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  1. We had another choice for winger in Alex Brown at the start of the season - I even understand we approached him to come and play for us - but where is he now ? It sure is strange. And what has happened to Charlie Martin the forward who told me he had just about got back to full fitness at the start of the season ? I don't think he has played for us yet because I have been looking out for him to see how he would fare. He is a big guy and could boost our pack. Both players are still shown on the clubs playing list. Am I missing something ?
  2. If Brad Delaney has left the sport completely then there will be no competition for his services. Does anybody on this forum know him well enough to have a quiet word with him? Of course it may be wise to also get the views of LG first. There is nothing like knowing that you are valued and wanted to temp you back into the game. I for one certainly liked to watch him play and I can assure you that I am not a relative and he doesn't know me from Adam.
  3. myview

    Widnes Game

    What a magnificent result - well done to all today's squad. Now that we have found a winning team, please do not change it under any circumstances except for injury. They have proved that they are winners today and deserve to be kept together to build even more team spirit. This result has really made my week.
  4. Is Michael Knowles a talker.? Is he a pack leader.? He certainly puts in the hard work and effort. Put him back in the pack for me. Talking of half backs - where has Brad Delayney got to ? He used to score tries just from backing up alone and he was quick. Just the player to profit immensly from understudying Finn and Sykes. Don't know why he left but this may have all been forgotten and it may be possible to tempt him back. Certainly hope so.
  5. Richardson has proven that he can replace Annakin. He came off the bench at Thatto and played well.
  6. If a low attendance is expected then why not close south stand, get a better atmosphere in north stand, no steward cost for south stand and make more money. --- simples! We could also contrive to lose the game to make even more money not having to pay winning pay. ------ HOLD ON! SOMETHING NOT QUITE RIGHT THERE!
  7. Toby Richardson was playing well towards the end of last season, but has not figured much this season except possibly at Barrow where I did not attend. If Garratt, Sheriffe and Annakin are carrying knocks or otherwise unavailable, what about Richardson and Andrade being given a chance in the match day 17 ? Everyone needs some game time.
  8. Paul rowley is rumoured to be on the move to ???????? Certainly a lot less travelling at Rams and more time for himself in a part time job!
  9. After the disappointing loss to an average Batley team, I can now see the possibility of us finishing in 6th position in the Shield play offs behind both Sheffield and Barrow. It may now be necessary to offer the match day squads an incentive to finish either 3rd or 4th according to their inclusion in the squad over the time of the play offs. If it is correct that there is a £25000 difference between positions 3,4 and 5,6 then this could be the source of some incentive. Obviously for finishing in 5,6 position there would be nothing offered as this is already quite likely. If however we were to finish in either 3rd or 4th position, then say £12500 could be taken by the club and £12500 for allocation to the players. For the club, £12500 is less than the £25000 difference which cannot be guaranteed, but is better than nothing which is likely. All of this is irrelevant of course if an incentive is already in place.
  10. Good to know BSJ that an interesting 17 were announced to play in Tolouse, but as I am not facecrap or twiddled literate, I did not know what it was. Please do share your knowledge.. Also, how the ::elf do I insert your above post about this subject in this post. It's so blasted frustrating with no school regect to show me. and it's now 00:49 and the twitterers are all asleep on their branches. Must have been on with this post for hours. YAWN YAWN and so to bed at 00:56.
  11. So it's looking more and more that he really did have a foot injury if he needs injections to play. Time to give him the benefit of the doubt and get behind him. After all we don't want to offend him if he is willing to play and we need him.
  12. Didn't go to the Swinton game but it seems from the bare facts that we lost on goal kicks. For a recognised goal kicker to have a conversion rate of 33% or less, is worrying. It would be interesting to know the conversion rate for the whole season if anybody has it, and whether it has fallen as the season as progressed. If Glover is having a difficult time scoring tries then he might have more success kicking goals. Give him the chance. Hallett could also be given a chance in the second row after some coaching. After all he has the physique and is possible fast enough for this position. His defence would have to improve though.!
  13. Think it's a bit unusual to say there is a NK love in. The fact is that we all realise he has a difficult job to do with a restricted budget and unavailability of players due to injury. Also let down by some dual reg / loan players not being available at critical times. Badly let down also by Gaz Moore due to some kind of problem. Wish we could sort this out and get him back for the play offs. The players are trying hard but we do need a pack leader who can distribute the ball. The pack play as individuals with one player running forcibly forward whilst the others eventually walk into position behind him for the play the ball. We are not running onto the ball at speed, and inter passing, because they are not up with the play. Any passing between the forwards or backs is usually to a player who is barely moving. We also need a quick and elusive pair of half backs who can create opportunities and distribute the ball. This is not to criticise Sykes as his defence is enormous although I think he could be better used at centre if the previously mentioned half backs were available. As you say Glover is not getting the chances this season but definitely one to keep for next season. Soon be time for us fans to compile a list of who we would like to keep for next season---- but don't start yet ----- don't want to discourage the player that are trying.
  14. I am glad that Daniel I is coming back until the end of the season. His effort is great and I hope it puts some spark into the back three forwards. I always liked him as a player and so did most of the Rams fans so why the sarcasm? The fact that he left to better himself cannot be held against him even if it did not work out at that time. Cut out the sniping its beneath you.
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