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  1. Henry Paul running most of field with one boot missing. Bulls lost/1999
  2. It was a hostile atmosphere to say the least in the 1984 Lancashire Cup Final. The miners strike was on and Wigan were getting flogged in the first half thanks to the great Mal Meninga. Still think Gill's try in second half should have stood Ancient history now. Different world back then Graveyard Johnny
  3. It was the only time I remember being unable to move on the kop. Really felt for Paul Vautin when he got smashed into the Douglas side barrier during a brawl. Goodway headbutted him by way of an apology when things calmed down. Remember the first half stopped by the hooter on 36 mins. Crowd disapproved and play continued for another minute or so. Believe the idea for the game was originally dreamt up in the Board Head pub and the hope was that Paramatta would be the opponents.
  4. Great applies to Graham Lowe IMHO. Lowe revolutionalised Wigan in 1986-89. Monie lost and won one GF with Paramatta.
  5. His greatest coaching moment IMHO was informing the team at HT in the dressing room at OT Manchester 1990 that he had coached great half backs previously (Brett and Sterlo), Wigan were losing a CC semi against Saints and if Gregory was opting out then that was fine. Andy Gregory stopped sulking as a result. We won.
  6. To inherit the Paramatta team of Groth, Ella, Cronin, Kenny, Stirling and Price from the master coach Jack Gibson was hardly a bad hand. Wigan's greatest coach Graham Lowe also handed the 27-0 Wembley 1989 side on to Monie. Granted Lowe had no playing career of note.
  7. 1998 Wigan v Saints. Challenge Cup. BBC. Jason Robinson try. Iconic. If I could have made time stop in that moment, I would as it was perfect in that moment.
  8. If they offer less then maybe it will be time for the RL to reject their offer? The Sun was reporting yesterday that the RL is considering rival TV bids in relation to their free to air secondary TV contract to make up for the £16m shortfall on the latest Sky deal.
  9. SL will be part time professional again in 12+ months Wane and Peet will be in charge of Wigan in 2022.
  10. No idea. Was Cristiano Ronaldo worth 900000 euros per week at Juventus? If that's the going rate to watch class players and a benefactor can afford it, what's the issue?
  11. Sky TV own and run SL and it saddens me. I went to Leeds v Wigan Dec 1994. Wigan lost in a fantastic game and were on BBC spoty programme later that evening. Back then I believed in a change to summer rugby and the prospect of SL. It was mooted after Brisbane v Wigan 1994. Now I only watch the amateur game live.
  12. 72-6 later on in the same season. Offiah 10 tries. I went to both games. Championship, Challenge Cup and Premiership pale compared to Loiners' moral victory. Fair enough.
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