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  1. walneyite


    1261 attendance 
  2. walneyite

    Steve Neale NWEM

    Not being sharpest tool with this but a thought .... key performance indicators aren’t a choice they’re implemented so whether the club agree with them or not they will have to try to achieve targets to gain the identified financial support .. I'm dont use Facebook twitter etc So can’t help there.. Ive joined and like the our league app and watched a few streamed games,entered competitions.. if Barrow set a fans forum up on the club website would they get us all under one roof to aid the cause , this offers them more hits (or whatever they are called).. encouraging other club fans to pop in for a bit of online banter or abuse increases “hits”.. I don’t know if I have missed the point or not and obviously that wouldn’t help this forum I’d people moved but it’s a thought.🤔
  3. walneyite

    2019 Away Shirt

    I Prefer away and hope to get a few games in this year so may go for that this time.. is the design a players shirt (bit of muscle & physique) as looks a bit too fitted for a portly guy like me. 🤗🤭🤗
  4. walneyite

    New website

    Nice to see the news of cresta signing on the new website and its work in progress that’s starting to look good.
  5. walneyite

    Academy FIxtures & Team News

    Much appreciated and well done all.
  6. walneyite

    Academy FIxtures & Team News

    The plan to sneak out early failed miserably.😒 How did they get on..
  7. walneyite

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

    Swinton 16 Town 20. 👍
  8. walneyite

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

    Get in town. Keep it up..
  9. walneyite

    Academy FIxtures & Team News

    Much appreciated. Saw few games last year and was impressed.
  10. walneyite

    Academy FIxtures & Team News

    Reading about the new young signings and the fact we have the academy up and running does anybody know where the academy fixtures can be found.
  11. walneyite

    Odd Shaped Balls

    I’m certainly not technically minded when it comes to social media and dont know much about websites and development but why can’t a fans forum similar to this not be established within the official club website.. one stop shop for all things Raiders.
  12. walneyite

    Rl Backchat

    Done and looks quite good. Bit confused by the announcement at the game.... “the more people signed up the better the funding”.
  13. walneyite

    Chris Hankinson

    He’s been named in this weeks Wigan squad to face saints.
  14. walneyite


    Full Time: Hooter goes and Dally fires a penalty kick over to steal a draw. Swinton 22 Barrow 22.
  15. walneyite


    Swinton 22 Barrow 20. (5 mins to go).