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  1. My Nan made me buy myself a new shirt for the Cup Final she said I can't wear those old things. I'm 32. Anyway I'm looking forward to the novelty factor of Tottenham but I'm not predicting anything results wise as I don't want to jinx it.
  2. Rest in peace Maurice. Our thoughts are with your friends and family. What a legacy you left at Wigan and Rugby League in general.
  3. Off topic but London Skolars are playing Oldham at home at 7pm the night before the final. Seems really near to Spurs ground too. I'll be driving down to London on Friday evening from Wigan so I probably won't make that on time
  4. Wigan at Elland Road In anticipation of this Saturday’s Challenge Cup semi-final between Wigan and St Helens at Elland Road in Leeds I have had a look at the history books to check if Wigan have played at the stadium most famous for it’s football team Leeds United but which also has a strong rugby league history too. Holbeck Rugby League club actually club built Elland Road in 1897 and played there from seven years before folding in 1904. After the inaugural Northern Union season(1895/96 the next couple of seasons after it the Lancashire and Yorkshire divisions were separate. When the divisions joined together Wigan were top flight and Holbeck never got promoted meaning Wigan never played them not even in the Challenge Cup. Hunslet also ended up playing at Elland Road from 1983 until 1994 a period in which Wigan were at the absolute pinnacle of Rugby League. Hunslet however were a yo-yo team in the 1980s and spent the occasional season in the top flight meaning Wigan got to play a few away games at Elland Road. In the 1984-85 season Wigan beat Hunslet 48-16 at Elland Road. Hunslet were back in the top flight in the 87/88 season and Wigan beat Hunslet 38-10. Other Rugby League games at Elland Road include internationals, World Club Challenges and well as the famous 1982 Challenge Cup replay between Hull and Widnes but Wigan fans also have fond memories of the ground with the club having won three of their eight John Player Special/Regal trophies there. I would be more happy for people to correct me if there are Wigan Rugby League games at Elland Road I have missed. May 3rd, 2022
  5. He did a fantastic job at St Helens and then seemed to disappear from coaching other than the consultant role at Cas and the job at Doncaster. What happened at Saints?
  6. Somebody on this forum has mentioned it before but this is John Cusack wearing a Kangaroos shirt in the 1985 feature The Sure Thing
  7. Rest in peace Inga. What a player and man, he made his mark over that four year spell in the game.
  8. We are too far down the line to change it now.
  9. I remember the 2006 Senior Academy Championship Grand Final finishing 1-0 to Leeds against Hull FC
  10. This doesn't surprise me. I said from the very beginning of the sponsorship that something wasn't right about Iqoniq, they sponsored plenty of sports club but never launched the platform or app.
  11. What a fantastic career he has had especially at Catalans and Wigan Good luck to whatever he does next, he's a bright lad he'll go far.
  12. Excellent news. Who is the rugby league equivalent of James Richardson?
  13. He was bloody good in his first spell with Wigan but wasn't the same after he came back from Saracens. Good luck to him in whatever he does next
  14. Fantastic news. Good luck to everyone involved
  15. It's so tedious seeing the same winners all the time. I'm absolutely gutted for Catalans they have played so well all season. Hopefully Toulouse can raise a smile tomorrow
  16. Wigan have let players leave the club far too easily so I'm glad they are being firm this time. They have bent over backwards for him so if there is no fee or swap then don't let him leave.
  17. I'm actually happy with this as Peet has the right people around him and will need to answer to Wane. Briers is an interesting one hopefully he can add some attacking structure like Iestyn Harris did
  18. "Let me assure you that this is not one of those shady pyramid schemes you've been hearing about. No sir. Our model is the trapezoid!"
  19. Yes it needs to change, it has long become so boring seeing the same teams win it and I say that as a fan of one of those clubs.
  20. I was tempted to get a cheap grand final ticket for next week but I have too much work to do next Saturday
  21. Simply not good enough this season. The attack has been so predictable. Roll on next year. Good luck to the other teams in the play offs. It would be nice to see a different club with the trophy this year.
  22. You are Derek Beaumont and I claim my five pounds
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