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  1. I put this on facebook, posted it on the supporters group. I understand that £20 is terrible for a friendly but if your planning on boycotting then boycott the league game at their place, it's a shared gate boxing day so let's drum up as much money for the club as possible, let's be honest we need it.
  2. Well yeah suppose we've to find one first lol. Boxing Day, best day over the Christmas period.
  3. A bit early I know but where is the game at this year? Is it at the Telteys stadium or is it at Mount Pleasant? I'll pick a hypothetical squad nearer the time.
  4. I wonder what we could charge for one, if there would be demand for it?
  5. I think we should bring the beer subject up at the next fans forum.
  6. They do good beer do Ossett brewery I'd be happy with them supplying it.
  7. On the subject of booze hopefully one day the club will start selling John Smith's, Tetleys is fine but it's not my first choice bitter.
  8. Today had give us two much needed points against them lot, hopefully now we kick on, but do we think we will avoid relegation?
  9. Possibly Graham I know Andy Kelly is at Huddersfield.
  10. I wouldn't worry DistantDog, that's just a bias article poorly written by someone who can't take losing.
  11. If we have to win by playing ugly rugby then so be it in my eyes. Ugly rugby wins games sometimes.
  12. Very good evaluation of the game Coolie, in which I would have to say I agree with your analysis. We have improved massively since playing them away, Ned Kelly and Paul Delaney have got a squad they want though and have the players on their side. We must now be consistent.
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