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  1. Plenty of ways to pass comment on the BBC web site. Our number of comments is still quite low compared to other sports. The more of you that pass comment, down load the podcast or even just view the site, the better. It does matter.
  2. All positive news welcomed. Keep up the good work, hope you are enjoying the WC.
  3. Another uplifting story from Dave Woods on the BBC rl web pages, certainly worth reading.
  4. All are so much better than the Sky clowns. Professional presentation and production, I trust SS are taking note but I fear not.
  5. Well done to Wakefield. I've been critical of their facilities for years but thankfully, they have finally got a management team in place, which has produced results. I hope they have got their finances in place to be able to afford it, I hope they can produce additional non match revenue to assist the club and I hope they generally progress as a club and become a solid top 6/8 side. Over to Castleford.
  6. Article on Rob Burrow and living with MND up on the BBC site. A number of other World Cup articlesas well.
  7. Just pop on to the BBC Sport web site. Otherwise, someone younger than me will help out with links.
  8. Two delightful and well written articles on the BBC rl site.
  9. Yes, please, please support the BBC rl web site, where they seem to be making a big effort to produce varied and interesting articles. Due to the BBC's support, advertising revenue is at a record level.
  10. Certainly created an enormous reaction in the comments section of the rl pages on the BBC site. Far more contributions, both positive and negative, than usual.
  11. Ignorance is bliss. Quite simply, there are Rights of Light issues with the houses behind, which cannot be over come. Its a planning issue that has been looked at numerous times over 40 yrs. As usual, people with no knowledge or information, come up with their simplistic solutions.
  12. Thanks for that. Modern facilities are absolutely critical for all clubs, whether in SL, League 1 or the community game. Not only to attract additional supporters/revenue but to provide appropriate facilities for players,sponsors etc.
  13. Have the Wakefield works, kick started any activity at Castleford, beyond the usual talks and promises?
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