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  1. spanishknight

    Haven sunday

    Young Swift should be near returning anytime soon.
  2. spanishknight

    Haven sunday

    There's also a couple of players coming back after being rested, dont think there were any new injuries from last Sundays game, looking forward to what should be a hard game, it wont be easy it never is up there.
  3. spanishknight

    27 May: The Betfred League 1 Match Thread

    Theres only one player who has been on D/R in the last few weeks at York in the Rovers squad, York will have a few players coming back after been rested or injured.
  4. spanishknight

    Bookies corner

    Bulls won 26 . 16.
  5. spanishknight

    Liam Harris

    They must be really hard up for players.
  6. spanishknight

    2018 Squad

    Hope we can have him for longer, great player.
  7. spanishknight

    Team for Saturday

    We cant rely on D/R, Rovers have plenty of injuries and they wont send players, if we are in the play offs at the end of the season we need a decent sized squad, Rover will be in the middle 8s and needing every player they have, I would keep Jake Normingtons regestration and let him play ammature.
  8. spanishknight

    2018 Squad

    Hull paid his fee from Rovers so they could get him, a good player but not consistent
  9. spanishknight

    2018 Squad

    Think there will be a clause in his release that he can only play ammature.
  10. spanishknight

    R10 Hemel

    Afraid I cant make it, at the Magic weekend in Newcastle, know a few more thats going as well shame really, has Dean Thomas got something to do with Hemel?.
  11. spanishknight

    2018 Squad

    Liked Jake a good solid player, wish him well and hope we dont have to face him.
  12. All away wins except Doncaster and York.
  13. spanishknight

    Joe Batchelor.

    Joe has signed a three year deal at Saints, he will see out this year at the Knights, sorry to see him go but wish him well at his new club and thanks for the two years of enjoyment you have given us all.
  14. spanishknight

    Club colours

    Both of these shirts are what we should have, the away shirt is a contrast to the home shirt.