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  1. Challenge Cup 6th Round Draw (Merged Threads)

    I think the current Widnes team is given a little bit of a lack of respect. They have injuries to key players so are struggling to put in performances week in, week out, but they have a strong local talent base - and for a one-off cup tie on their own plastic pitch I can see them causing big teams some problems.
  2. Challenge Cup 6th Round Draw (Merged Threads)

    Comes from an infamous photo of some Warrington fans stood in front of some graffiti that says ‘WOLFS’. I don’t believe the graffiti was actually related to the rugby team though. Or even in Warrington.
  3. Challenge Cup 6th Round Draw (Merged Threads)

    Is this he first time Toronto have played a Super League team? Can’t remember what happened in last year’s draw. If so, will be interesting to see how they go and where they stand compared to say, the bottom four of SL.
  4. Challenge Cup 6th Round Draw (Merged Threads)

    Cas vs Saints and Widnes vs Leeds for me (as TV games). Think Widnes despite the injuries will see a home tie against Leeds as the chance to prove they are no easy beats.
  5. Challenge Cup 6th Round Draw (Merged Threads)

    A lot of positive coverage before the draw from Chris Evans and his team. Talking it up like a National event rather than the usual token ‘small-time’ unresearched comments... not listened to Radio 2 before (now I’ve turned 40 I guess it’s mandatory) but Evans is a casual Warrington fan and occasionally watches from the North Stand. Some nice work - Josh Charnley comes across extremely well. Unfortunately JJB as much as I love his personality did reinforce the flat cap ‘n’ whippet northern thing a little IMO (without intending to). Draw: Hull KR vs Wigan Castleford vs Saints Toronto vs Warrington Leigh vs Salford Featherstone vs Hull FC Catalans vs Whitehaven Widnes vs Leeds Huddersfield vs Wakefield Lots of Super League clashes to look forward to!
  6. Outsung the home support and was a great afternoon atmosphere. Reminded me of the early days of Super League.
  7. It’s quite often the most popular entertainer with the corporate sponsors who wins. Especially if they score four tries. Having said that Charnley had a faultless display in attack and defence and he visibly lifts the team with his confidence and 80 minute intensity. Can’t argue if he did sneak the MOM. Goodwin, Ratchford and Mitch Brown all had good games. Not quite sure what’s happened to Patton, but if Kevin Brown was responsible for those last tackle plays today we’d have won by another 20-30 points. I really hoped Patton would step up today.
  8. Bradford score with 3 minutes to go through Joe Keyes.
  9. Warrington very sloppy in attack. Was hoping Dec Patton would take this opportunity to shine but maybe it’s lack of match practice with this group of players. Hopefully a good defensive display to keep them nilled will make up for it.
  10. Currie is down in a huge amount of pain with his knee so maybe you’re right 😨 We’ll at least he’s walked off himself, hope it’s just a precaution.
  11. A few have been rested but I think the team has been left largely unchanged due to the need for Price to get the fluidity going. We still haven’t really gelled in attack and maybe he sees this as the best opportunity as there’s less pressure on the team defensively. Also, we don’t have a huge squad anyway!
  12. Here at Warrington for a rare suny afternoon game... not often I get a day off on a Saturday. Nice atmosphere despite the low crowd - reminds me of watching cup games as a tennager in the 90s, when the only real summer rugby was April/May for the Challenge Cup! Bradford have started well only 6 points down.
  13. Westerman leaving TWP

    I’m just glad that Warrington got 140k for him. He was pretty good in 2016 and better than a lot of the squad in 2017. Whether the alleged off-field behaviour did any damage we’ll never know, but at least it only cost us 10k. Wouldnt swap him for Jack Hughes or Ben Murdoch-Masila on this year’s form though. Shame as he showed so much potential in his early years at Cas. A Sculthorpe that never blossomed. Good luck to him and hope he gets it together.
  14. Westerman leaving TWP

    In reality it’s a great bit of business. I don’t know how they do it but they deserve some credit. They sell a player for £150k and then get him back a couple of years later for nothing on a much reduced salary. If he turns out to be a timewaster he’s only taken up a small part of the cap. If only Pearson and Radford had been in charge of Carillion the economy would be in a little better state right now 😄
  15. Leigh to sign ryan bailey

    I think the bigger issue is the negative influence on teammates off the field. I believe he got Lineham into a spot of bother when at Warrington - out drinking the night before either training or game-day. Thankfully Lineham’s got himself back to form, whereas Bailey has now been dropped from two major clubs. Unfortunately some players just can’t be fixed no matter how many second chances they get.