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  1. Kirmonds pouch

    Saints Invincibles?

    You beat Wakey by 6 and Leeds by 5, you haven’t whacked or hunted anybody. I the league was only ten games or Saints fans got air powered the team then maybe, personally I see you being just as humiliated this year as last - Saints RL great chokers!
  2. Kirmonds pouch

    Jake Connor

    Well Kelly hasn't been decent for years so virtually all of them above him. To early to tell with Connor, he's not exactly been playing in the halves forever has he. Sneyd I like. I certainly rate Brough and Miller way above Kelly and certainly as good as Sneyd - as I say with Connor its too soon to be touting him as a great HB. So over all no I don't think you have the best HB's in SL and there are a few at other teams I'd take before troubling Hull - sorry just my opinion.
  3. Kirmonds pouch

    Jake Connor

    I seriously doubt you do.
  4. Kirmonds pouch

    band at leeds

    Well I was there and they chuffing don't - you want to listen to a band go to a chuffing band concert - utterly terrible.
  5. Kirmonds pouch

    Can London win Super League?

    Well of course they can 😂😂😂
  6. Kirmonds pouch

    Players For 2019

    I know quite a lot of SL players are. Probably the reason Dewsbury can't produce a wholly local team but then few clubs including SL ones can.
  7. Tht's a bit rich coming from you but I admire your bravado😮
  8. Kirmonds pouch

    Players For 2019

    Anakin is from Dewsbury, odd reaction.
  9. Kirmonds pouch

    Players For 2019

    Se you did get Anakin in the end😉 Hooley is a good one, good fullback but versatile enough to play anywhere in the back line.
  10. It’s killing you isn’t it - sorry mate don’t play your silly games I say it as I see it. Why would I post if we got beaten, what would I get out of that? I’m here to support my team so when we do lose which like all other teams I prefer not to wail in public. Still to be fair to you at least you spared us your lame sir Tom gag so kudos for that.
  11. Yes but a team has more than two props - are you a bit dim?
  12. Last year best winger time moves on.
  13. Err no it wasn’t, these are good players individually what Chester does is give them a system in which to play - they are two separate issues.
  14. Of course they would - what a load of tosh. are you saying Amor is a better prop than Fifita because he isn’t, give your head a shake.