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  1. What is he allowed to do by the owners? Why employ him,if they give him no powers to change things?
  2. Let me guess,Hull KR,Salford and Castleford dont want to travel? Not two pennies between them.
  3. Absolutely,too many small minded clubs and owners in SL Only interested in 'surviving' another year in their little back yard.
  4. I'm sure his numerous critics on here will be happy to step in. No,I didn't think so,much easier to criticise from your key pad.
  5. An accurate summary from what I know. As I understand it it,Sales preferred option is to buy the existing ground and this is their negotiating stance. The new site is already occupied but the present tenants knew nothing of the proposals.
  6. Very good news.Just wish the NRL would do more for the broader game but I suppose that is a different topic. Hope SL and its administrators took notice of the speed of the game,something British coaches and players want to constantly slow. No Baz and Tez makes such a difference to the enjoyment of the game.
  7. Something has to be done to stop the players and coaches from totally destroying the game. At present,virtually every single tackle could be penalised for trying to slow the game. If referees are not prepared to sin bin players from the first minute,then from the couple of Australian games I've seen,six again is the best solution.Congratulations to the Australians for apparently finding a solution.The players had stopped my enjoyment of the game,as either they slowed the game or the poor referee had to continually blow his whistle. Ofcourse then,it was the referee who was criticised,not the coachesand players.
  8. Really like Rod Studd and think RL could have made far more use of his abilities,although I do think he is better at darts than rugby. I'm amazed how the darts commentators can make two players constantly throwing three bits of steel at a target relatively interesting. We get stuck with the illiterates Tez and Baz.
  9. They area lot more of them and they have far more money.Simples. I'd be interested to know the average age of the 12 SL owners if anyone cares to tell me. I suspect over 60yrs and probably close to 70 yrs. All I'm saying is that we cant keep papering over the cracks,someone has to have a vision. We wont all agree on it,indeed,inevitably people will disagree and have a better solution but we cant just keep going with the existing 12 clubs,with low crowds,poor grounds,debts etc.
  10. Good news but underlines how fragile rugby league is. What is the strategic thinking/planning,other than moving from one crisis to another. Its alright criticising union but at least they have a fall back situation. I like Ken Davy but how much longer can SL put up with one man financing a club playing infront of 5,000 speccies in a 25,000 stadium? Grounds of Cas and Wakefield are an embarrassment and put off potential sponsors/investors,,two clubs in one city,no prospect of Newcastle and London being regular clubs in SL,Salford etc,etc, Basically,just shows how weak SL is,when they have little option but to put up with the above. No easy solutions but no strategic thinking either.
  11. Something certainly has to bedone about illegally slowing the play the ball. It's killing the game for me. Quite like the idea of an extra six,without allowing the defending team time to reset but for me I'd just get the offending players off the field in the first few minutes. Coaches will complain about playing with 10 men but simply stop slowing the game/flow. It never used to happen but now it seems all coaches want to kill the game.
  12. Rugby league has wasted vast amounts of money over the past 25yrs and I have little doubt that this money will also be wasted. The game moves from one crisis to another but one day there will be no one left to help further. To be fair,the same could be said of other sports but league has far fewer billionaires who would be prepared to throw money at the game,when compared to football,union and cricket. I suspect Leeds,because of their off field hospitality business is the only viable club,with perhaps Warrington and Saints a little further back. They cant play each other 15 timesa season.
  13. I'm afraid so,until they are given a meaningful ultimatum to resolve their ground situation,they will continue to be an embarrassment to the sport. Ofcouse,if they are ever given an ultimatum,they will beg for extra time. Time for them to move to the Championship and then they will quickly solve the problem.
  14. And still no sign of a new ground or even improvements to the existing tip.
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