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  1. Kirmonds pouch

    2019 kits

    So basically you want last years home kit to be this years away kit, doh? Mot clubs use a different colour scheme for the away kit - this year see Saints and Warrington for starters. It works money wise or they wouldn't do it.
  2. Kirmonds pouch

    2019 Predictions

    1. Warrington 2. St Helens 3. Wigan 4. Wakefield 5. Castleford 6. Leeds 7. Shudds 8. Catalans 9. Hull FC 10. Hull KR 11. Salford 12. London Other than London I see it as being very fluid. Can't see Hull KR or Salford making the five but both could end up higher. I'm unsure about Hull FC, even despite injuries they were horrendous in the second half of last season and it will IMO take a lot of sorting. Warrington or Saints for me but not a lot in it tbh as any of the top 8 in my list could pinch it IMO. Leeds are the dark horses - they will either come back all guns blazing or will have another poor season, hard to tell. I'm hoping Cas and Wakefield will be neck and neck, obviously put Wakey above Cas because I'm biased.
  3. Kirmonds pouch

    2019 kits

    Wakefield have produced a traditional cotton shirt for while. However they are limited in numbers and only available periodically. They are not produced by ISC so I assume the limited numbers are there so as not to impinge on sales. Just guessing.
  4. Kirmonds pouch

    2019 kits

    Why most people think ISC are the best RL kit maker.
  5. Kirmonds pouch

    Danny Brough signs for...

    So basically the Huddersfield players have been immune from his evil charms for eight years. However the weak willed players of Wakefield will succumb immediately - interesting.
  6. Kirmonds pouch

    Milner yesterday

    Some people can jump to some incredible conclusions on the flimsiest of evidence - hope the lads ok.
  7. Kirmonds pouch

    Bennett bangs drum for Internationals

    That's wrong IMHO. Whether he is disliked and those who dislike him don't listen is not relevent. What he's done is help make England competitive again and whether it comes from him or others it's that which carries the weight. He hasn't immediately made England a serios threat to Australian dominance as yet but he' and the players have made it interesting again and that is all you need to re-ignight International RL.
  8. Kirmonds pouch


    Is it? it is at international level where they’re fans can be bothered but in genera no. Also I do get that wasn’t really your point.
  9. Kirmonds pouch

    Danny Brough signs for...

    Your ignorance is quite stunning - so signing Hampshire and Reynolds two under 23 year old half backs doesn’t count or add any balance. You’re so desperate to sound snide and negative I bet you never even checked and now you look especially stupid. Not convinced by the signing myself but nothing to do with age. Having a seasoned pro in a team to help mentor two young players is hardly revolutionary it’s just sensible. So go on say the following and show some contrition - ‘sorry all I got it wrong as I didn’t check my facts’.
  10. Kirmonds pouch


    What surprised me was that it was the highest scoring answer - must have been a northern audience.
  11. Kirmonds pouch

    2019 kits

    Must admit Wakefield have nailed it kit wise 3 seasons in a row. I think it’s because we have kept it very simple and the last two years have been pure traditional and fans seem to love it. Saints shirt is gash and they are normally top notch - looks flaccid.
  12. To compare football to RL is silly. Football is the simplest of games and due to this there is a huge amount of jeopardy involved. In RL you don’t get home tries for a start. In RL you defend the entire width of the ground not the goal alone making defending much harder. You can’t defend a one point lead in RL. Very rarely in RL does the better side lose, in football it happens a lot. Football just lends itself to upsets. They are just totally different.
  13. Kirmonds pouch

    Reserve grade for next season

    My apologies I'm clearly out of touch, I didn't realise you had no U19's. Really annoys me, I think it's fully reasonable that SL clubs get the lions share but not at the expense of non S clubs not being able to run an Academy, talk about short sighted. So out of interest what happens, do you just take young players straight from amateur clubs to first team? I know you have some DR players and obviously players from other clubs but s that how you create your own? It's not right and again excuse my ignorance as I didn't realise it was that bad.
  14. Kirmonds pouch

    Reserve grade for next season

    Bit of a myth IMHO, the cost is negligible. Most clubs run a 28+ squad. Unless there is an injury crisis at least 5 maybe 10 of those will be available on a good day. Then you have a 4 or 5 academy lads who can step up. You also have the previous seasons Academy players who missed the cut but would relish a few more years to prove themselves. Then of course you have trialists - players you can't really risk in a league game but at A team level you can do it all day long. None of the above cost any extra money as you are already paying some of them and the others are playing for the opportunity and thus are free. The kit can probably be covered by a sponsor. So the only real costs are medical insurance, medics for the game, a part time coach and travel costs, none of which are cheap but shouldn't break the bank - not when you think what you might get back. That's how I see it FWIW.
  15. Kirmonds pouch

    Reserve grade for next season

    First of all great new. However don't get too exited because at the moment it's a very small and unequal league. As far as I know it's Wigan, Wakefield, Fax, Bradford and Keighley and now yourselves - a 6 team league with no official fixtures or league table - if you're expecting the old Slalom League forget it. Again I applaud all the clubs involved but it's a bit off a slog and very hit and miss - I don't think Wakefield played all the other teams - they are more like friendlies. It's a disgrace TBH as it should be mandatory - it's not a cost issue, jeez even Sandal RU manages to run a 1,2 and 3rd team. Look forward to playing you at some undefined point😞