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  1. Nate90

    Zak's Back

    It's a good idea because as well as having the pitch for training and for the women's team and the academy to play on they will also be able to make money on hiring out the 5 a side cages or the athletics track.
  2. Nate90

    Zak's Back

    I had forgotten about Robin Park. Are they selling Edge Hall Road for housing?
  3. Nate90

    Zak's Back

    He should rent a house in Orrell he can walk to training.
  4. A shame for Toronto but I'm sure they'll learn from it for next season. I'd like London to remain in Ealing. They have moved so many times in the 38 years since they formed but there is no point them changing grounds this time.
  5. Nate90

    Zak Hardaker (Merged Threads)

    He has had his troubles but it's early days at Wigan and I'd keep him at the club for now as it's worth seeing how he gets on under Adrian Lam. He will get a driving ban which means he will not be able to travel in from West Yorkshire so will have to live in and around Wigan, this may be a good thing for him in terms of him having a new start but we'll see.
  6. Does anybody know if the new Bristol club still due to partake League One next year?
  7. Yesterday Love Rugby League stated that London's Eloi Pelissier and Newcastle Thunder's Remy Marginet had both been named in the Spainish squad for the 2021 World Cup qualifiers. However somebody tagged the latter in Facebook to congratulate him and Remy Marginet responded by stating he isn't in the Spain squad.