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  1. I think the boats sailed on that one, if Old Spitefull hadn't realised how pathetic he has sounded all season he must by now. While I'm on I might as well pull you for a comment you made recently. Johnstone's defence is not poor as you suggeted the other week. He needs to work on it as it's the poorest part of his game but that is of course a relative thing. He's still a decent defender who gets caught out no more often than most young wingers. He will as time passes correct this I'm sure but as a Trinity fan I can tell you that you would be hard pressed to find anyone at BV who considers him the defensive liability you suggested. Certainly not when compared to other 'flair' wingers like Eden.
  2. There is no Shudds hoodoo - we've beaten them regular in recent years - however this year for reasons unknown we have kick started there season for them. Hopefully it's now time to remove that generous gesture.
  3. Kirmonds pouch

    Duffy at yesterday's Wakefield-Wigan match

    I know it's hard to accept but Wakefield are a big team now. It's not just about money it's about security and by that I don't just mean a wage. Wakefield offer genuine top 8 rugby, a gateway to international honours, a great team environment, an honest Chairman, a team that after three seasons of building bristles with quality. Fifita is just one of a number of genuine top players at the club now. Tom Johnstone, top line breaker, try scoring wizard with an average of a try a game who is then closely followed by BJB. Bill Tupou, top metre maker in SL, Reece Lyne, now in the Knights set up, ditto Jowitt and the best of the lot IMO James Batchelor joining them. Unsung players like Ashurst, Horo and Wood to name a few. Players like Miller who'd walk into most SL set ups and last but not least young Hampshire who is finally finding his feet as a H/B and living up to his potential - if we keep him he will be a future international imho. Like it or not we are an attractive proposition now and yes even I struggle with that concept at times but we are. Finally we have finished above Leeds twice in the last three years who whilst somehow managing to sandwich a title in between have been in the middle 8's twice so they are not that attractive. I honestly don't know how we do it but we are getting these players to sign long term deals on sensible money. This means we are always building but at a rate we can sustain. Of course sport is a funny old game and things can turn to dust very quickly but as it stands at this moment we are the 6th best club in SL and bigger (on he field at least) than Leeds. Sorry.
  4. Kirmonds pouch

    Duffy at yesterday's Wakefield-Wigan match

    Well perhaps we are better judges of a player than you, too many years in the lower division for you lot (only joking). Ee will have to beg to differ but I'm happy to keep Hirst another year.
  5. Kirmonds pouch

    20 players at this week's disciplinary...

    It's hard to know if your serious or not as 99.9% of your output is purple and idiotic with the remaining .1% even worse - just a thought.
  6. Why, it's nowhere near as entertaining a prospect as Saints v Wakefield, come on.
  7. Go Robins what more can I say.
  8. I rarely want Cas to win but on balance I'd prefer it on this occasion - so cue record defeat for Tigers knowing my luck.
  9. Don't think any sane person would vote against Saints, but Wakefield are a team with a history of springing surprises whether they be unexpected victories or monumental spankings from the opposition in theses sorts of games. Saints by 20+
  10. Tom Johnstone scored a try yesterday that Hall and JM could only dream of yesterday, but sadly due to a certain twisted Hull fan he can no longer be mentioned due to the fact that one individual (me) didn't rate Briscoe as the second coming. That said and dig aside, for now I'm happy enough with Hall and JM but lets be straight about one thing that was not a full NZ team and it was not a full test so lets not get carried away with our alleged talent pool - it's improved but we are still a fair few match winners behind Australia.
  11. Inexplicable wasn't it. The one where Jowitt was penalised for tackling the Widnes player in the air when he was at least three feet away from him as truly dreadfull by any standards, even Childs would have been above that one. Must admit being the permanent testing team for every new Ref is becoming truly tedious.
  12. Foran is only 28, there's life left in that and lets face it on one leg he'd do ok in SL.
  13. Kirmonds pouch

    Hows Crowther doing?

    I've always believed that you can't be a truly great RL player until you've mastered the art of defence. Attacking RL will come but a forward in particular must be able to tackle. I'm way more pleased that you rate his defence more than his attack - his attacking game we can work on but if he hasn't learned to tackle by now I'd be very worried. We have a few in our team who have not fully mastered it and eventually it always catches them out no matter how fast or flash they may be so I reckon Jordy is on his way..
  14. Kirmonds pouch

    Duffy at yesterday's Wakefield-Wigan match

    Yep I see where you're coming from there but that wasn't actually what I meant and boy am I not trendy! I meant that just because a player fails at one club doesn't make him a bad player forever. Hirst had his best game ever for us IMHO this week and for me is now one of our most reliable players. What he did or didn't do as a Championship player means nothing because in SL he's doing great and the assertion by the poster that he isn't SL standard based on what he's seen means to me that he's not actually seen him at all - hence preconceived prejudice. Hope that clears it up - not the least bit interested in his sexual leanings.