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  1. I've heard various rumors of a shared smaller ground at Lonsdale park. Also it's well known Dale Brotherton wants to purchase borough park. There is a meeting at Borough Park next Thursday where there will be an update from the talks with the council I belive
  2. 100% 7 on 3 off. It's for mitie not Sellafield direct
  3. I think he's got a start on Sellafield guard force and they work 7 12 hours shifts in a row and only get a couple days off
  4. My lal fella loves motorbikes because his uncle has one ha ha.......I've dodged the comets bullet so far as he doesn't know they exist but he's nearly 7 now so he will find out about them before long
  5. Kells is in whitehaven yes, but the other 2 are not. They are in different towns.
  6. Wath brow and Egremont ain't in whitehaven mate. The Mont is its own town and wath brow is in the Moor.
  7. Haha
  8. Both clubs going to suffer as people can't watch both games
  9. Not sure if rl cups are the same as fa cups but Gloucester will maybe have an over night stop which is paid for out the gate money.
  10. A fella I work with, his lad played for Cumbria storm under Clark and had nothing but good words to say about the fella..knows his stuff etc. Town seem to be reaping these benefits now
  11. Should haven take it further?
  12. The rfl should have at least asked
  13. Exactly
  14. Crusaders never got the same help. The relegated clubs should lodge an appeal
  15. What league will the new club start in?