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  1. Listened to it on radio so difficult to judge — BUT:- 1) I had doubts when Sykes decided to play instead of taking the overall view from a vantage point in the stand and communicating this to the players at half time or from messages onto the pitch 2) How can the wannabe coach throw out a pass which is intercepted and gives away careless points at a critical time in the game. 3) Nobody wanting to be taken seriously as a coach would talk to the ref in such a way that they get sin binned when there is already one of his players in the bin. Altogether a frustrating listen and the temporary coach should forget about being made permanent. — probably best to retire now.
  2. It seems to work in the civil service. What is your answer to the team underperforming? You seem to be suggesting a total clear out of coach and players which would ruin Dewsbury. But it might work in the civil service
  3. The season long message from the players just got deafening !
  4. He said previously he wasn’t interested.
  5. So, I’m going to be silly again as a previous comment on a different thread. Just watching semi final play offs and listening to between game comments. We all know that Tony Smith is leaving Hull KR at end of season, but who new that he does not intend to coach in super league after this season. This indicated to me that he does intend to to continue coaching. Ok so it may be in Australia, or alternatively in this country for one of the clubs with need for a coach but a lower profile and less pressure. You may think Bradford / Widnes etc etc — but he knows us, so I’m thinking ( more hoping ) RAMS.
  6. You just couldn’t make this situation up! Sykes has proved to be inconsistent and Sweeting was very consistent in the pre season games. Just give Sweeting the chance and if he misses a couple then go back to Sykes. But this is a symptom of poor decision making. Something is definitely wrong as I don’t believe the team are this bad. To me it’s more like they do not want to win for some reason. Either they do not want to play for each other or do not want to win for the coach. The effort is there but not the cohesion. Something needs to be done NOW although it may be too late. There will be no fans to play for if we are relegated and hence no club. Blame who you want but the coach is usually first choice.
  7. myview

    John Kear

    Oh, what a big disappointment this thread titled JOHN KEAR is. There was I thinking that somebody may have put the words —-coach/Kear/now/dewsbury/vacancy/ available/required/experienced. — together to form a good suggestion for us to consider
  8. For someone who posts a lot of comments - have you? What is Jake Webster doing these days. Is he available ?
  9. The commentators before the match said that from watching the dewsbury warm up, it looked like we were going to try and match Leigh in the forwards. They said twice this was a bad idea and so it proved. They said our forwards were going to really feel it in their bodies the day after. Better to go around them than get battered up the middle they said. Unfortunately when we did try to go around we made little headway and plenty of errors. Our right wing is still porous and seems to get drawn into the middle. You could say Gabriel is everywhere but the wing. To make it worse it was said that Leigh did not play particularly well and could play much better. Do you think some of the long term injured have lost interest ? I certainly have. No more games for me - not even the Easter local derby.
  10. We lost to Newcastle at home , who are near to us in the league table. We again played a game of two halves with poor discipline. Nothing as changed! Which brings me to my silly but vaguely possible idea. ( don’t laugh). We need a caretaker coach to help us avoid relegation, and we need one quickly. Who better to approach than one of our former players who has today ( Monday) announced he has left his present position. He may be willing to help us out of a serious situation if it is only temporary. Dare I suggest Richard Agar?
  11. I won’t be there on sunday! Probably a head nock I had sometime or other makes me think it will be too dangerous to suffer the disappointment / frustration of another loss or poor win!
  12. You may not agree with this, but I think that as individuals our players are very capable and would fit into the top teams in this division. They are certainly as good as the Batley team, but unfortunately not nearly as well drilled and organised as a team. Where is the attacking structure, backing up and organisation? Bringing in more players may help a little bit but we need an on field organiser of the Cuthbertson variety.
  13. myview


    Thought south stand was closed due to low attendances when playing Sheffield as they are not well supported away.
  14. myview


    Interesting comments coming, can agree with coolie about not having to pick the team. Hope this thread continues to build.
  15. myview


    When Sweeting is on the field, nobody else to take the goal kicks. Sweeting and Beharrell were a good combination they say at Doncaster so give it a try before splitting it up.
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