and unsure whether I can get used to it. Might try again if there are enough crazy replies. Don't hold your breath though, it could be a few minutes. ???!!?!?£&
  7. (Will It Be A) Happy New Year

    Ok - so I need to concentrate more when posting. The obvious bone to pick is that I should have said numbers 5 to 12 and not 1 to 8. Hope nobody got to reply before I could make my correction - it may look to some poor soul that I am ..,,.&£@
  8. (Will It Be A) Happy New Year

    If Mr Kelly can motivate the players to a standard of which I think he is capable, then we could win all our home games against teams numbered from 1 to 8 in your tables. We could also win against one of the top 4 if we are super motivated and they are having a bad day. It's all about confidence. Have you got any or can you pick the bones out of MY VIEW? Happy new year to everybody, who agrees with me !??!£&?!!
  9. 2018 Squad confirmed

    Zack ??? Johnson only went to Shaw Cross after not getting in the team last season, although he told me at Batley that he was match fit. Might be worth keeping an eye on how he is doing and if he is showing some form, then he MAY be willing to give it another go with Rams
  10. Forward passes.

    Your absolutely right NICKD on forward passes. I was watching the opening game and was convinced the Ausies first try came from a blatant forward pass. I was waiting for the replay but they were careful not to take it that far back in the play. ( think it was the first try ) It didn't improve much after that and all the games including teams from down under have had some forward passes with very few noticed by the officials. I think England have noticed this however and may be close to trying some themselves. On another issue, I know that Bateman has been playing well, but sometimes his attacking play has lacked the skill of an established centre. Why do we always play at least one person out of position? Remember Sinfield at stand off? Hope we can win the final but as usual I am doubtful against the Ausies
  11. Toulouse, Semi-Final Shield

    Swinton held them to 4 points last weekend in Toulouse but of course there was nothing at stake. Still, it makes me slightly optimistic. Think we will have our best team playing and I'm sure they will be up for it. Does anybody know when the team are travelling - hope it is Friday, but this is more expense of course.
  12. Zach Johnson

    Zack was at the Batley game on Sunday and a few of us spoke to him. Said that he was fit to play but wasn't getting picked. As the last two games don't count for much this may be the time to give him a run to see what he can do. Surely Teanby and Sheriffe could do with a rest before the Toulouse game
  13. Commemorative Mugs

    I bought two mugs weeks ago and asked them to publicise them on the club shop part of the Rams website. They said they would but then the club shop page disappeared. Something about approaching the shirt supplier directly via their website ! Only thing was it didn't help if you wanted a mug ( as in cup ) Actually the mugs are quite good both for yourself or as a present. Fans from the south stand are unlikely to know about them unless they make a point of looking in the shop. The mugs commemorate the first ever Wembley final ( Dewsbury/Wigan ) and our Dewsbury/ Leeds famous win. Incidentally did you know about the pin badges ( £3 think ) GET INTO THE SHOP PEOPLE AND FEEL HAPPY EVERY TIME YOU LIFT THE MUG TO YOUR LIPS
  14. Glover

    Haven't heard or seen much of Glover recently. Is there anything that I have missed? Is he injured or just ommited from the team? His inclusion against Batley could have tipped the scales in our favour both for his centre play and for his goal kicking. Always nice to have a reliable back up kicker if your first choice is temporarily struggling.
  15. Josh Gudzek

    Anybody know anything about Craven ? At the last forum we were told that he had signed for us and was all guns blazing in training but it has gone very quiet since then. He could do a job at full back or wing if needed.