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  1. Rugby League at it's best and friendliest.
  2. Tattersfieldtreiziste

    70% off Challenge Cup tickets

    Having bought four tickets via Groupon at £15 each, I would like to moan about the fact that there are no concessions available on these prices, because as I am turned 60 and my son is still a student we should get these for £10 each. And if there is a special offer, as has been suggested, for new Groupon users of an additional 15% off I am justified in moaning that they should really then be £8.50. I have been doubly shafted. What's more, we will be catching the train direct to Wembley Stadium from Solihull station which is a mile from our house, an unacceptable distance to have to walk or drive the car. And what are the RFL doing about this? Are they ordering a taxi for me? Hell, no, what a disgrace.
  3. Tattersfieldtreiziste

    70% off Challenge Cup tickets

    Just bought four tickets for me and the family for £60. Can't quite believe this, I was going to go anyway to support Catalans, but just saved a load of money. I will now be able to treat them to some Batchelors mushy peas and a new Dacia Duster.
  4. Tattersfieldtreiziste

    The inevitable??

    .....please save four seats for the Catalan Supporters getting on at Solihull😀
  5. Tattersfieldtreiziste

    The inevitable??

    Best way of getting to Wembley is on the Chiltern from Birmingham Snow Hill. On match days all trains stop at Wembley. So no going in to London to come out again. For Northerners it means getting off at New Street and walking to SH or Moor St station.
  6. Tattersfieldtreiziste

    Carcassonne plan for SL

    Yes so do I, that is a really nice stadium there and they have such history. And the Cathars project looked interesting too. Also with Lezignan's stand burning down, not the best of times in Aude. Hope there is some good news soon.
  7. Tattersfieldtreiziste

    25-29 Jul: The Betfred League 1 Match Thread

    Coventry 64 Raiders 6 .....four runs in a row now for the Bears as they overtake Skolars in the League table.
  8. Tattersfieldtreiziste

    21-22 July: The Betfred League 1 Match Thread

    Thank you AC for that compliment. Coventry Bears NOT the underdog in a League 1 game.😀😀 That shows how good yesterday was as the mighty Bears now look for a fourth win in a row. Hope we see a good game on Wednesday, and locals, neutrals in the Midlands and some WWR fans can make it, and help create a good atmosphere at the match and in the bar afterwards.
  9. Tattersfieldtreiziste

    21-22 July: The Betfred League 1 Match Thread

    Coventry Bears result is also significant in that this is the first time they have beaten a traditional heartland team. Yes they have had victories but only against fellow newcomers. And yes what a reversal in fortunes after that aberration of a result in Keighley. This is also three wins on the trot with a home game next Wednesday against West Wales Raiders, so could (fingers crossed) become four in a row, and we'd be overtaking Skolars in the process. Heady times at the Butts Park Arena!!!
  10. Tattersfieldtreiziste

    Chinese investment in Salford?

    Hong Kong Gardens takeaway to replace Fred's chippy as jockstrap sponsors?
  11. Tattersfieldtreiziste

    Carcassonne plan for SL

    I watch Catalans at least a couple of times a year when we are in France and the Gilbert Brutus is a true Cathedral of the sport, with a great atmosphere and a tradition evolved from separate traditions. Even the cars parking on roundabouts adds a little something!! Last time I was staying over there I went along to Carcassonne, which is much nearer for us. Heading to the stadium, it was hard to believe a match was being played. No traffic jams, no supporters making their way to the match in club colours. But there was a match and it was really enjoyable, but there can't have been more than 200 present. There are two big modern stands but one had about ten people in it. I am looking forward to going again next season and wish them well, but are the fans really there???
  12. Tattersfieldtreiziste

    Elite 1 Round 18

    I popped along to see Carcassonne this afternoon, and found the game fascinating, first time I've seen Elite 1, usually I just watch Catalans when we are here. Palau much sharper, but eventually worn down. Some handy players in both sides but a few errors and silly aggression. Lovely Stadium though would be good to see big crowds here.
  13. Yes, a powerful performance, not sure if that says Cats are now officially a good team or whether Leeds need to press the panic button. Great atmosphere at the game, lots of travelling Leeds fans in the 8779 attendance.
  14. I am looking forward to this as being the pivotal game in Catalans season. It would be so nice to have some meaningless top 8 games for Cats to play in so as not to detract from their Wembley appearance😁. Also for me it will be a nice relaxing break from watching Coventry Bears!!
  15. Tattersfieldtreiziste

    Fouad Yaha to Union?

    Best of luck to him. This says more about the opportunities offered at Catalans than about his ability, wage differentials, etc. Like Escare, he is young, French, exciting to watch, but flawed and not yet the finished article. So nurture, develop, naah, get an old Aussie in.......