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And it's got a big orange sash across the chest!

Nah, it is a pale salmon-type colour; and it's more of a collarette than a sash - although it seems to have slipped a bit down from the collar!

One of two options, methinks...

It is in honour of the Banbridge Peachmen (they are kind of like the pale brothers/LibDems of the loyal orders)


it is part of the sponsor's logo/corporate image! :D


Ulster v Leinster match report

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RLI - could you perhaps update us on the format and progress of the All-Ireland play-offs as the Rugby League website seems a bit confused?

By my reckoning the three pronvincial champions are

Ballynahinch Rabbitohs - Ulster

Dublin City Exiles - Leinster

Carlow Crusaders - Munster

The website says that the Dublin play Carlow in the 'All-Ireland Final' (should that be semi-final?) - do the winners then play the Rabbitohs in the Grand Final?

I've noticed a few people have queried on the website but there hasn't been any response. Any idea?

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