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  1. Desert Skipper

    Drinkwater leaves Catalans

    Wouldn’t mind seeing him alongside Austin at Warrington next year. There’s not much else available. Dec Patton seems a better fit as a bench hooker/half. EDIT: I’m talking about Drinkwater not Smith!
  2. Desert Skipper

    Tom Johnstone

    Not unless they're a hard-running second row. Them's the rules. 👎
  3. Desert Skipper

    Tom Johnstone

    ...and Charnley plays outside Ryan Atkins, which makes it even more of an achievement! He must literally score on every rare occasion he finds himself in possession 😁
  4. Did it end with a video call from Sam Burgess’s phone? That could be entertaining.
  5. What’s a c@@@womble? I grew up in the 80s and 90s, but don’t remember that particular character from the show. Did he spend more time on Hampstead Heath than Wimbledon Common?
  6. Saints fans not staying behind in numbers to see the plate awarded?
  7. Just for your consideration, but he tipped Hull to overtake Warrington for 4th place a matter of weeks ago.
  8. Patton is taking his chance. If only GB/England could stick his feet on George Williams body we’d have a really decent half back.
  9. To be fair, having seen the way they are sliding about I think the heavy showers this afternoon are having an effect.
  10. Unlucky. Great skill by Patton that goes unnoticed as Tomkins gets all the praise for someone else’s knock on.
  11. That’s a knock on not a forward pass.
  12. Surprised by the score so far. Thought Wigan would be about 12 up after 20 mins.
  13. Hi Marc, second best long kicker in the league. 🙃
  14. Defintiely greasy pitch - need to stay away from the touch line.
  15. Greasy pitch and ball? Or poor loose carries?