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  1. Haha
  2. Both clubs going to suffer as people can't watch both games
  3. Not sure if rl cups are the same as fa cups but Gloucester will maybe have an over night stop which is paid for out the gate money.
  4. A fella I work with, his lad played for Cumbria storm under Clark and had nothing but good words to say about the fella..knows his stuff etc. Town seem to be reaping these benefits now
  5. Should haven take it further?
  6. The rfl should have at least asked
  7. Exactly
  8. Crusaders never got the same help. The relegated clubs should lodge an appeal
  9. What league will the new club start in?
  10. Did Ben milburn ever sign for town?
  12. Who point of a season ticket is to save money. My guess admission is £15
  13. Ha ha ha
  14. A friend if mine is at the fans forum and says Brett and callum have just been announced as having signed