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  1. Desert Skipper

    Hall to Roosters (Merged threads)

    It’s really not that hot over there Johnny. It’s been up to 31 degrees in the UK recently with high humidity and we played RL okay. I’ve spent a lot of time in Aus and you rarely see that temperature at games. If I had to guess I’d say the average temp was mid-twenties for a daytime game (admittedly the sun is very strong as there is usually little haze, cloud or precipitation) and only in Queensland do you get the humidity. Australia is sunny and dry for sure, but we tend to have visions of 50 degree heat in the WA outback and remote shacks and corked hats... it’s not really like that and is mostly a pleasant temp with strong unfiltered UV rays. If pale n ginger James G can cope, then you’d hope tanned n toned Ryan H could too!
  2. Desert Skipper

    NRL Proposes International Shake Up

    Not sure I understand what you’re saying with that statement? Youre saying that RL Is only big in an affluent country outside Australasia (UK?) and that it is a culturally insignificant one? What makes you think this? Australia and New Zealand are both affluent countries, as is the UK. There’s not much money in RL partly because of its roots and historical bigotry, but mainly because we haven’t tried to grow in the right way in the past. We sometimes are the orchestrators of our own parochial Northern image.
  3. Desert Skipper

    Dom Crosby.

    Can Warrington afford to be light on props at the moment? We looked a bit overrun against Catalans on Thursday night Also, is there a cutoff date for signing players in time for the 8s or playoff games? I’m wondering that if there is any truth if the Fifita rumour, that there would be a chance we could get him here ASAP and compensate Wakefield a bit more. (Just what I’m hearing - standing by for incoming...). Anyway, better luck with Leeds Dom Crosby - shame it didn’t work out.
  4. Desert Skipper

    NRL Proposes International Shake Up

    Yes I know, I just meant in terms of neutral observers taking interest by seeing a match on BBC1 on a Saturday afternoon. The Olympic team is GB for example, and I thought a neutral non-RL fan might feel more included if it wasn’t restricted to ‘England’... I suppose personally I feel more of an affinity to anything classed as ‘British’ rather ‘English’ due to my bloodline being half-Celtic, half Crown-dependency... not much of me is really Anglo-Saxon at all... 🙃 and most of my happy RL memories are from the 90s when we played as GB against the Aussies. I also find it hard to associate that St George’s flag with anything other than obese shaven-headed football hooligans trashing up bars abroad 😂😂😂 (yes I know that’s wrong before you bite my head off)...
  5. Desert Skipper

    NRL Proposes International Shake Up

    Have I missed something here? What’s the issue with combining to play as GB when it’s an ashes tour? Doesn’t seem to affect the RU lions and they even throw the Irish in too. Maybe the current Nationalism trend will put an end to GB but personally I prefer it to England, certainly for games against Aus and NZ. Surely it’s better to market it to the other home nations rather than just England?
  6. He’s been garbage relative to what he can and should be doing, but he’s combined well with Brown on set plays and his kicking (bar the drop goal attempts) has been better than anyone in the Warrington squad. He’s just not been doing what he’s capable of and paid for. Don’t forget - when I state ‘above average’ that’s based on the average current half back in Super League... and none of them are really setting the league on fire. Compared to the half backs of the 90s, 00s and in the NRL then yes he’s nowhere near that level at the moment...
  7. Ratchford’s been unreal this season. Clark edged him early on but since then he’s been Warrington’s most influential player. If Barba wasn’t around he’d surely be on of the front-runners for MOS?
  8. Roberts looked like he wanted to prove a few people wrong after the criticism and after Austin’s words about his commitment to the cause. He didn’t prove anyone wrong unfortunately. He’s been solid, above average but never Marquee level in terms of a match-winner.
  9. Coach killer there, although Pomeroy wasn’t intending the ball to come loose I don’t think.
  10. Well the penalty was given against Warrignton when the ball was deliberately passed into a player so I guess it’s consistent...
  11. What on earth is Cummings on about? A swinging arm aimed at an opposition players head isn’t a penalty because it didn’t connect? So all these years he referees have been getting it wrong Stuart...
  12. High-scoring Close game for me. I can actually see Catalans nipping it, they have a good record at the HJ. That would probably seal 3rd place for Cas prior to the split.
  13. Desert Skipper

    NRL Proposes International Shake Up

    Such is the NRLs previous respect for international RL, we will probably find the ashes were scattered on some Sydney landfill as they were taking up space in the NRL HQs janitor’s closet.
  14. Desert Skipper

    NRL Proposes International Shake Up

    Nostalgia. How I long for a return to the Kangaroo tours (is it really 15 years?). Do we get GB back as well? Opportunity for the Hearns of ever there was one...
  15. Widnes have tried to do everything right. They’ve not spent beyond their means and gone bust like they did in the 90s, but they have invested in youth and had a steady survival plan. It’s a shame but it seems the crowds just aren’t as high as they need to be - I hope if they go down they do well in that league and have decent crowds relative to their competitors. It might be better for the 3000 or so ‘hard core’ of fans (wild guess) to watch a winning team week in week out in the championship. I hope that didn’t sound too patronising 😳