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  1. Just watched the tries again, think we have found a new winger in Sam Scott lol.
  2. Agree and I thought Marsh was up there as well, its good when theres 4 or 5 players who could m.o.m. shows all the players are up for it.
  3. Hope your right Dave, need a few points on the scoreboard.
  4. Its a glorious day, just right for a great game of rugby, Yorkshire v Lancashire get yourselves down to B.C. for 3pm and enjoy fathers day.
  5. After all the shocks today we will have to be on our toes tomorrow.
  6. And London winning in France today, will Leeds be joining us next season?.
  7. Ben can play any position in the backs and play well, remember he had never played in the halves untill Fordy put him there last season, one or two players who are on loan maybe leaving us in the next week or two so there will be places up for grabs, then theres Chilton who will be back soon, glad I dont have to sort it, think Fordys knows what hes doing.
  8. Dont think it will as one sided as people are making out, hope im wrong.
  9. Nothing, were only allowed a matchday squad of 19 players.
  10. Not a bad looking squad for Sundays game.
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