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    Sam Dowsett man of match for Askam
  2. Cumbrian clubs Askam,Distington,Kells and Millom all through to next round let's hope for some cumbrian derbys
  3. Haven reaction

    Sad to read a lot of the comments in regard to both sets of supporters, the rivalry between the clubs has been stoked up over the years to something it never was,the bitterness is what is holding back progress of rl in the area and the longer people hold on to the hatred the further we all fall behind the rest of rugby league
  4. Blackpool

    Can confirm that Piazza Italia is excellent went last year before a concert at winter gardens,like shrek says though you might need to book
  5. First look at this thread and it's given me plenty of ideas of potential reeds,just finished Stephen Frys Mythos,Greek stories you knew but forgotten took me less than a week and absolutely loved it.Reading Orwells Down and out in Paris and London (2 for £5 section of HMV)and also got books by Bernard Cornwall,William Mcilvanney and James Kelman lined up for next couple of weeks. Can anyone remember the old Sven Hassel paperbacks, found some while clearing out an ex work colleagues locker a few years ago,all the rage back in the day
  6. Workington Town sign Ryan Bailey

    Hopefully he'll settle in and with the town board backing Leon Pryce theirs a good atmosphere building in the area dare I say similar to when Ray Ashton took over and crowds increased sharply from 500 to 2/3000 in no time
  7. Workington Town sign Ryan Bailey

    Hope it works out for the lad,Town seem to be recruiting well and interest is building up,league 1 starting to look like a decent competition this year
  8. Perhaps the spl need some advice from the rfl,plenty of potential for merging clubs and maybe land a couple of teams from other countries such as new York red bulls,
  9. As long as someone is passionate and well informed I couldn't care less what accent they have,there's nothing worse than the bland tones that people from the north acquire having gone to university in an attempt to conform with the establishment
  10. Funny how rugby league supporters mock Scottish football when there are obvious similarities in the two,there big problem being the old firm but there are some good sized clubs with decent stadia.The last person to buy there way in Scotland would be the late cumbrian based maverick Brook Mileson who took Gretna out of the English unibond league and spent his way to the spl and Scottish cup final before financial problems set in. The other great thing about the spl is you are based solely on results so no-one tells you your not wanted because your town is to small or not glamourous for sky tv.let's hope ross county can escape relegation (play out of dingwall with a population of about 6000) but represent the whole county
  11. NRL: That’s my, erm, team

    Certainly is used to knock around with a lad from workington who was their cousin. A big shout for the Balmain team of the late eighties blocker roach,Elias and sironen as well as Ellery Hanley. Can stil remember that hit on him by Terry lamb in the grand final
  12. London Origin team

    South is definitely relative to location,I always believe I'm in the south when I pass forton services, seriously once you've got the London origin team sorted send them up to cumbria for a run out
  13. challenge cup

    Terrible idea taking away our only high profile game in the capital and stopping live games on free to air tv
  14. Seen some great battles with town over the years,for a short period of time were bigger rivals than haven,they always had a huge supply of imports from down under,can anyone remember there a team hooker with the zz top beard