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  1. Route66

    new stadium - todays press

    Good interview from the reds chairman but obviously a few stumbling blocks still ahead,interesting that he rightly speaks of confidentiality in regard to the negotiations while a prominent local councillor is allowed to scaremonger all over social media.What irritates me most is the amount of local people who agree with his rants then when you click on their profile they are the biggest man utd/Liverpool /st Helens etc fans.No wonder crowds aren't what they should be.
  2. Route66

    New Hub for Cumbrian Rugby League

    The photo is of Aspatria rufc.
  3. Route66

    RL 'fans' putting the sport down

    Stardusts real name Bernard Jewrey,replaced the real Shane Fenton took his name and place in the band when he died
  4. Route66

    Corporate Hospitality

    It has been the smaller companies that have kept many a rl team ticking over with their sponsorship unfortunately large global companies seem reluctant to help out,within a couple of miles of workingtons derwent park American sports giant new balance have a large manufacturing site,you would hope for some support however their seems nothing listed.They do though have many affiliations with sporting clubs accross the globe including a 45 million pound per season kit deal with Liverpool fc,let's hope they can find a bit of sponsorship for the new town stadium
  5. No matter where you set up a club in a city such as Liverpool there will be people complaining of the location, however surely a league one club could attract 500 + in its first season and then look to build slowly. Marine fc is a tidy little ground but probably tooenclosed with houses,pity Holly park the old south Liverpool ground is no more,back in the day not a place for the faint hearted
  6. Route66

    new stadium - todays press

    I have no doubt that a lot of work on the funding for the stadium will have been going on in the background, remember it will also be a football stadium so would bring in fa grants from the likes of the football foundation. I am positive that the new ground can be a catalyst for investment in the area. Hopefully all companies operating in the area will be invited into corporate sponsorship offers as early as possible
  7. Route66

    new stadium - todays press

    Not sure whether 3 sides terracing is correct, definitely one end on original plans,at the consultation day I mentioned that some terracing down the side was needed as well but who knows.The sooner the full plans are out the better.
  8. Over the years I've read books of all genres but apart from Earth Abides by George.R.Stewart never read sci-fi until reading Philip k dicks electric dreams which really blew my mind.Therefore the penultimate truth is the first full novel of his for me and have also got ubik and our friends from frolix 8 at home but thanks for the recommendations as his back catalogue is huge (I'll check hmvs 2 for £5 offers as that's where the others came from)
  9. Route66

    new stadium - todays press

    I was told when the plans were on show at the sports centre that construction would start in October this year. The stadium and the world cup are the best thing to happen to west cumbrian sport and will bring outside finance and backers to both clubs in the long term,the council are investing in the future generations the public either back it or watch the area slip further behind the rest of the country
  10. Route66


    Great news for the area,good to see and hear the town,district and county mentioned alongside the biggest cities in the country,now let's hope those councillors who were determined to derail the whole project get behind it.For years we have suffered decline as an area,put differences aside and embrace the opportunity we have been granted
  11. Route66

    World Cup venues announcement

    The Emirates is a fantastic ground with comfortable seating easy trip up on tube from kings cross but absolute nightmare return
  12. Route66

    World Cup venues announcement

    Fantastic news for the area,we are going to have to get cracking now building the new stadium. Great presentation by the BBC but absolutely no mention yet on the news programme on bbc2
  13. The Penultimate truth by Philip k.dick,absolutely fantastic read from one of the best ever sci-fi authors
  14. Route66

    Pre season/ Trials

    Derwent park rangers are a real blast from the past,would think town could do a lot worse than look at the reds RITC schemes and see at all age groups kids playing and training at a decent standard as well as turning out for their own junior clubs
  15. Route66

    Match ticket prices

    Ticket pricing is relevant to a person's income, there are countless traditional working class league fans who work full time for minimum wage who see those prices as unaffordable to go week in week out,most grounds are thousands short of capacity week in week out yet people mock Toronto's crowds as made up of free tickets,maybe the traditional clubs could wean back a lot of lost fans with similar marketing strategies