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  1. Yes, a powerful performance, not sure if that says Cats are now officially a good team or whether Leeds need to press the panic button. Great atmosphere at the game, lots of travelling Leeds fans in the 8779 attendance.
  2. I am looking forward to this as being the pivotal game in Catalans season. It would be so nice to have some meaningless top 8 games for Cats to play in so as not to detract from their Wembley appearancešŸ˜. Also for me it will be a nice relaxing break from watching Coventry Bears!!
  3. Tattersfieldtreiziste

    Fouad Yaha to Union?

    Best of luck to him. This says more about the opportunities offered at Catalans than about his ability, wage differentials, etc. Like Escare, he is young, French, exciting to watch, but flawed and not yet the finished article. So nurture, develop, naah, get an old Aussie in.......
  4. Ironically, the York game which some pundits saw as the end of Catalans may prove to be the turnaround point. Next round of the cup is a home tie v Whitehaven. The Cats might still make the top 8 cut, but even if they don't, a Wembley appearance could now be more likely than another million pound game.........
  5. I was at the Widnes game and proud to be supporting Coventry. And yes it was boys against men, but boys grow up, get stronger and go on to greater things. This was the first time the Bears have been this far in the Cup, the first time a coach of supporters has followed them away (plus other fans too), and above all this was our very own team, not mercenaries. Support is strong, there were 1,400 for a pre season friendly. Just give the project another five years...
  6. Tattersfieldtreiziste

    Subbuteo Rugby League

    Back in the seventies, my mate had Subbuteo Rugby and I was always Doncaster RLFC, it was extremely realistic. The Dons always lost.
  7. Tattersfieldtreiziste

    Catalans : Less training sessions

    I thought it was a mis-spelling of 'les training sessions' and we'd see footage of the guys running up and down the pitch. But at least it will allow the Holidaymakers in the team more time for little breaks in other European cities, and subsequently boost morale and on-field performance. And it will get them into the mind-set of a semi pro team like York well before they play them in the cup. Very clever man that Monsieur McNamara.
  8. Tattersfieldtreiziste

    Ladbrokes Challenge Cup Round 4 Match Thread

    I feel the same, I loved Tattersfield and Belle Vue (actually both Yorkshire Belle Vues; Donny Rovers and Wakey). But the Keepmoat is soulless unless there's about 6,000 in there. And now living in Solihull I get my kicks from watching the Bears at the Butts Park Arena, which has one stand, and the view from that stand is of a railway line rather than an empty stand or three. The passing of a class 153 nicely punctuates the game on Sundays, but there is some serious freight to be viewed at around 5pm, albeit not a proper heartland coal train!! I have also promised to take my son up to the Belle Vue in Wakefield to sample proper atmosphere before it gets redeveloped in 2035. A shame about the Bears v Pilks match being postponed but the atmosphere of a night game (which the rearranged fixture will surely be) is something special again. Happy memories of BBC floodlit Rugby League, eh? Time for bed, I've reminisced and rambled enough.......
  9. Tattersfieldtreiziste

    Social Media comments gone too far

    Seems the spirit of Bernard Manning is still (just) alive in Warrington. Sad thing is that 'Social' media has allowed the kind of comments to flourish that have become unacceptable or simply been suppressed in the real world. If only everyone could just be as polite and supportive as the folks on here? Incidentally if anyone perceives me as 'Manningist', one of the best Sunday afternoons in my life involved seeing him at Wakefield Theatre Club, and having five pints before seeing Trinity beat Leeds in the cup (1979 I think).
  10. Agreed. They can't go on losing like they have been doing. And when things do finally click, other clubs beware!
  11. Tattersfieldtreiziste


    If Leeds v Catalans is postponed, that could be classed as an undefeated run for Steve McNamara.
  12. Tattersfieldtreiziste

    Hardaker Sacked

    Great talent, prone to violence, subject to drug allegations and commanding a high salary. Sign him up, Catalans!
  13. I am not going to sit on the fence for this one. A draw.
  14. Tattersfieldtreiziste

    Challenge Cup 3rd round stream...

    ....and even the mighty six nations have kept the day clear rather than have their TV audience decimated. I am looking forward to this as a Bears fan but feel odd that we are going into a cup match not as underdogs!
  15. Tattersfieldtreiziste


    If you like proper grounds get along to Belle Vue and Wheldon Road while you can to savour proper 'old school' facilities. But hurry, both grounds could be rebuilt or moved in ten or twenty years time.