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  1. Route66

    New Stadium for Workington

    Realistically reducing the capacity to 5000 won't save much money unless it involves leaving a full end empty,I would say the designs are great and will produce a stadium to be proud of,town should aim for super league and reds for the football league, there is too much small minded ,little Englander thinking and not enough people with vision in the area,just wish all parties could unite on this matter instead of trying to derail things just because they might not benefit or get praise. As for wasting public money that Mr Jenkinson is so concerned about,he may need to consider his campaining with Ukip and the £142 million pounds cost just to run the ballot and the mess it has made since
  2. Route66

    New Stadium for Workington

    Had a look earlier, really looks the part,alongside the hotel development and sports centre this will regenerate the whole of this area.The future could be so bright for rugby and football in the area
  3. Route66

    New Stadium for Workington

    The new stadium isn't just a home for town and reds it's an opportunity and inspiration for any sports mad youngster in cumbria to achieve in their chosen sports. Time and time again tax payers money is spent on projects that I don't need or want ,maybe it's time the sporting people of cumbria get something in return
  4. Thanks for that link,never seen that video but was at the game,great memories loved games with Carlisle, poor crowd of around 1500,Billy Pattinson, Harry Beverley, David Beck,Johnny Jones all in the town team,fantastic stuff
  5. The rugby league should really be trying something to reconnect with the carlisle area,watched a few games at gilford park, seems ironic now that their home support of around 700 at the time is more than what town and haven get now. Would like Town to try to set up some link in Carlisle or maybe Newcastle Thunder.
  6. Route66

    New Stadium for Workington

    Got to agree with that ,the artists impressions look great,a facility like that so close to the town centre is a winner, if we don't take this opportunity this time semi professional sport in west cumbria will continue to decline
  7. Route66

    New Stadium for Workington

    When Mark Jenkinson mentions the peninsula stadium being built in stages he is meaning the Salford football ground which before redeveloping was a tiny ramshackle stand with 3 open sides with nothing on.Building in phases enabled the football club to carry on at home while the work went on.5 million for the finished ground mind seems excellent value. Hopefully at next week's feedback event there will be members of the council and both boards of directors to answer all the questions raised on here
  8. Route66

    New Stadium for Workington

    Never seen Mark Jenkinson at a reds match,I believe he is a conservative defected from UKIP,sharing derwent park could be a non starter as I've been told the pitch size as it stands doesn't meet league guidelines
  9. Route66

    New Stadium for Workington

    Looking forward to seeing the plans next week,as for who is the poor relations ,reds will be getting most value with the amount of games they play,around 25 first team games plus reserves and ladies games,town will be lucky to get 15 games in including friendlies
  10. Another fantastic game,great showcase for the sport ,more games need to be on the BBC if we want to expand in this country
  11. Route66

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    Just thinking a similar thing came in put bbc on and Wales v Scotland is on ,a friendly with a full house
  12. Route66

    Magic Weekend in Liverpool

    Should be trying a new area outside the heartland and market it to a new audience instead of going to anfield and hoping for a good turnout from the rl towns within 30 miles,would have liked somewhere like Bristol
  13. Route66

    Grand Final Crowd

    Grand final crowd looked great on bbc news this morning,any seats unsold tend to be the top tiers which to be honest offer a poor outlook of the game.
  14. Route66

    New Stadium for Workington

    Looking at the design all the ground covered in,bound to have a better atmosphere than derwent park which is essentially a 10000 capacity bowl with open ends,get it built asap