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  1. With what has gone on over the last few weeks you have got to give the team a big wraps. and Chris radio interview was very good, truthful and right to the point, think he will do the club ok in the end.
  2. Defo Gilly, but he has had his chances on numerous occasions, just hope the lad can sort himself out.
  3. Just spoke to my cousin and he says Rooney is taking the Town job at the end of the season and Lunty taking over at the Brow,
  4. Moly fantastic player and a has a good engine, but as you say Gilly to small
  5. JMB


    Money talks in sport doesn't it, that's a fact.
  6. JMB


    Very surprised he has returned to Haven, him and some of the BOD didn't part on friendly terms,
  7. JMB


    Both Haven and Town have had numerous opportunity's to push youth development programmes, and it cant be blamed on the rfl, both clubs have always looked to buy success instead of growing it from the bottom up, both clubs have now been overtaken by Newcastle Thunder, we have players from both Allerdale and Copeland traveling over to the northeast training and playing for the Thunder youth teams, how sad. Haven are looking to announce some new programme for the youth in the county, but cant see it being a success as the local amateur clubs don't trust them.
  8. JMB


    Yes there is a few young players that could make the grade, but majority are already tied up with other pro clubs, and neither Town or Haven have never had a good track record with looking after youngsters at the clubs, especially with the scholarship projects, they will require someone at the club that can just concentrate on youth development.
  9. JMB


    At the end of the day Pryce has gone and its another chapter of the club that will be talked about for years to come, thankfully he has gone and the club can try and push on from this.
  10. JMB


    The only thing I think the BOD got wrong was not getting rid of Pryce earlier, they new of the problems Pryce was causing behind the scenes, they should have realised this when Jonty was sacked or removed from the backroom staff, Pryce was paranoid that the players respected Jonty more than him.
  11. onwards and upwards
  12. This is new start for the team and the coach today, Chris has only been a t the club a week and already introduced a new player to the team, hopefully more to follow this coming week, but a great start for him and the morale of the team.
  13. Not sure if e will see Karl again, think the club will just push ahead with bringing in a few new players in now,
  14. Wont leave the Brow in the middle of the season,
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