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  1. Yes in uk ,what I'm getting at is instant access quickly catching people who arent necessarily going out of their way to view
  2. They could start with having highlights of all games readily available to everyone, I follow the NRL via its Facebook page short highlights of every game available shortly after finishing plus individual tries etc more or less as they happen during the game
  3. Tickets for that game are selling well both my daughter's have their tickets and are off to London for the weekend all on the back of being inspired by the Euro performances
  4. It's been a fantastic couple of weeks for womens football who have fought against prejudice for years, the biggest thing for me is their commitment to the England team first not their clubs and until our clubs and players realise that internationals are the pinnacle we will never get the nationwide accolades that the sport deserves
  5. Route66


    I think the club looked at the attendance at the play off games and assumed that those crowds would flock back, they were dealt a bad hand with the fixture list ,but a bad start coupled with the pricing has led us to where we are now
  6. I'm sure I read that the bash was due to be on freesports this weekend as well as premier but their schedule shows no sign,am I imagining that it was part of the original tv deal
  7. Probably getting distracted off the main thread and had to check back to see that the merger with Barrow was as long ago as 1997,massive opportunity missed there loved the old supporters pub on London road,they also had their own amateur league and a hardcore of around 800 fans ,a couple of generations of players and supporters thrown away at a time when money was coming into the sport
  8. Barrow itself might be bigger than Workington however allerdale has over 90000 residents more than Barrow in furness we are also the closest team to Carlisle with its approximately 100000 population,an area that has been neglected by the rfl since the border raiders
  9. Very interesting suggestion and probably worth exploring, biggest problem would be the existing shareholders there has been rumours in the past of people wanting to invest but been put off by the cost to buy the shares off those who own them
  10. Talk of the town- Pretenders
  11. Lots of general speculation on this thread but can anyone genuinely answer the following. 1 . How much is the central funding from the RFL and how is it distributed. 2.There are rumours all the time in this sport about possible restructuring but is there concrete plans announced anywhere
  12. Has anyone any idea of how sales are going for the world cup,just had a quick browse at ticketing information and find the process more complicated than needs to be,why do I need to create a separate account with a ticketing agency?
  13. Dont think town have been stitched up more likely they know the cost of staying put would probably finish the club, remember not too long ago they sold the lease on the training pitch next to tesco in order to survive
  14. Agree with a lot of that there seems a lot more people in this area who class themselves as rugby supporters who dont go to games than those that do. A long term merger is the way forward unfortunately money from sky sports should have been poured into grassroots development for the last 20 year accross the county increasing playing numbers from Carlisle down to Millom,for too long both clubs have just looked at surviving that season
  15. Sounds like some big decisions in the next few weeks, hopefully a long term strategy will be brought in,for too long rl clubs have chased a mythical promised land and threw away money on contracts instead of spending the sky money wisely on facilities and community growth. Relegation is not the end of the world, become competitive get the pricing right and the club can grow back better
  16. We are already around half the match day squad of travelling players, in my opinion we need a lot less but pay more to get quality in the right areas. I really bought into Chris Thormans strategy last year when he seemed to be trying to develop young long term players, short term deals once a season has started is just asking for long term trouble
  17. I dont think anyone can fault what Newcastle are doing in trying to grow the game ,reserves, academy, links with the university, new amateur teams in the area,at least they do offer a pathway for young cumbrians, town and haven need to have a look and try to match what work they do. Unfortunately long term development needs patience and I'm quite disappointed that town seem to now have ditched that strategy and are just replacing people with anyone available
  18. Heard talk that Derwent park rangers are starting up again, hopefully get kids playing at a young age within workington, at the risk of people accusing me of just being a football supporter look at the reds development centre teams and see how they interact with the community and grassroots clubs
  19. Great performance and plenty of games left to play, decent enough crowd but great atmosphere, would like to see the club try a similar price offer for at least one more game.
  20. Hounds of love by Kate Bush, my daughter tells me that social media is in meltdown after Running up that hill was used on Stanger things
  21. Had a quick look says this is for all league games played but isnt broke down,what I have from elsewhere for home games is thunder 1205,fev 1007,fax 819 ,eagles 779 ,bulls 1031 and nothing available for knights and batley. Not great reading but hopefully the Broncos game will get a few in with the offer on,although its only good if everyone knows about it,no doubt a big push will come,a win tomorrow would boost crowds right away
  22. Route66


    Sad news, Boxer is one of the first players I remember seeing at town
  23. Not sure whether this is true or it is a myth that people keep bringing up,on relegation from super league the players contracts are null and void to protect them from having to pay out super league wages but I have never seen anything that applies to championship
  24. Really hope that the club is making moves to ensure that those players who have shown that they can cope at championship level are tied up for next season, which would hopefully get the club promotion at first attempt if they do go down. It's just a shame that as the lads are getting up to the level needed ,games are starting to run out ,still plenty to play for though
  25. Sounds promising so far but still a way to go but for the long term future of both clubs the project has to succeed
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