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  1. The latest good idea from the club, very easy to sign up.
  2. 2018 Home shirt

    I remember trying one of these on, or at least trying to put one on! Even the XXXL had something like a 30" waist!
  3. 2018 Home shirt

    Home and Away.
  4. Fixtures 1st November

    From the figures I've heard, the rent alone at the Racecourse would be at least 10 times more than Queensway. If you then factor in food and drink sales, which we now make money from, instead of it going to Wrexham FC, then it's quite possible we are getting a full season at Queensway for the cost of one game at the Racecourse. By living within our means, I think we are in a very good position to take full advantage of a proper full season fixture list.
  5. 2018 Home shirt

    Andy's appointment as General Manager was one of our best "signings" last year, he's been inspiring to say the least. Another unsung hero is Josh Pay. The almost daily announcements at 20:18 are his idea, and the club website and twitter are getting loads of hits every night now. Talking to him yesterday, and there are more improvements to come on the communication front over the next few weeks. Also hearing that season tickets are selling really well, and the hospitality marquee will be bulging at the seams, with most people choosing the platinum and gold options.
  6. 2018 Home shirt

    You'll get your answer at 20:18 on Friday.
  7. 2018 Home shirt

    And it will be ready for Christmas! Thank goodness the days of announcing the new shirt in September, but not seeing the team wearing them until June are now behind us.
  8. Post-Season Update 2

    Only managed to get to half the home games due to work commitments, but taking part in Team Cru has made the games I have attended even more enjoyable and feel more involved, to actually be part of the club. I only live a mile from the ground, and turned up to the last game against Oxford at 11:30 thinking I would be the first person there, only to find the place was a hive of activity and everything was already set up!
  9. Post-Season Update 1

    For those of us not on Facebook, is there another way to keep in touch with the trust?
  10. Believe it or not, the club is more viable now than it has ever been. This is mainly down to stadium rent, which is a fraction of the cost of playing at the Racecourse, and the club makes money from food and drink sales at Queensway, money which would go to the football club if we still played at the Racecourse. Having said that, the drop in crowds is a worry and is one of the most talked about topics among the fans and officials at the club. I think the league format is a major factor in falling attendances. When people come to a game for the first time and say they've enjoyed it, they will ask when the next home game is being played. When they get the reply "in five weeks" or "we don't know until the fixtures are announced some time next week", they don't come back.
  11. Lots of handshaking and back patting to be done tomorrow Gogledd. This time last year we thought the club was gone. Last night, season ticket prices were announced for next season. What a difference a year makes.
  12. A very long day yesterday, 5 hours each way on the train, got back to Wrexham just after midnight. Shame about the small crowd and the one sided game, but Ironmen never gave up and deserved their try towards the end of the game, and some great defending from Cru in the second half to deny Ironmen a higher score. Have to mention the pitch at Stabbonheath, one of the best I've ever seen (football take note). At first glance we all thought it was artificial, it is that good. Also encouraging to hear that Raiders have the lease on the bar and catering facilities to give them an all year round income. I'd love to see us with a home ground like this, something to aim for in the future, perhaps?
  13. No problem with your original post, it was someone else who put us in a southern league with no promotion. It would be great to bring superleage back to Wrexham, but we are a long, long way from that. We have fallen behind considerably since our promotion season in 2013, but at least the club is being run within its means now and making steady progress towards recovery. The club formed an under 11s team recently, the supporters trust has just been formed and the supporters club still run coaches to all the away games. Don't see us ever going back to the Racecourse to be honest. We would have to double our crowds just to pay the rent. To be fair, Wrexham Supporters Trust, who own the football club and run the Racecourse, have to answer to their members. If they are not making money out of us using the ground, it will cause a lot of internal fallout for them. They would rather be making money from concerts. Echo your comment about West Wales and looking forward to visiting them on Saturday.
  14. Seeing as Man of Kent thinks we are a southern club, I have to say that I am totally against the idea. Our nearest rivals would be Coventry Bears, 87 miles away. Of course we have suffered setbacks over the last two or three years, but not so long ago we were getting four figure crowds as well as boosting other club's gates with our travelling support. We want to be doing this again, but we can't if we are exiled into a southern league. (Swinton, Oldham and Rochdale are all closer to Wrexham than Coventry). Don't get me wrong, it's a privilege to be in the same league as the likes of Coventry Bears and London Skolars, forward thinking clubs where there is always a positive vibe when we visit, but why should clubs like these and ourselves be denied the chance to aim for promotion to a higher level? If there is to be four divisions eventually, I prefer West Leeds Riviera's suggestion of P&R between the 1st and 2nd tiers, and between the 3rd and 4th tiers. The 4th tier will be mostly southern clubs anyway, so I don't see the point in making it formal. If the southern clubs are happy in the 4th tier, they'll stay there, if they feel ready to challenge at a higher level, let them have a go.
  15. My first game since we lost at home to Skolars six weeks ago, thanks to a combination of work commitments and fixture scheduling. Three of us travelling to Llanelli on the train, repeating a good day out for the Wales v Serbia game last year. Looking forward to it.