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  1. Didn't coach McGuire move Samkins to full back after the loss at home to Saints in June/July 2010? He was a success without question. Harry Smith is wasted on the absurd dual registration arrangement. If there was a mandatory reserve grade he would at least be playing and training at his club. Is reserve grade mandatory from 2020? It would stop the sad loss of players from our game. Hope we get Jackson Hastings as I like competition for places from quality players. Remember when Wigan had: Offiah, Robinson and Tuigomala (forgive spelling? Tugga ended up in the centres. With a vastly increased salary cap and a reserve grade our game would be in a far better and healthier shape. Of course I could be totally wrong.
  2. Sadly we are viewed as a minority sport and I don't see that changing. Soccer fans I have chatted to in Manchester and Liverpool view our game as beneath contempt. Very sad
  3. Heard those rumours: sack Escare or play him. I like Sarginson. Good player. Played and won GF at fullback. As has Escare.
  4. Amen to every single word of the above! Did you read my thread on Harry Smith from a few weeks ago? Thanks again
  5. Forgive me but I have thought and felt for several years that Leneghan is not a great fit for both Wigan and Super League. Historically after a World Club Series he favoured keeping the salary cap at the then and still current pitiful level. Is it now £2.1(+) million? RU/NFL can pay £6million? Not all clubs need pay the full cap however good players cost money. Increase the cap to perhaps as high as £10 million and if certain clubs can afford it: good luck to them? The cap is and has always been for me a restriction of trade. I am also happy for clubs to be self financing ala Toronto. Leneghan seems reluctant to spend on players and quality players will always cost money. He favours a policy of signing players back particularly from the NRL. I wish to point out however that I was delighted when Samkins returned to Wigan. Wigan I believe need to own their own ground in the future as they have few assets. I dislike them being tennants at a football ground. How much would Bolton cost as a result of them being in liquidation? I have nothing against Leneghan personally but I think my home town team/club and Super League could do with someone better considering the influence he would appear to possess.
  6. Our game always entertains unlike the other kick n clap code of rugby yawnian
  7. Agreed. Escare can also play half back. Hope he stays as hopefully Lam will soon be history.
  8. Read that Escare approached Catalans about a return. Don't blame him. Good player who can break.
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