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  1. JMB


    Sorry but you are miles away from how it works, the head coach has the say and nothing is done or said without his say so,
  2. JMB

    Doncaster predictions

    Only if Rooney was in charge I think.
  3. JMB


    How does it work then,
  4. JMB


    How could Jonty be lenient with them when he didn't have the authority to discipline any of the players as he wasn't the head coach, only Leon can do that.
  5. JMB


    LP has made a lot of mistakes in his first season as a coach, and that was always going to happen as a new coach, and yes he has upset some players who wont want to play for him next season, and CF has also upset a few local players at haven in the past, its a part of life, at the end of the day the local players swapping clubs is a annual event, people have got to realise that loyalty is down to £££££££££££££ mostly, one big factor that will have upset a lot of town players this season is the departure of Jonty, I personally think Leon didn't like the respect that the players had for Jonty, if he has got the job at Haven with Charlo he will definitely attract players to join him.
  6. JMB


    The club should put out a reward for any information leading to a conviction of the pricks involved, some low life will grass them in for £100
  7. JMB


    Hope they call him Jamie Doran and not Jamie Duran, it boils my ######,
  8. JMB


    Think this white rose ranger is a bit of a wind up merchant, just trying to stir things between clubs, probably a player/coach that has never amounted to anything whilst playing or coaching, a bit sad.
  9. JMB

    York City Knights predictions

    Think Kear has lost all credibility after them comments,
  10. JMB

    York City Knights predictions

    How sad has it got for John Kear, back page of tonight's paper stating that the LP had a big advantage over Bradford when they played them, he states they had inside information from players that LP played with last year, Town win was down to that, think its time Kear retired from coaching, especially after making a statement like that.
  11. JMB

    York City Knights predictions

    Think Town will pip them,
  12. JMB

    Bradford Predictions

    Think that's the main reason for a Town win Ginock1, the players stood up to them, that made a big difference.,
  13. JMB

    Under 19s/Academy/Reserves

    Why cant everyone just get around a table and try and work together in getting the game of rugby league back up and running as it was in the past, to many individuals with their own little empires, in all camps.
  14. JMB

    Under 19s/Academy/Reserves

    Maybe both Haven and Town should look at why they haven't the full support of the local amateur clubs, then try and address it.
  15. JMB

    Under 19s/Academy/Reserves

    The amateur clubs in Cumbria are loosing players from the age of 14yrs onwards, from 6s up to 12s its doing great, the amateur clubs have this in hand and are doing a fab job, and don't get enough recognition for all the hard work they put in, all without the help from either semi pro club, the semi pro clubs are just interested with the older kids so they can cherry pick the elite players, but both clubs are now looking at doing youth projects in the community, all without any consulting with any of the local amateur clubs or league, surely the amateur clubs should be involved in some way, but again Town and Haven know best. Cumbria RL has long been on the downward spiral, all because some individuals having other ideas.