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At least one Super League club to lose licence in 2011

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What ever happend to the no competing SL club to be within a 20 radious ????

Will this "invitation to a foreign club" help Barrow get invited then as Red Hall seem to view Cumbria as foreign :O

Mick - you aren't invited. You have to apply.

Is Mr. Johnson actually applying?

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I asked a simple question and you have - like a poilitician given an irrelevant reply. Kindly answer the question.

They have a more realistic chance of presenting a successful SL club in my opinion.

Salford have more potential but by that token Harlequins have the largest potential in the league.

I've said previously, if Salford have the stadium then they should be given a license. My opinion is that if they don't have the stadium then they are the weakest.

The answer was in there, but I had to also explain how in reality 'potential' is a get out clause to make up for current failures.

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As alluded to on another thread where you two are both bitching about the same thing (which in itself is probably enough for teacher to lock one of the threads) why not let it lie to keep this interesting topic as was intended?

Have your moan via PM, as it's clearly a two-person conversation.

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