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    The best City in the world...YORK, of course.
  1. Can anyone please send me an invite to gain access into "Across the Tasman" Thanks in advance if you can
  2. New Stadium.

    Brilliantly put Simon. You've perfectly expressed what most fans now think of this whole sorry and embarrassing situation. It's time for a change, the clubs got massive potential it just needs somebody or a fans based board to fulfil it's needs and take it forward. The new stadium gives us the scope to move the club forward and become a club that can be respected through the whole of Rugby League. I like many others have kept quiet over all the adverse and rather pathetic fighting, it's been like kids arguing in a primary playground at times. Let's hope today's meeting is the first step in a bright and exciting time for the Club and it's fantastic, loyal hardcore fan base. I've been following the club for 40 years, there's never been another club, no SL for me. I love my club as do so many. It's time for a change.
  3. York City Knights v Hull

    Just read the Council statement....knew this would happen. R.I.P the club I've followed for 40 years.
  4. Next Season

    Think you've got a good signing there. I liked him, got a lot potential, makes yards, hard to put down, pokes his nose through the defensive line on more than a few occasions every game while with the Knights and puts his hand up for work. Brad will need to work on his fitness, not the strongest part of his game, his defence need work too but he won't hide Good bit of business for me by the Hawks, good luck to him.
  5. Next Season

    Good signing, glad to see him back, bags of pace and power. Understand that another new back line face will be with us too after putting pen to paper a few days back who's also quick and been through the SL system. Things look good, what with the names in hearing that have resigned or are close to doing, it all looks very promising.
  6. R.I.P Steve Prescott

    Really saddened to hear of Steve Prescott losing his battle with illness. What a inspiration he was and will be greatly missed by everyone in the League family. R.I.P