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  1. spanishknight


    Thought our 1 - 17 were spot on yesterday and look who we have to come in yet.
  2. spanishknight


    If were are in the top 5 after the next 20 games that will do me.
  3. spanishknight


    Barrow were not as fit as the Knights, you could tell after 20 minutes, ok they had a couple of players missing and so had York, looks like the Knights players have bought into Fordys way of thinking, yesterdays performance was one of the best ive seen in over 60 years of supporting them, just got to do it week in, week out, thanks guys.
  4. spanishknight


    Bet it wont be 56 nil to you.
  5. spanishknight

    Barrow home.

    What a game, got to go back a long long way for a better performance, well done lads and thank you.
  6. spanishknight

    Bookies corner

    Hope you put a lot on us Steve.
  7. spanishknight

    Barrow home.

    Game day, another bright sunny day in Gods own county, just right for a proper game of rugby, bring it on.
  8. spanishknight

    Toronto and Widnes

    Makes our result look very good, best defence against them.
  9. spanishknight

    Barrow home.

    Thanks Steve, when do your lads play?.
  10. spanishknight

    Barrow home.

    A few changes from last week, Judah on the wing, Batch in the second row and Salter in the threequarters?, Hey rested this week along with Jubb, Harry's back.
  11. spanishknight

    Toulouse Away

    They were doing £34.99 return about a month ago.
  12. spanishknight

    Benny's disciplinary

    If you banned a player for that, you may as well ban every player who went in hard, its more like soccer every year, soon it will be a non contact sport, glad the R.L. saw sense.
  13. spanishknight

    Crowd for barrow

    Great news.
  14. spanishknight

    Swinton "Special Offer" .......

    Do you offer players and club officials of local ammature clubs a discount?.
  15. spanishknight

    Club shop at new ground?

    Rung up this morning, hoping to get some for Sundays game.