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  1. Old RL paper

    Aha, I apologise! To be fair, since the age of 18 I’ve spent most of my time overseas and it’s not easy to get ANY rugby league outside the UK, let alone a magazine! But now I’m back I’ll endeavour to include RL World in my monthly shop. (Still prefer the title Open Rugby though, if only to trick the odd neutral into getting in to RL! 👍)...
  2. Old RL paper

    ... that was when Rugby League felt like it was on the same standing as any other major sport in this country. Or maybe I’m just being nostalgic and time is bending reality...
  3. Old RL paper

    Whatever happened to Open Rugby that I used to read as a kid? Or was that a rival publisher? (Sorry!)
  4. How will Wigan go this season?

    I’m hardly a fan of Wane’s style, but in the last two years he has won Super League and been to a challenge cup final. Before that he has won the double. That wasn’t SO hard to watch was it?! Warrington have been more entertaining during Wane’s reign at Wigan yet have won no trophies during that time. I’d swap our style for your trophy count if you’re offering.
  5. How will Wigan go this season?

    If Wigan are 6-8th at the spilt, I wouldn’t back against Wane getting them to 4th by the end of the 8s, then to the grand final. Not a huge chance of that, but a good chance nonetheless. They won’t look like champions at any point prior to the semi finals though,
  6. Quade Cooper to SL?

    He didn’t even play league as a junior. Which cash-rich club would even possibly consider throwing big money at a 29-year-old who’s never played the game? The only club to splash cash in recent times on big-name signings that haven’t quite worked out is Warrington... (guess I might have answered my own question then 🤨)... The only possible reason for them to do that would be an attempt to increase the fan base to include Union fans in East Cheshire. Might be worth a punt but I wouldn’t want cap space wasted on it - although his defensive abilities would have fitted perfectly with our style of play last year 😎 With that in mind, anyone know the cap rules on signing players from other sports?
  7. Kato Ottio

    RIP such a shame. Will be remembered for his love and enthusiasm for the game and the achievement of playing in the pinnacle competition of our sport.
  8. Challenge Cup First Round tie live on BBC

    Live as in ‘Live on BBC’, or via the red bottom ?
  9. Super League predictions 2018

    I don’t understand the writing-off of Wigan either. The squad is no worse (nor better) than the teams that most predict will be in the top 4, but if they stay injury-free with Tomkins in the halves, Escare at full-back and O’Loughlin motivating them, I can see them getting top 4 after the 8s. If they do that, I’d back Wane to get them to Old Trafford and win it. Tomkins at the back-end of last season started to show his worth - not as an individual player but for his rugby brain. With Escare linking up from the back and their talented wingers we could see a different side to Wigan. That said, I’m a Warrington fan so I hope others are right. Wigan are the one team I fear in a grand final as they just know how to grind us out of the fight with the basics.
  10. Lighten up everyone, new season starts soon!

    I think it’s partly the culture that’s developing as society becomes more individualist and less collectivist across the world. Everyone has their own little bubble and wants their opinion to be the ‘correct’ one, even at the expense of the greater good. It doesn’t help when most of the communication and interaction with others is done behind an electronic barrier that blocks the ability to see and feel others emotions and discourages empathy by default.
  11. Times Ashton article attracts Troll

    I’d forgotten about Burgess! Pains me to say it, but Wigan really do have the monopoly on decent young British three quarters - Daryl Powell would have a field day with that back line at his disposal! I’m hoping the rest of the league can catch up in that respect.
  12. Times Ashton article attracts Troll

    Chris Ashton has some attacking strengths and deserves credit for making the switch successfully, but he’s not a patch defensively on Davies or Manfredi. And Marshall is a tremendous finisher if his defensive frailties can be addressed. If Wigan need to re-employ a former employee (and wing is not an area where they are weak) then Charnley would surely be their best option - he was a far better league winger than Ashton was, or ever will be, and has spent less time out of the game. I’d have Charnley in a flash at Warrington, until we can start developing some decent backs at academy level.
  13. 2018 predictions aren’t so easy.

    Danny Houghton is not the best x factor player in SL
  14. 2018 predictions aren’t so easy.

    I think the reason many are tipping Saints is that the rest of the league isn’t any stronger, but Saints have the x-factor in Barba. He really could be the difference between mid-table and a grand final win. A bit like Sandow was for Warrington pre-injury. Hopefully for Saints he won’t self-destruct and go AWOL for ‘undisclosed’ reasons. There are only a few x-factor players in Super League today unfortunately and only 2 who would walk into the NRL, in Barba and Roberts. I’ll be really interested to see how Cas respond to the Gramd Final loss under Powell though. Not many flamboyant teams have gone on to win Grand Finals in recent history and I wonder how Powell will develop his team to give them a better chance at the main prize.