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  1. Two types of adverts on television. The first is where people cannot perform simple everyday tasks while in black and white, like sleeping on a mattress or chopping an onion, this is usually a JML / shopping channel advert. The second is those overly homely adverts for life services usually involving typical everyday conversations that nobody has ever had, ever. They always have the line "what's the name of that (insert life service like insurance, death plan, chimney sweep)? Oh yes I must check them out. Hahaha" Yawn.
  2. If it helps, nothing I've read here has inspired me.
  3. I would think another normalising factor is being a fat face in a fat crowd, simple as that. I also think there will be a portion of people don't think they have a problem. Rightly or wrongly. Anyone can point and say "you have a problem", it's up to the recipient to think they do. Ignorance with cake is bliss.
  4. It also calls upon the same sweeping generalisation approach I challenged BryanC about.
  5. I think that is irrelevant and potentially harmful to this thread. I care about obesity and the discussion, I don't understand or give a flying flick about the other topic.
  6. If it helps to the black and white thinking, you are wrong. No, really. I will be too, but I can accept that.
  7. Congratulations everybody, we made it to the other side. I can confirm that nothing has changed and we were panicking over nothing. A Toronto match not being televised was the new "Millennium Bug".
  8. And because I like my made up theory I'll elaborate using convenience, winning at rugby and (dieting) requires: Attitude (belief) Trust (responsibility) Natural ability (genes) Discipline (willpower) Coaching (knowledge) Skill (cooking) Decision making (food choices) Organised defence (managing cravings) Attack (shopping?) I'm running out of ideas now. ... Ready meals (Dual Reg, Fev!)
  9. I hear you, I understand. My original point was if that isn't you, then ignore it, live your life and let them live theirs. I don't see the point standing on the side booing them! Anyway my local take away opens soon!! I'll be back to criticise the delivery driver...
  10. Cheers, and I'm doing alright at the moment. Whether your comments were +/- they won't affect me much. Hence my questioning why you would you impart a negative dialogue to a strangers (the post which started this conflab). You mention about pointing out someone has red hair or is black but what you said had negative connotations, ie you bad. If the same is said about someone who is black that is racism. (I hope I'm making sense). The rest of your post is well thought out however I take issue with simple calorie deficit, to compare with rugby league, all West Wales Raiders have to do is score more points than their opponents and they win. Yet they haven't, why not? Calories in v calories out is the formula to "win", the hour to hour, day to day challenge of weight loss is the minutes of the game of rugby as it were.
  11. That sorts the real Top 5 then. *runs away giggling*
  12. I have one. It's one of those letter, 2 digit number then 3 letters initials. It came with the car and means nowt to me personally.
  13. I'm not apologising for people who are obese. I'm just as disappointed/disgusted/frustrated, and that includes my own self image, but slagging someone off for the way they are in any "criteria" (there's probably a better word) doesn't help IMO. I don't know you but I bet you have something someone will judge you for, we all do.
  14. Agreed. That doesn't mean you're right to fat shame though. I'm sure others can attest that the NHS is broken for many reasons, for example my obesity hasn't had any impact on the NHS.
  15. But why would you say that to this person in the first place? What is it to do with you? Said person will undoubtedly have other issues that you know nothing about. I don't argue against you thinking it, but if I were to make comments on this board for example about my commute home on an evening and the people I encountered I would be banned because I too am generalising about a particular group of people in a very critical manner. And if you disagree, fine, if you read through this thread then you will find a post saying my obesity is the worst thing I have had to live with. I chuffing hate it.
  16. This may sound glib (but that is because I don't really understand anything that has gone on since the Bradford Bulls last won a major trophy), but instead of "my imaginary friend is better than yours" it's now more about "my internet friend is better than yours"?
  17. Unfortunately not, it was recently discovered to be a graveyard for the endangered rhino.
  18. @graveyard johnny @Maximus Decimus and for all we know you two maybe overweight ... or perhaps "skinnyfat". *shrug*
  19. Yes but Babestation would be inappropriate.
  20. Ahh the RFL and Odsal. Tin hat at the ready.
  21. If any club has been deemed to have done no wrong, could Chisholm be called to account for his actions by the RFL?
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