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  1. I really fail to understand why this is something that frustrates you. When coaching at elite level it is vital for there to communication from the head coach to his assistants and then onto the players. It's always well and good assuming the players will be able to adapt to what is happening on the field but most of the time the players in the thick of the action may not be able to spot something the head coach can see in the stands. In a sport like ours sometimes it's the small that make a big difference.
  2. As a Wigan fan walking home from the game , it was a fun game and hopefully they will learn from the experience
  3. Nate90


    Good luck to them, will they work alongside or against the team already in the City?
  4. Nate90

    Nou Camp

    I knew about the prices but are the tickets available to purchase at the minute?
  5. Win or lose I absolutely adore the World Club Challenge and there isn't much I'd change about it. I can understand other people's criticism of the WCC but I think it's an event that really works. My suggestion would be having the Northern hemisphere hosting it every other year and the Southern hemisphere hosting it every two years
  6. Nate90


    Viagra to get a semi surely?
  7. Are the Cornish Rebels still going in Redruth? How are they doing?
  8. Which club do you think he has his eyes on? One of the two Welsh clubs perhaps?
  9. Is there any way of the admin merging them?
  10. Is that his long term plan? Where could they play if they were to start in 2020?
  11. Koukash mentioned Sefton The only grounds I can think of in Sefton are Haig Avenue´╗┐ or New Bucks Park. Will he give the team a ridiculous name like Southport ´╗┐Sandgrounders or Bootle Boot Boys?
  12. Very shoddy journalism by the Serious About RL writer. He should have checked his sources before releasing his article.
  13. However the previous two salary cap breaches took place when Dave Whelan and Maurice Lindsay were in charge.
  14. Nate90

    SL trophy name

    I quite like the Super League trophy. However the Leaders Shield needs sorting out, perhaps something similar to the old Championship trophy?
  15. Nate90

    Unlikely Teammates

    Chris Thorman and Nathan Hindmarsh.