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  1. Route66

    Under 19s/Academy/Reserves

    Youth development at all age groups should be a priority either on their own or combined with haven,someone needs to have a good look at the reds in the community set up and see how they can put out teams from under8 to under18 to play against academies around the country,at no cost to the club
  2. Route66

    Ticket prices

    To be fair to Whitehaven there are hundreds of rl supporters in west cumbria who don't go to matches anymore due to the cost and once you stop going regularly you soon find something else to do,haven took a gamble on this unfortunately the appetite for league 1 is not there
  3. Route66

    Keighley in trouble once again.

    Sorry to see a club like Keighley struggle still remember them travelling in big numbers and being pioneers during cougarmania,really think you have to look at the changes in the sport to see how a club's support can dwindle over that time. Have to also say that there is nothing that would tempt me to a 3 o'clock kick off anywhere in this weather
  4. Will try these books soon,love Cornwells books,also Conn Igguldens war of the roses and his genghis khan series. Best book though of historical fiction would be Tim Willocks 'the religion ' set in Malta.Always looking for recomendations on any genre and recently loved Granada tv's tony Wilson's '24 hour party people ' for those of us of a certain age
  5. Route66

    Off field update

    Getting this stadium right could hold the key to the future of west cumbrian sport and location is everything. Has to be built on lonsdale park and definitely no speedway
  6. Route66

    Jam eaters takeover

    Town could do a lot worse than look at how well the reds in the community set up has worked in the last 12 months,with elite development age groups,work in schools and camps in holiday times accross west cumbria
  7. Cumbrian rugby league clubs need to start seriously worrying about the impact of thunders development work alongside the already established falcons ru scheme (who have been cherrypicking cumbrian sporting talent for a few years now and are reaping the benefits ).3 internationals in Harris,Graham and Wilson in the first team and quite a few others coming through the ranks.Clever use of photos of Mcavoy and Ritson on the flyer, lads who are well known in west cumbrian circles.
  8. To be honest I would have thought that the Bulls would have had an agreement with all the other clubs before they announced their intentions, they are probably guilty of assuming that everyone is going to agree to something which is for the Bulls benefit, they probably need to start ringing around the other club chairman pretty sharpish
  9. Route66

    Cumbrian lakers

    I think this was the problem for the reds with the last stadium proposal,at the minute both clubs are in charge of everything within their grounds and enjoy the profits,what you don't want is a third party running it for their benefit and not the clubs
  10. Route66

    Koukash at bulls

    This stadium has to be the way forward for sport in the area,the sale of both grounds alone would bring in a decent sum and with various finding available the time is right ,unfortunately for traditionalists the artificial surface will be essential as the stadium will need to be a all year round community asset.
  11. Route66

    Cumbrian lakers

    Following this thread with interest as someone who grew up watching town and the reds,it seems obvious that allerdale council have the land available and the assets to sell to enable a new stadium. 2 grounds past their best and empty space available either on Lonsdale park or the cloffocks with involvement from Mr fryer who brokered the sale of the town training pitch and is involved with the sale of land on the green in front of allerdale house
  12. Route66

    Challenge Cup

    Good old border tv
  13. Route66

    Koukash and new Cumbrian club - good idea?

    Would have to class myself as one of those stayaways,I still follow the results of the local teams but believe the time is right to take a chance on change.I personally know a lot more rugby fans who don't go than do.
  14. Route66

    Koukash and new Cumbrian club - good idea?

    Population in west cumbria is 160000 and realistically would be where a team would have to be based, I think Barrow would probably stay on there own.As for attendances probably around 5000 would be a fair estimate whether that's enough I don't know but I do know that there's few other places in the country that rugby league is more popular than any other sport and the people who continue to keep this so deserve some support