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  1. Sorry he has gone. During the short spells I saw him in the warm up games he looked to have halfback potential. Who will cover for our ‘senior halfbacks’ if they are unavailable. Why get another prop when we seem to have enough ? More halfback cover required I think.
  2. If you paid £4.95 to watch the match which was an appalling viewing experience, then you can watch it as many times as you want without interruptions by signing into the wakefieldtrinity.com website and locating the video of the match. ( You will need your signing in details ) I think we have a good bunch of players for all positions and should be able to cover for all injuries.
  3. OK, so you can see it for yourself on the repeat showing on the our league app. Time on the onscreen clock is 73-01 and lasts until 73-06. Player involved is no.16 with the red skull cap on. Mr Ward. What are your views?
  4. Will take another look to be absolutely sure.
  5. Did anybody else see the incident in the second half when we were defending near our own try line? To put it ‘delicately’ - one of our players appealed to the referee for ‘inappropriate touching’ of private parts. The referee was facing the other way and did not see the appeal. I could state exactly when this happened but would like others to confirm my opinion by looking for it themselves.
  6. League and cup games will surely be priced higher than friendly games.
  7. It was good to see the rams teddy bear is getting out and about and not being restricted by COVID. The bear managed to get over to Bradenton in America for ‘ The‘Worlds Strongest Man’ and was there on New Year’s Day supporting our 4 finalists on channel 5. Exceptionally business minded too being able to secure an appearance on the Sky Mobile commercial wearing a Rams scarf.
  8. Although this is a Bulls forum, (sorry Featherstone ) a number of other clubs have been mentioned as possible candidates for promotion to Super League. Living in Yorkshire it seems to me that the OBVIOUS and CERTAIN winner has been overlooked. Decipher this. (. HILGE )
  9. Who will be our replacement half backs if either Sykes or Finn are unavailable?
  10. I for one am really pleased that Tom Garrat is returning to the Rams. He was such a powerhouse when he played before and he has all my best wishes for the coming season whenever it starts. I'm also waiting for any news on Chris Annakin and hope he decides to stay. We will have a very strong and formidable pack by the look of how things are shaping up. Covid may not be lifting much yet but my spirits are today. News today of older people soon to receive the new vaccine injections could be the start of better times ahead.
  11. Take a look at the Bulls site on totalrl.com for a brief glimpse of our former prop Luke Menzies pro wrestling in the USA. It says he now lives inOrlando. Anybody who saw him play will instantly recognise him, and it’s good to know he has recovered from his serious throat injury at Dewsbury. Says he wears a flat cap and goes by the name of Ridge Holland for wrestling purposes. Performs a body check like a true Rams prop.
  12. Charley Sealing ( look him up about 1930 -1940 ? ) , David Wilmot and father, Biltcliffe and Bosworth all lived roughly in the same area. Now that's going back a bit!
  13. Thunder were well organised by bob Beswick and their attacking line looked a good formation when running and passing. A bit like the 'red arrows' - organised. We have never had that look about our 'back' line and seem to play more ad hoc. Even Swinton last season and dare I say Batley also last season looked more dangerous. Its more obvious when you get a higher viewing position from the TV cameras. The corona problem may give us more time to solve this issue although I know we will not be training.
  14. Can’t speak English my foot- of course they can. Typical French being awkward and uncooperative. Glad we are out.
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