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  1. Good win eventually, I still don't know what Grealish brings though, maybe he needs more time and less expectation.
  2. Away from this competition I am worried about Jude coming to a Premier League club and essentially going backwards, no reason why but I like the idea of the lad cutting it up in the Bundesliga.
  3. In commentary the great stat was mentioned that he is now both Portugal's youngest and oldest player to score in World Cups.
  4. A bit late and very random; Jason David Frank, 49, from the 1990's Power Rangers.
  5. Let's settle this like real men. Join the TRL World Cup sweepstake and the highest placed finisher is the king of all the Leigh threads.
  6. Change the hooker, instruct the right flank to hold their line. Not get involved in scrapping.
  7. Yay. Back on track but deary me what a fluke. Edit: good defensive work from Watkins.
  8. Have Radford and Agar left the Samoa coaching staff early? Those chumps can't possibly be part of a World Cup Final side. Come on England.
  9. This is where Wane is to coach and game manage and react, not just slam water bottles like Donkey Kong.
  10. Unfortunately, a common theme for people these days can't shut up for a short period of time!
  11. Confession: I was asleep by half time in yesterday's game. I was stupid tired. I did however see the Addo-Carr try, and it's one of the best I've seen for a long time. A memorable piece of brilliance. I'll probably watch again on iPlayer after the England v Samoa semi final. It depends on who wins today.
  12. Eh? I always pictured Andrew Voss as bald! Not confusing him with Stevo though.
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