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  1. What is happening to the Heritage Centre? Is it still moving to Bradford?
  2. Like others have posted in this thread I think he will end up in either France or Japan. He was such a fantastic player for Melbourne and Brisbane in those four seasons as a young lad in the NRL, however I'd surprised if any NRL club signs him, he constantly keeps spouting his fundamentalist Christian nonsense online, it's 2019 and it would be a PR disaster.
  3. I wanted to Castleford to win tonight but my what a fantastic end to end game of Rugby League. The entertainment level has increased significantly this season.
  4. On the social media side both Warrington Toronto are outstanding. Wigan's overall marketing was fantastic until Simon Collinson left two years ago.
  5. Remember Mark Addy's character wearing this in The Full Monty.
  6. I don't really have a favourite as there are so many to choose from , I think when I was a young child the kits colours and designs were one of the many things that initially sparked my interest in the sport. I do have a preference for retro shirts with quite minimalist design.
  7. An interesting idea but not one I'd support, I think some of the top flight clubs need to bang their heads together and have a reserves league, I understand it could be costly so it may be worth having a Yorkshire and a Lancashire division at reserve level seeing as Catalans second team play in the French leagues. Do London have a reserve team?
  8. This has been happening for years, it's a clever idea. Televised horse racing also does not use live 'hoof sounds'.
  9. Will Ottawa Ottomen become part of the Rugby League furniture?
  10. Do Salford supporters still print Scarlet Turkey?
  11. Which grounds could the New York team play in?
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