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  1. We all want to see a Jamaican national team with mostly Jamaican players and I believe we will for the Americas qualifiers? But a mostly Jamaican team in the world cup is a long term goal. Agreed UK based players playing for Jamaica in the UK will do little to develop RL on the island of Jamaica. But in the short term the Jamaican squad will go to France with mostly heritage players. Getting them playing competitive games inbetween now and 2025 should be a short term goal.
  2. They played Scotland and drew. So they could play Scotland or Wales in West London next and get a good competitive test. Easily arranged with all the players been UK based.
  3. Like the majority of games in the North of England are drawing crowds ? It comes down to marketing, pricing and spreading the games around right. If they do these things right there absolutely can be a successful world cup in NZ. I happened to be living in Wellington at the time of the mentioned WC QF there was NO promotion or advertising for it. And the PI nations will draw plenty of crowds
  4. I'd love to see an upset Would be great for French rugby league and the tournament to surprise us all and get a win. But I feel Samoa were heavily stung by the opening loss and will lash out heavily.
  5. Disagree. I lived in Wellington NZ previously. There is definitely a big interest in league. I'd personally put it at 2nd to Union in terms of sports followed there. I genuinely believe it would be a success independently. As NZ, Australia, Tonga, Samoa Fiji and even cook islands games will sell well Warriors have had good crowds in the past when doing reasonably well too
  6. Big Tongan and Samoan and other Pacific Community's in NZ. Look at when Tonga played Australia in 2019 in Auckland or Samoa and Tonga played in Hamilton in the last WC. Full stadiums with plenty of passion. An opener between NZ and Tonga or Samoa at Eden Park would sell out beating Australia or England's openers. Spread the rest of the games nicely and New Zealand would be a great tournament
  7. Also I remember reading somewhere South Africa bid for the 13 or 17 tournaments? Could we make it work there in 2029?
  8. New Zealand hosting independently could do wonders there. Australia have shown next to no interest in international RL so why should they have the privilege of hosting. Plenty of good stadiums of various sizes so could be nice and spread out across the 2 islands. Also the Pacific Island teams games would sell lots due to the large Pacific island communities in NZ. They are not gonna host another union WC so maybe they'd be keen. On USA and or Canada it may be a wildcard but I'd also like to see us go for it there. Big market to tap into if done properly
  9. What a shame he didn't get any minutes against Jamaica. Especially that last 10 mins when they were comfortable. Hopefully he gets a few minutes in against the Kiwis when they are losing anyway. Would mean the world to him and his family.
  10. https://facebook.com/events/s/international-rugby-league-el-/837885974289278/ INTERNATIONAL RUGBY LEAGUE; Join us as El Salvador are hosting Japan in a fully sanctioned International Rugby League exihibition match. Curtain Raisers: 12PM: Malta u17 Vs NSW Ireland Rugby League u17 1:30PM: F.I.R.L.A Women’s Vs Ozzy Cooks - Cook Islands Women’s Main Event: 3PM: EL SALVADOR V JAPAN There will be traditional performances, food and merchandise available! GATES OPEN: 11AM
  11. Does anyone know of any beach rugby league events or tournaments in Sydney/NSW? My dad who lives in Spain said Alicante had a beach RL tournament and it got me thinking surly Sydney has something already ? Or could be organised ? James
  12. Look at Penrith panthers, Cronulla sharks, Parramatta, West tigers at Leichhardt. Atmospheres are 100x better than when clubs play at their own purpose built stadiums
  13. RL World cup 2029 in Jamaica That's one way to grow the game there
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