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  1. After David Attenborough's documentary last night, it has to be Antarctica. There's a whole continent untapped. Those harsh conditions are just like the North of England, although I would guess more prone to frozen pitches. So a UK base would also be needed and I suggest Leigh as it has a guided busway running to it.
  2. I played Union at school, but wasn't big enough to be a prop, wasn't tall enough to be a second or back row, wasn't fast enough to be a winger and too shortsighted to play full back. However I did and still do have the body of a Greek god so played hooker in Rugby League.
  3. Was rubbish at soccer so glad to get to Doncaster Grammar School at age thirteen where Rugby Union and Hockey were played in winter. So played Rugby, of sorts, for few years. Then I found my vocation as a spectator of the game..come on you DONS. Then, having moved, I helped found Redditch Halcyon RLFC, I hadn't intended playing but did. I loved it and despite injuries kept on playing til over thirty. Then I copped for a nasty injury, and bowed out. Then three decades later..... Masters Rugby League Talk about reeling back the years; sprinting, turning, handling the ball, wonderful, but I was knackered and out of breath. Then the reality hit me that I had been warming up and the match was soon to start........
  4. As the camera panned round Tattersfield for the famous 'Another Bloody Sunday', a slightly thinner version of me is clearly visible stood alone on the terrace. I left Donny a few years later and was a founding member of Redditch Halcyon RLFC (in Worcestershire) As we grew, we did a lot to promote the game including inviting the by then resurgent Dons to play us. They sent some youngsters down, but I was allowed to fulfil a dream by donning the famous blue and gold of our visitors.
  5. Good to see sense has prevailed and a bad decision re our continental neighbours has been reversed.
  6. Talking of Coronation Street, many years ago, I recall Ken Barlow mentioning he was taking one of his lady friends to a Salford Rugby League game. A true test of a relationship?
  7. Lovely stuff. Such atmosphere, thanks for sharing.
  8. Sad news, whatever the spin put on it, but probably no real surprise. I hope they can use the opportunity to consolidate and rebuild as a proper home counties based side. It also completes the set of losses of the new tranche of clubs following Oxford and Gloucester. As a Coventry Bears fan i will miss the 'el classico' fixtures between the two clubs.
  9. .....a great attendance. Much better than the other night's England soccer game. That stadium looked really empty. The seats were all in different colours to make it look less obvious but we Rugby League supporters aren't stupid and can spot an empty seat from a mile away.
  10. Just received their newsletter.... Les Dragons signent Matty Smith Les Dragons viennent d’officialiser la signature de Matty Smith pour les deux prochaines saisons. Agé de 31 ans, le demi de mêlée de St Helens, double vainqueur de la Super League et vainqueur de la Challenge Cup, est la deuxième recrue de Steve McNamara. L’ancien demi de mêlée international a remporté de nombreuses distinctions et compte plus de 270 matchs au plus haut niveau à son compteur. Il retrouvera donc de nombreux anciens coéquipiers aux Dragons et Steve McNamara avec qui il a travaillé avec l’équipe d’Angleterr
  11. This has to be the most complete 80 minute performance yet by the Bears. Superb defensive play, great game management, in control after five minutes and it stayed that way. A credit to the coach Tom Tsang who has overseen a steady and incremental improvement in the team. Next year should see more progress on the field and off. Attendance of 380 wasn't bad for a side starting the day in third bottom slot!!!!
  12. Blackpool Panthers??? Harlequins??? No Hemel or Cov, this can't be up to date.
  13. Yes, they were great days and as truly amateur sportsmen we travelled over 200 miles, a journey of four hours or more, only to lose 116-0 at Plymouth!! And then come back late into the night. Halcyon did not fare so well against Northern competition the first time we played in the BARLA cup, we lost at home to Spotland Rangers 0-98. I found out afterwards the ref had ended the game a few minutes early to save total embarrassment of a three figure score. However, on a positive note we had a video made of the match, had a programme printed (i still have spare copies) and........... .............a crowd of over 200 spectators in Redditch. Happy days indeed!
  14. Sounds to me like a reinvention of MASWARLA from the 1980s, of which Lionel Hurst was a prime architect. My team Redditch Halcyon were in it and there were teams from Gloucester, Cheltenham(Pittville), Hemel, Plymouth and Bristol, plus Uni/Poly based teams. And even West Midlands Police had a team.
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