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  1. Probably been mentioned before but going back a few centuries ago, Doncaster was handed over to Scotland. And never officially handed back to England. So RL is now well established in a Scottish city, now thats what i call expansion.
  2. Back when I was playing for Redditch Halcyon (a stone's throw from where Midlands Hurricanes play), we travelled to play Plymouth in the MASWARLA league. We lost 116-0, and as amateurs had to chip in for the petrol money. The following season we were determined to do better, and we did, 106-0. And we drew a then top amateur side Spotland Rangers in the BARLA cup and everyone thought the visitors would get a century against us, but we fought, we battled for every ball and the final score was 0-98. Cue our lap of honour in front of 200 spectators. It's tough for us outside the heartlands but we love the game as much as anyone in the North.
  3. Filled in my form. I would award the questionnaire a pass at A level or first year undergraduate but no higher. And the methodology?????? There should be some qualitative research to accompany this. I would also want to know who else is being asked questions???? If we want more people to be interested and attend, then the opinions of those not engaged or attending need to be sought. Also lapsed supporters. On a personal level, I prefer 'proper' versions of a sport, with local rivalries, a few interesting exotic away games, a reason to play ( higher position than last year, promotion/relegation), rules and competitions that are understood, and not continually tinkered with. As an expansionist, I am very much a traditionalist, which sounds a contradiction but we have something good here, and it would be nice to share it.
  4. The Dons did have a season in 'The Big League' as I think it was called the year before Superleague and all started well, but rapidly went down the toilet. However there were 6,000 for the game against Leeds. I have never seen so many people wearing the blue and yellow of the mighty Dons. A couple of thousand is feasible for a good Championship side, on a par with York and Newcasle.
  5. Saw my home town (city) team play my local team yesterday and both impressed me. The Hurricanes were in this match almost to the end, and once again proved to be stronger opposition than their position in the table suggests. While the mighty Dons looked like they should always have looked at this level, pretty much unbeatable. I still can't understand how they have languished in League 1 for so long. Fingers crossed they keep on this upward trajectory........
  6. Yes, it's TRUE. Another great city in Yorkshire has a RL club........ Doncaster is one of the new cities for Jubilee. Well I'm pleased anyway.
  7. Hi FI, They lasted about 10 years, and then were resurrected in Worcester. Yes, Dave and his daughter Georgina, you remember well, werethe brains, energy and just about everything else behind d the Halcyons Their present day incarnation is a very strong set up based just North of Redditch; North East Worcestershire Ravens. So I guess we can call our meeting in the pub back in the 80s a success!! Who did you play for, FI?
  8. Yes, proud to have been a founder member of Redditch Halcyon RLFC bck in the 80s. Very very humble beginnings, just five of us met in a pub. Initially totally reliant on Northern 'expats', we had a superb driving force, Dave Pickett, and that is a key ingredient, more important than players. Breakthrough moment was when the Worcestershire locals became involved, often stating they had seen the game on TV, and a bigger moment came when we had 13 players! We had to travel; Plymouth, Bristol, Hemel Hempstead, etc, and we literally had to pay for this ourselves. We called in favours whether an employer sponsoring our shirts, or someone providing a minibus, and we had a base pub, as the social side was key to keeping us together. A few Union lads came to play for us, but one of their clubs was not happy and sent a guy down to spy on us and report any switchers. He was dealt with. We went on trips 'oop North' or to Wembley. And we lost, and lost and lost. Strangely this did not matter so much as we were a bunch of mates having a laugh together. Our motto, was based on the SAS's 'who dares, wins', suitably amended to 'who cares who wins'. There is something in this about shared objectives and culture holding us together. And that is an important thing to consider; why do this? And for whose benefit does the team/club exist?
  9. Hi, can anyone help..... What time is kick off Carcasso ne v Lezignan today?? We site says 19.00 hrs Facebook says 16.oo Here says 15.00 Hoping to go to the game from Narbonne
  10. I was there. Drove up from Redditch, that hotbed of Rugby League in the Midlands and could not believe the atmosphere and crowd size, (and I used to go on the Kop at Anfield a few years earlier in student days.) Something about that game really captured the imagination, lots of great memories before then with the Dons and Trinity, and since then with Catalans and Cov Bears, but that game is in a league of it's own. Thanks GJ for reminding me of such awe and wonder, but not for reminding me it was 37 years ago!!
  11. Doncaster has been mentioned earlier on, but they actually started life at Doncaster's York Road greyhound stadium in 1953 (before I was born!) And on a vaguely related note, spectators at Coventry Bears Butts Park home were intrigued a couple of summers ago in the drought by some outlines of curves in the corners of the field. Former speedway? Dogs? No, it was the outline of a long gone velodrome.
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