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St Helens v Warrington Wolves

St Helens v Warrington Wolves  

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  1. 1. Who will win?

    • St Helens
    • Warrington Wolves

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We are better positioned to win at KR than ever before, but that means ###### all!

We look like we have a fit squad, which is crucial at this stage of the season, and I am excited about having Bridge back, although I would have preferred him to have had more than 1 first team game going into the playoffs.

I hope we do go all out for this one, as with Saints' injuries a loss here could stitch them up and they could even struggle against the likes of Hudds or Hull.

Of course this is all wishful thinking and they will win an epic battle!

I'll leave the catchphrase to sam.

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How big is that monkey???

It's now or never for the Wires, fully fit squad (grix back in training, not quite ready)

Saints 22 Wires 42

Wires need to be ahead in this game going into the last quarter, before finishing Saints off.

Can't see anything but a Wires win (please shoot me down after 10PM friday)

On reflection on the last 2 games, all square on tries scored, goal kicking the difference, this time it will not matter.

Warrington must win, giving Saints a difficult route to the GF.

Just hoping for a good and honest game from all concerned.

Best Wishes to Saints fans (Surely its our time now ;) )

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The game at Warrington Saints had


Foster, Flannery,

Meli, Gardner,

Pryce, Moore,

Graham, Roby, Hargreaves,

Wilkin, Ashurst,


Replacements: Cunningham, Puletua, Clough, Emmitt

Playoff game is likely to be


Gardner, Gidley,

Foster, Meli

Lomax, Wilkin

Puletua , Cunningham, Graham,

Clough, Flannery,


Replacements: Soliola, Hargreaves, Moore, Fasavalu

I'd say half back wise Wilkin is a better half back than Moore and Lomax or Smith if it comes to that is not too bad a replacement for Pryce. Forward wise we actually look alot stronger than we did against Warrington last time out, now we have with 6 big guys in the pack Graham, Puletua, Fasavalu, Clough, Hargreaves, Soliola.

I can't see us spreading the ball much with these guys, I think it wil be more a case of trying to get ontop of the Wire pack. Then short range tries as those where the tactics that almost worked against Leeds in the Semi final when we had no half backs. THis time at least we'll have smith or Lomax or possibley both. Not first choice but better than what we had against Leeds.

If wire could spread it wide they would probably be able to try and runit around the Saints, but luckily for us it's a home game.

This means narrower pitch reduces the advantage Wire have out wide, and a shorter pitch means it's easier to get over the half way line into an attacking posistion close to the line.

It's not ideal, but I think Saints will be far from easy beats, I actually think that Wire have had better oppertnities to beat the Saints.

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Winning at Saints? Wow that would be good but I agree with bewareshadows we have had better opportunities in the past, at least on paper. But I do think that the Wire side now has a different feel about it than even the games earlier in the season. The win at Wembley has boosted confidence and the squad bar one player is fully fit.

I'm going for a Wire win but it will be close and the last 10-15mins will seem like months! 24-12 to the Wire

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