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"The more Welsh players that come into the mix, the better it is for Super League. We need to spread the word".

Spread the word.....!!! They have been around long enough know for everyone to know about them. Problem is, nobody can find them 'cos they keep moving. Get 1 fan base started then move to the other end of the country. Where is the inspiration for any potential fan to follow them??

The Super League club will have access to players from new Championship One outfit South Wales, which will act as a feeder club but also have Super League aspirations of their own.

Surprise, surprise. They don't even exist yet but have super league aspirations! No doubt its Tolouse next and then 3 years later its the welsh again.

Stinks, absolutely stinks.

The future is very bleak indeed. Action is needed now or there won't be anything left to act upon.

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