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  1. spanishknight

    New prop

    Thought he was a hooker/loose forward?.
  2. spanishknight

    Mid table finish

    Out of 13 home games I think we will win 7 or 8 and 1 or 2 wins away should see us safe.
  3. spanishknight

    2019 squad

    Not sure but I think he's gone back to Australia
  4. spanishknight

    2019 signings

    Fantastic signing for you, well done.
  5. spanishknight

    Yorkshire Cup

    Sheffield never play pre season games, Donny are playing Hull in a friendly on the 6th.
  6. spanishknight

    Yorkshire Cup Double-Header at Rams

    York are playing Hunslet Parkside, looks like Keighley may not be playing at all next season.
  7. spanishknight

    Yorkshire Cup

    Looks like Hunslet Parkside are replacing Keighley, so we play them first up.
  8. spanishknight

    Shopping List

    The Knights are not doing D/R with Rovers next season, but short term loans can't be ruled out.
  9. spanishknight

    Hull KR will continue with Knights partnership

    The Knights are not D/R ing with Rovers next season according to their forum.
  10. spanishknight

    New stadium

    Most York fans called it Clarence Street, I always found it odd when the ground wasn't even on Clarence St.
  11. spanishknight

    Fans Forum.

    A Q and A fans forum on Tuesday 18th of December at 6.30 at Saint Johns, Haxby road, meet the players and Fordy.
  12. spanishknight

    New stadium

    Yes, we dont go to the new stadium till end of July.
  13. spanishknight

    Let's have a 'Who do you want our next coach to be' thread!!

    Thought his name was Wilf?.
  14. spanishknight

    Ryan Bailey

    Dont you.mean daft not soft?.
  15. spanishknight

    One of your best players ever.

    See Fev have now signed Ryan Bailey to play alongside Tansey, both on a 6 week trial.