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  1. On my local rugby unions club page,there is a discussion re the best 7's team ever.It seems to have been started by @philllewellyn and is about the Middlesex sevens. Anyway,his suggestion is : Jason Robinson, Va'aiga Tuigamala, Martin Offiah, Henry Paul, Shaun Edwards, Andrew Farrell, Scott Quinnell. May keep some of you occupied for the day.
  2. I see that through the business world,numerous CEO's,senior management,Board members have taken significant pay cuts or even had their salaries completely frozen. Has anyone heard from Elstone or Rimmer ?
  3. Good game good entertainment. Much prefer Sunday afternoons or evenings to thurs evenings.
  4. Well done Newcastle,I'm pleased for you. Leeds at home in the next round?!
  5. I don't do social media but I would have thought that any neutral or new viewer would be enjoying this game.
  6. Decent, decent and yet more decents. What chance do we have with a half wit like O Connor. I predict at least six more decents in the second half.
  7. Yes,it pops up on my screen every few months. I always try and respond with something positive or even constructive criticism.
  8. Never understood why Sky prefer SL on thurs evenings,as well as the darts,as opposed to sunday evenings,when there is little on.
  9. Crowd given as 12,000 - not too bad. Not sure of the Hull KR crowd but think Leeds is now a sell out. About 15,000 at Wigan,should be good at Catalans.
  10. Seems to be less and less involvement for Terry and Barrie,which has to be good news. Now just get rid of their attempt at analysis and I'll be happy. Titles are an improvement.
  11. Might finally encourage Castleford and Wakefield to do something about their grounds.
  12. Very good and accurate article by Dave Woods has just gone up on the BBC Sport rl site. Certainly worth a read and comment.
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