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  1. Keighley Friendly

    A good run out for the team. Thought Riley looked solid going forward. Smith small in height but solid stature and could be a handful.. joe ran hard as usual ,walker hit hard as did a few others thought Holme had good run out but for me creswell was MOM. few defensive slips at times but to be expected. Nice to get back too it. Nothing better than Summer rugby... 😂
  2. New shirts.

    My shirt went great over my head but I may need to return it as it had a design fault: I couldn’t get it over my belly. 🙈😂😂😂😂
  3. New shirts.

    Merry Xmas to all at Barrow RLFC and I Love my new away shirt. My 6 yr old isnt as happy as me and a bit upset as he can't get it over his head. We had similar issue couple years ago which was quickly rectified but has anyone else had same issue.
  4. Jono Smith


    Is that meaning the black shirt is sold out ?
  6. 2018 shirts

    Are they fitted / tight fit. Just working side I need.
  7. Cresta.....and a pat on the back!

    Fantastic hard fought game.. well done to cresta and the board for pulling together a fantastic team of local youth with a few experienced guys to support them.. thanks for giving your all and getting us out of this league. Now it's time to consolidate and get ourselves established in this higher league. It will be a hard battle each week and the support of the fans is essential now and needs to be there through thick n thin Thanks for a great season and well done to all concerned.
  8. It's Newcastle

    Absolutely fantastic game.. Dally was superb kicking and running them all round the ground. Excellent play by all the team..
  9. Barrow Raiders v Doncaster Rovers

    Well done barrow. Keep it going. ?
  10. Wigan v Hull

    The money it costs to fly , accommodate all the players and officials could be better used by sharing out with lower league clubs or grass roots.
  11. Haven Away

    Good win ? Shame I didn't get to game today but from commentary sounds like the team made up for last trip up the coast ... quite few penalties but the wins what we wanted. well played barrow.. Whitehaven 2 Barrow 15. Newcastle 14 Workington 30 York 26 Toronto 16
  12. Haven Away

    Whitehaven 0 v Barrow 0. York 12 Toronto 0.
  13. Haven Away

    Barrow: Ryan Fieldhouse, Shane Toal, Declan Hulme, Eze Harper, Brett Carter, Jamie Dallimore, Lewis Charnock, Joe Bullock, Karl Ashall, Oliver Wilkes, Bradd Crellin, Jarrad Stack, Martin Aspinwall. Subs: Nathan Mossop, Dan Toal, Tom Walker, James Duerden. Whitehaven; Elliot Miller, Jordan Burns, Chris Taylor, Jessie Joe Parker, Dave Thompson, Dion Aiye, Paul Crook, Jordan Hand, James Tilley, Glenn Riley, Connor Holliday, Scott McAvoy, Carl Forster. Subs: Ste Roper, James Newton, Karl Olstrom, Tommy Holland. Referee: Gareth Hewer.

    Just back from fantastic day in Blackpool. Congratulations to Cresta and the whole team for a hard fought win. Its Been a long & hard few week but you have worn those shirts with pride and you are a credit to the club and town.
  15. Barrow v Keighley poster

    Barrow Raiders 30 - Keighley Cougars 0 at half time. Dallimore kicked 5 goals.