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  1. 2018 Squad

    We want quality not signing players on for the sake of it, we don't start training for another month and we may have signed players already, but just releasing names a couple at a time to keep us all interested.
  2. 2018 Squad

    Dont worry its early days.
  3. York City Knights vs New York

    Im hoping we will be in the Championship in 2019.
  4. Exits.

    Also not seen a season review, players stats etc:.
  5. Exits.

    When did I say i dont rate Southernwood?.
  6. Exits.

    He's good, that's why other clubs want him.
  7. Exits.

    If he was any good we would have kept him.
  8. Next Season.

    Looks like we are playing teams home and away next season with the season starting in February
  9. Player for next season

    Dont the Knights start pre season next month?, cant see them only having 13 or so players to start with, I know 3 or 4 more of this years squad could resign, so we are still short of where we need to be.
  10. Exits.

    He wanted too much money so I understand.
  11. Exits.

    Elvis has left the building, Jonny Pressley, Ryan Mallinder, James Hayes, Pat Smith, Harry Tyson-Wilson, Liam Thompson and Dee Foggin-Johnson have all been released, best of luck and thank you all for pulling a Knights shirt on.
  12. 2018 Squad

    Rory Dixon and Harvey Kear 2 young props from Castleford both join the Knights on a 1 year deal, welcome to the Knights boys.
  13. Player for next season

    Double signing to be announced in the morning.
  14. Player for next season

    Daune Straugher wont be signing for us, hes signed for Hunslet.
  15. James Ford

    Us Knights fans have known for a while how good he is, also he is a loyal person who stands by his word.