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  1. You can read today's programme here (link from the official website): https://northwalescrusaders.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/NewcastleProgrammeWEB.pdf
  2. RLWC 2021 Venues

    To be fair, the game at The Gnoll was at the end of a disastrous campaign for Wales, in fact we were already out of the competition. If we had won the games against Italy and USA, then I'm sure the Gnoll would have sold out for the game against the Cook Islands. Also, the Racecourse would have comfortably sold out for Wales v Australia in the quarter final, but it wasn't to be. With the emphasis on large crowds (and large grounds) for 2021, I just don't see the Wrexham bid being viable this time.
  3. There seems to be a new look to the Leader website. Scroll down to the sports section. Great to see the club back on the home page. http://www.leaderlive.co.uk/
  4. Grady leaves North Wales Crusaders (Merged Threads)

    You can listen to the show again by clicking on this link. http://www.calonfm.com/105fm/?page_id=22079
  5. Grady leaves North Wales Crusaders (Merged Threads)

    And the new coach is.............Anthony Murray! https://northwalescrusaders.co.uk/murray-returns-crusaders/
  6. Grady leaves North Wales Crusaders (Merged Threads)

    Enjoyed the programme today. A shame about Mike Grady, really nice bloke. Always honest with his opinions and I wish him all the best. Good to hear about the winning start for the A team, especially as they fielded a team of almost entirely welsh players. (Just one non-welsh player in the side).
  7. Working Friday. Have a good trip.
  8. Wrexham to make world cup bid

    No mention of this on the Calon FM rugby league show tonight, which makes me wonder if the club are involved at all, and we are only listed among those who are "also backing" the bid in the article:- Wrexham Council will lead the bid alongside the Racecourse’s Wrexham AFC and Glyndwr University whilst the North Wales Crusaders, Rugby Wales, Ian Lucas, MP, Lesley Griffiths, AM, the Ramada Plaza and Grosvenor Pulford are also going to be backing the bid. Forgive my ignorance but, who are "Rugby Wales"?
  9. A bit late in the day, I thought there was already a shortlist. Haven't heard anything from the club about this, never even been mentioned in conversation with other fans. http://www.wrexham.com/news/wrexham-to-make-world-cup-bid-146781.html Usual ignorant comments from the footie fans, all they see is £££££££ http://www.redpassion.co.uk/forums/wrexham/111590-world-cup-wrexham.html
  10. North Wales Crusaders 25/3/2018

    Not the best of games yesterday, but you deserved your win. Great to see so many Roughyeds make the trip and making a great atmosphere in the ground. Apart from the obvious difference of history, I think the two clubs have a lot in common, especially when it comes to finding a home ground. I don't think I can make the return trip to your place because of work, but plenty of others will be looking forward to it. All the best.
  11. North Wales Crusaders 25/3/2018

    There's not a lot of information out there about the ground, so here's a brief description so you know what to expect. The ground is part of the Queensway sports centre and is a purpose built athletics venue, which the club has adapted for rugby use. There are no pubs near the ground and there is no clubhouse, although we do have a bar set up inside the ground along with the usual burgers and soft drinks, and for any hungry fans arriving early there is a very good Diner next to the ground. There are two stands with just over 800 seats in total. The long stand, which is the family stand, runs parallel to the pitch and seats about 560. The Wrexham Lager stand, for general supporters, also houses the players dressing rooms and seats about 250. While the stands are set away from the pitch, they offer a very good view. There is also a grass bank on the other side of the ground with a decent view of the pitch. Here's a few pics of the ground, taken before the our 3rd round Challenge Cup game against Keighley in February. General view of the ground Family stand with the Wrexham Lager stand to the left View from the family stand Wrexham Lager stand and bar View from the Wrexham Lager stand Grass bank, complete with palm trees! A row of seats has been removed from the first block in the family stand for wheelchair users, with a long ramp for access. Toilets are under the Wrexham Lager stand. Inside the hospitality marquee
  12. This made me smile when I read it last night. When you go to Donny, we'll be going to Workington. Seriously, we were bowled over by the welcome last night from some of the friendliest people we'll ever meet, and plenty of fans proudly telling us about the voluntary work to refurbish the bar and redevelop the stadium. Good luck for the rest of the season, and hope you have a decent run in the cup.
  13. A shame we can't host it, but glad it's being played.
  14. NW Cup game to be played at Fev on Tues night

    A shame we can't host the game, but glad it's being played. Hopefully some of us can make the trip on Tuesday. Agree it's the right decision for both clubs and thank for your patience today.
  15. Myself and Shaun Gould started clearing the pitch this morning, but it was always going to be a futile gesture really. Mr Chairman was on the phone all morning trying to get a decision, and until it was called off officially, we had to assume it was still on. No announcement on a new date yet, but likely to be midweek game, providing Queensway is available.