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Reserves/u20s/u23s players: Help needed

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I'm not sure what this team are even called, if it's the u20s or U23s or whatever.


I've been keeping the stats on their season so far, 9 games played, 8 wins.


They've used 34 players so far. Here's the list:


First teamers:

Tim Spears
Mick Haley now at Hunslet
Lamont Bryan
Ben Helliwell
Jack Bussey
Tom Hodson


From last years Reserve team:
Kyran Johnson
Sam Wright
Jack Ormonroyd
Jack Beddis
James Kitchen
Nat Browne: Now at York
Richard Humphries
Nathan Harper
Liam Mackay
Michael Tate


New signings announced for 2013:
Dave Scott
Danny Holmes
Jack Pickerill
Kurt Jackson
Jacob Price
Joe Fox


From the U19s squad:
Joe Turton
Chad Moss
Matty Brook


I don't know:
Brad Knowles
Sam Candlin
Billy Lloyd
Luke Teasdale
Jack Lee
Joe Burns
Andy Tate
Dwayne McRea
Jake Joint


Can you help with info on any of the I-don't-knows?





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Rob Smith my son is groundsman. He could probably help as he sees most players. Ring him at Fev Rovers. That might be best as he is always busy and works long hours. They could tell you when he is available or you could leave some contact information for him.

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