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  1. JMB

    19 man Squad

    Not sure about the Penky crack, but a lot of talk about Troy Armstrong in talks, plus a big mate and x team mate of Suttons,
  2. JMB

    Sponsored Social posts

    Good old rfl, the support they give to the grass route clubs is gradually declining,
  3. JMB

    new stadium - todays press

    As the rfl have now awarded the WC games to Workington they will have looked at the build time scale, they wouldn't have awarded them otherwise, they will also have looked at the difrent agency's that are putting the finacel packidge together for the build,
  4. JMB

    Sponsored Social posts

    Am a correct in saying the travel allowance money for the clubs has now stopped,
  5. JMB

    Pre season/ Trials

    What ever is said its always down to the individual players choice, especially when a player is enjoying his rugby.
  6. JMB

    Pre season/ Trials

    What a load of ######, get yourself to a ncl game and see the standard, then ask one of the players why he is not playing semi pro,
  7. JMB

    Pre season/ Trials

    Not pointless at all, game time is game time, that's when a team can show what they have done on the training pitch and look at the positive's and negatives, from both these games the coach will have identified what he should be working on with the players both individually and as a team.
  8. JMB

    Pre season/ Trials

  9. JMB

    NCL Rugby AM

    Apparently AM struggling with funding to televise the games, you would think the rfl would jump on board to help spread the word of our great game,
  10. Yet again another incident that makes the game look like a micky mouse sport, well done rfl
  11. JMB

    Trouble at Haven mill?

    At the end of the day both clubs have plenty of dirty laundry behind the scenes, but that's life, just got to get on with it.
  12. JMB


    Also one of last seasons riders, and it's also given the riders who have already committed to them for the this season vertuly no chance of getting a new club for 2019 season
  13. Sorry but not sure who told you the amateur game in Cumbria is strong, but that is the opposite, most clubs are struggling with player numbers at both open age and youth levels.
  14. JMB

    2019 signings

    Some team mate calling a fellow team mate before a game has even bean played, or maybe someone been jealous of the kid,
  15. JMB

    2019 signings

    Think if he plays next week we will all see how unfit he is,