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  1. Sounds like exactly the type of film I will enjoy and will give it a look this week, just watched Pond life on prime ,probably along similar lines brings back great memories of how life was across the north and still is in a way in my home village, I see so much of people I have known in the characters
  2. Just about to start Warrior of Rome- Fire in the east by Harry Sidebottom comes highly recommended by someone I trust . A totally different book I've just finished is We are the Clash,as good a music book that I've read covering the final much maligned album and the events of the mid eighties at home and abroad
  3. Due to the strength of league 1 this year,let's propose 4 up 4 down this will keep the championship boys on their toes.
  4. Very surprised at the scoreline but not shocked at all about the winners, I said last week that apart from one team at the minute, anyone can beat anyone,half way point and this division is wide open
  5. At the half way point of the season will admit that Barrow probably have the strongest squad and should end up champions, however last week's draw proves that they aren't the world beaters some make them out to be,apart from one team at the moment, anyone is capable of beating anyone. Good luck also to West Wales, cant be easy turning out each week, but cant fault their effort and commitment
  6. I class myself as old school with regard to technology and modernisation but was surprised how easy and smooth the ticket process was, definitely the way to get the majority of money in but believe their still needs to be a facility for those who decide to go late on.
  7. Someone should tell Campbell that off radio cumbria kept saying town were used to playing on a small pitch and barrow could beat them out wide
  8. League 1 has surprised me this year, extremely competitive, crowds rising and some excellent games to come,I think it has suffered in the past with negative press but to be honest there's not a lot between the top 6 clubs. Different approaches being taken to attracting crowds as well, I like Barrows free before 1 as fans are making a full day of it and the game is just part of the attraction, Rochdale pricing at £10 is also fantastic value. Town are up at their capacity and also utilising the ground for other events. It's a pity the numbers of teams weren't equalised out though as the lack of
  9. Listened to first half on line but had to go out on family business second half,just back in now and absolutely made up,wish I heard the second half because radio Cumbria commentary was absolutely shocking, liam Campbell as one eyed co commentator as you could find,cheering the Barrow tries in first half
  10. Strange one this ,apparently no one complained when he played under 18s and 20s for Queensland
  11. Cant get excited looking at that squad, a lot of those players will just be going through the motions,might as well have played England against a Cumbria county squad
  12. I'm sincerely hoping that Luai is partnering Harris-Tevita at half back,with To'o on the wing and Junior Paulo and big Tino upfront. Samoa will be right in the mix
  13. Cheers mate health permitting will be good to see a game together again
  14. Hoping to get to the rochdale game and bring my dad as part of fathers day any idea when tickets are available ,can I go to the ground or I anywhere in town to buy them and how many tickets are available?
  15. Would think they would get as many as they get for a normal league game,if you want to expand you have to try different things, I would have each super league team play one home game elsewhere
  16. Great news there, dont know the full extent to Salford's involvement but they should be trying to take at least one super league game a season into the valleys, similar to the aussie teams when they play outside their own stadiums
  17. Full of admiration for the blues performance and disappointed in Queensland but it's a completely new game in a fortnight and even though the gulf in the sides appears massive it's a credit to the series and the hype around it that I cant wait to see what the response will be. Just wish we still had some representative games in this country
  18. Still a long way to the world cup let's hope Wane is keeping an open mind and is prepared to a pick a squad running into form at the back end of the season, watching the origin game the other day I really hope Luai and To'o confirm for Samoa because the game at Newcastle promises to be a classic
  19. Great match so far and great crowd on the sunshine coast, got a lot of family up in caloundra
  20. Flicking through Amazon prime yesterday and came across the Joe strummer documentary 'The future is unwritten 'fantastic stuff, got the Joy Division documentary for tonight
  21. Can't remember seeing that but didnt Emlyn Hughes dad play for Workington Town in the 1950s
  22. People are quick to criticise the Aussies and their reluctance to play internationals and yet some on here look down their noses at the thought of playing our neighbours, an annual game with France should be guaranteed, fully supported by all super league clubs
  23. The amount of tier 2 possible players playing not only origin but NRL in general should give the world cup a massive boost, would like to see players declaring their allegiance early to help with the promotion of the world cup
  24. Due to work couldn't get to the game but will be free for the rochdale game,how many tickets can town sell at the minute because I see that barrow had 1900 attendance
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