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new away shirt

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Right everyone, ive tidied up this thread and removed the inane postings of two individuals, and im now prepared to let this debate carry on. Anymore trading of personal insults people will be issued with warnings., which could result in a ban from this forum.



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The design of the shirt is good but the quality is extremely poor.

I prefer the old badge but perhaps our younger supporters prefer the new style.

I prefer the new badge i think it reaches out to a bigger audience by making the club look more appealing to people!

I think it's more fitting with the clubs ambitions, and going forwards as a modern club with touch of traditional values.

Anyway that

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To be honest, I think the pirate badge is/ was a very mislead marketing campaign that simply hasn't worked! The badge isn't representative of the clubs history, the name of the club / town, nor is it an image that I think we should be portraying. Afterall, the crest worked for Wigan why can't it work for us?

The word "Roven" - if this is the origin of the word "Rover" in Dutch, means to pilage, plunder, rape, violate & steal. Which has then been losely adapted to become to word pirate. Sorry but i'm not interested in the pirate emblem as a representation of a family club that is supposed to be looking to the future.

As for being an image that the younger generation can identify with? Hhhmm... not so sure about that one either.

The shirts like the ticket prices are bordering on extortion so much for wanting to attract new supporters and to build loyalty, after 2 years abroad for uni the ticket prices have shot up to

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