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  1. Jesus christ get over yourselves - it wasn't snowing at 5-30 it was as 6-00. Tht's what the weather does. Judgement call, you know those things grown ups have to make rather than the serial moaning keyboad CEO's on here.
  2. Can't say the same for you I'm afraid. Still the same patronising condescending bore as ever. Briscoe, I'm still laughing, sorry.
  3. Previous seasons count for nowt but having said that Wigan will be hurting after recent battering's at the hands of Trinity. I expect a show of pride from both teams but I expect Wigan to really want this one. They have the quality to do it. So long as we perform the result is secondary though a win would be fantastic. So Wigan by 12.
  4. I'd say it was, why deride your own team? You can only play what's in front of you - also not sure Warrington are superior these days.
  5. I never said our form was great I said it was better than Hudds, can't see where you have an issue with that.
  6. Not in recent years they haven't but there was a period where they did that's for certain.
  7. I imagine Hampshire and Finn may split it. Might even let Jowitt have a run at S/O as he's looked pretty good there IMO in the last few games all be it two friendlies and a reserve game.
  8. I think on paper we are marginally the better team, certainly better on form so would be disappointed if we lose. However no team has ever derailed us more often than Hudds, especially when we think we are looking good. They have a real habit of playing really well whilst we don't in these games. Why I don't know, other than for a period a few years when they were clearly a much better team. I just hope that our current squad don't know of this hoodoo and thus will turn up and play. Either team could win by I'd guess by no more than 12 points (probably)
  9. Kirmonds pouch

    How much trouble are Catalans in?

    I'm fairly sure he does. Don't overpaid past it Aussies speak English?
  10. Your as hysterical as your team, how Catalan kept 13 players on the park is a joke - even five years ago ###### and Gigolo would have got 10 minutes, what a set of whining pussies you are, embarrassing tbh.
  11. I reckon we should name him after the legend that is Briscoe - you really are digging a hole old love and it's hilarious to watch
  12. Always hard matches to call, just like London used to be. Depends as much on how well Trinity travel as anything else. We've done OK in recent years but if the mindset isn't right we could get a bit of a slapping. Catalan have far to many good players to ever be considered easy beats.
  13. Kirmonds pouch

    London’s latest rising star

    That would be impressive if it were not massively stretching the truth. For a start both J & G Griffin were part of Wakefields Academy system I know I used to watch them. Channing came from Fev and there are a few other dubious ones in there. However all you've really done is made my point. All you have achieved is to name the local content of your squad minus the fakes thrown in a few you've lost over the year. Any heartland team can do the same especially if you delve into the murky world of under age development teams. Despite thetypical knee jerk chip on the shoulder responses of the exspansionist brigade I'm not knocking London, well done I say. However you don't fool anyone apart from some of the myopics on here by over exgerating or making it up. And you certainly don't endear your cause to anyone by denigrating 'heartland' clubs - the vast majority of whom get no support whatsoever from the RFL or the SL. Some like those in Cumbria are every bit as disadvantaged and out on a limb as London but they to keep on producing. You don't make your self look good by slagging off the efforts of others to make your case.
  14. Kirmonds pouch

    London’s latest rising star

    Just occasionally I read a post that makes me laugh it's so far off the truth. This one wins hands down, beating the Johnstone v Briscoe debate hands down. So lets get this straight, London have a decent start to the season and there coach is quite happy with a couple of Academy players he's moved up. Great I applaud that. Please explain how that translates into 'London seem more capable of producing talent that certain so called heartland clubs'? There is not a team in that championship other than Toronto who can't claim the same or far better than London. Most of those teams are 70% local, probably better than London. More to the point my team currently have the following players who either came from lower division heartland teams or made their names there - the only one that is MCB arrived via Salford and he's a rarity. Off the top of my head he and LMS are the only ex-London players in SL though I may have missed a few - Aussies etc don't count. The heartland clubs still produce the vast majority of players at all levels especially SL and percentage wise per club more than London ever have. For your ref - players either from non SL heartland Academies or from heartland clubs playing at my club Wakefield are... Danny Kirmond - Fev Liam Finn - Halifax/Fev Anthony England - Fev Keagan Hirst - Batley/Dewsbury Grix - Halifax Players from our Academy - Johnstone, Crowther, Anakin, Wray, Jowitt, Batchelor, Ackroyd, Kershaw, Wood, Hooley From the Wakefield development area - Kirmond, Hampshire, England Thats just us and there are probably far better out there both in SL and the lower leagues. So well done London but lets not guild the lilly.