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  1. RL result of the day must be, Coventry Bears 38 v 30 Rochdale Hornets. No doubt people who weren't there and know nothing,will find something to moan about.
  2. I wish all RL clubs well but realistically,Odsal is still an utter dump,totally unfit for professional sport and an embarrassment to rugby league in 2021. No doubt they will be placed back in SL in 2023 !
  3. I congratulate Wakefield,at least they seem to be making an effort,which is more than I can say for Castleford.
  4. Even covered in a little article on the BBC Sports web site.
  5. RL and it's supporters should be grateful to Betfred for their continued support of the game.
  6. Enjoy your rugby,dont worry too much about designs.
  7. Good luck,could end up as a sensible move. Could be an oppourtunity for the community game in some of the other smallish coastal town like Rhyl,Bangor,Llandudno etc,to create a number of community derbies?
  8. Sorry,not really IT clued up but if you google britishboxingmews and add in DAZN,Matchroom and Sky Sports contract,you should get the story.
  9. That is what is being reported. Apparently good news for Matchroom and the boxers,not necessarilly good news for boxing. Apparently the Sky boxing contract with Matchroom ends in a few months. May be negotiations,who knows.
  10. Seems DAZN may be taking boxing away from Sky Sports,if so it may open oppourtunities,with either Sky or DAZN.
  11. As usual,people with no knowledge or information believe they could have negotiated a better deal.
  12. Very pleased for Newcastle but the whole league looks competitive to me.
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