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  1. Keighley Predictions

  2. TODAY

    Anyone who watch the S/L games on Thursday and Friday night then watched the Knights v Bulls game on Sunday, please tell me why S/L is supposed to be more exciting?.
  3. TODAY

  4. TODAY

    Well played Knights, best team lost.
  5. Kieren Moss

    Hope he plays today.
  6. Theres no 8s this season.
  7. Bulls have sold 1,500 tickets for the Knights game.
  8. York are opening the third stand for the Bulls game, tickets have sold well.
  9. Keighley Predictions

    Good luck on Sunday, hope you dont lose your heads.
  10. Crowd v Bulls on Sunday

    Due to the demand the pop stand will be open for the game, could be getting on for 4K, come on the Kneets.
  11. Junior Vaivai

    Dont think he would play him, he's not trained with the Knights.
  12. Championship 1 odds

    Dont think we will finish top, make the play offs and we have a good chance of going up.
  13. Crowd v Bulls on Sunday

    Again, your always on your holidays, enjoy the sun I go in 3 weeks.
  14. Crowd v Bulls on Sunday

    Think there will be between 5 and 7,000.
  15. Draw for 'T' cup

    Poor draw Askam away.