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  1. spanishknight

    Dan Hawksworth

    You have signed Adam Robinson, a big favourite at the Knights.
  2. spanishknight

    2019 squad

    Another signing at 6 in the morning.
  3. spanishknight

    Seasons Player or the Year and Highlight of the season.

    Got to agree with you on all your post, but my stand out player is Benny Cockayne, a player who gave everything playing out of his usual position and helping Connor to come on in leaps and bounds.
  4. spanishknight

    2019 squad

    Add Will Jubb to our players for 2019.
  5. spanishknight

    Gala Dinner

    Hoping that mines been booked as well.
  6. spanishknight

    2019 squad

    Cant wait, think this is the longest close season ever.
  7. spanishknight

    Shopping List

    Got a feeling there will be one or two signings this week with Rovers releasing nine.
  8. spanishknight

    2019 squad

    Think we will sign one or two from Fev, with the connections between the clubs.
  9. spanishknight

    Shopping List

    Rory Dixon and Adam Robinson have also been released by the Knights, Robbo may join Hunslet and Dixon could be on his way to Sheffield, wish them well at their new clubs and I would like to thank them for playing for the Knights, really rated Robbo.
  10. spanishknight

    Rugby League Backchat

    Thought that was good what he said about Joel Edwards.
  11. spanishknight

    Shopping List

    Hunslet have released nine players, thought it would have been more.
  12. spanishknight

    Shopping List

    Think he will sign for Fev, but he would be a good signing for us, plenty of experience just what we need.
  13. spanishknight

    Richard Moore

    Dan Hawksworth has signed from the Knights, good young forward.
  14. spanishknight

    Shopping List

    One player who wont b pulling on a Knights shirt next season, Dan Hawksworth, gone to Hunslet, best of luck and thanks for your effort Dan.