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Sky Sports - New TV Deal (Merged Threads)

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BT more or less had to pay whatever the RFU demanded,as they have virtually no other major sport.After football,they have RU,next in line is womens tennis!


Shame,I quite like BT Sport but Sky now have most major sports tied up for the next 5yrs - golf,mens tennis,formula 1,speedway etc.

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You have to bear in mind that this is 80% increase for the Premiership only part of the BT contract.

The previously contract included a substantial part for European rights on the basis they would have sole rights. They don't as the compromise contract with Sky was that the rights would be shared which probably meant they weren't much more or potentially less ( because neither had some rights ) than the contract previously held by Sky.

If the premiership only rights were previously £20M and are now say £36M per year that would be an 80% increase and yet still less on the face of it than the Superleague deal. It's apples and oranges.

The RFL may not have got such an increase but they have locked in income for 7 years at what is a comparatively high amount CI considering our sports profile ( and having been in London, Edinburgh and Dublin over successive weeks I can assure you that we are watering flowers in the wind in comparison to other sports ).

Incidentally I don't agree with the 7 year deal because the lack of options it presents regarding negotiations but by proving a stable base it should allow the sport to manage its house accordingly and have a far more attractive offer to present in 6 years or so as long as we can sort out a unified calender with our friends down under.

A 4 year deal perhaps doesn't give as much certainty even if a bigger income may have been achieved.

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