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  1. Well I haven't read 89 pages that's for sure but there are protocols for the Olympics and there are still cases in the British camp. Anyway, it's a moot point. I wasn't looking for an argument. Cheers
  2. Thanks, I was just asking the question - didn't realise this forum was full of Covid experts.
  3. So, in the week that three more of the planned Super League games are called off because of Covid are we still trying to say to the Aussies and Kiwis - don't worry everything is fine there's nothing to worry about?
  4. Can I throw in a brief history of one attempt to launch a community club carrying the Manchester name? After 15 reasonably successful years as members of the Pennine League under the title of Tameside Brough, playing at Droylsden (about four miles from the city centre (and barely one from the current Etihad set-up) we were invited by the new Summer Conference (soon to be National League Three) to change our name to Manchester and apply for membership. At a meeting in the Ramada Hotel off Deansgate, Manchester Knights were born in 1997. Our home ground in the first year was Aldwinians RUFC an
  5. Rowan


    Good news about Dallimore's sending-off against Doncaster - no case to answer.
  6. Rowan


    Good news about Dallimore's sending-off against Doncaster - no case to answer.
  7. Sorry if I upset you Tandle but Oldham have not got a winning team in the championship - which is surely the point -you're not likely to have one any time soon. But, hey, each to his own. I just think Oldham have a better chance of building in League One rather than scratching around in the Championship. - that's not garbage.
  8. Fair enough,. But why? Winning teams usually draw bigger crowds than losers becaue a promotion battle is more exciting than a relegation struggle, isn't it?
  9. I think the call to get John Fieldhouse on board is a good one but, as a relative outsider (Oldham are only my "second" team) I wonder if a return to League One is such a bad thing for the club under its present set-up under CH and apparently nobody else. Relegation into League One can't be about crowd figures because as I understand it only about 400 turn up to Championship games at Stalybridge. which could surely be matched in League One games against Swinton (assuming they go down), Rochdale, Keighley, Hunslet and Doncaster and Barrow or Workington can match that. Having taken the
  10. Without wishing to detract from the genuine success story of the Matchroom team or even worse suggest that the NRL is not actually the greatest sporting organisation on the planet, I would just like to point out that the sponsors of the World Snooker Championship are Betfred (ever heard of them?) and the darts has the William Hill banner (RL had Corals). To compare Australian Rugby League with the game anywhere else in the world is a ridiculous notion. Aussies don't have to compete at the top level with the richest and biggest sport in the world on their doorstep. Surely the state of th
  11. Surely Matchroom and the Hearns family for all their strengths built their reputation dealing individual sports - boxing, snooker, darts - and therefore directly with one on one situations. Have they ever seriously suggested an interest (other that in wild rumours) in team sports and dealing with boardroom politics, local councils, sponsors and player contracts. Just asking.
  12. Playing in a shared ground would be a step too far for some people. They would look at Hull, Huddersfield, Wigan, Rochdale. RL clubs I understand have to vacate for a spell during the summer while pitches are re-laid - in other words the summer sport (RL) takes a back seat. Rochdale fans will remember the occasion when they were supposed to play - I think it was York - and there was such a kerfuffle they couldn't even put the posts up. The Rochdale venture after they sold the Athletic Grounds and moved in to Spotland started with the best of wills while Oldham went from Super League to no
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