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  1. His mother was a Polish international rower,who previously worked as a gym instructor at the Village,Headingley/North Leeds.
  2. Oppourtunity to pass comment on the game,via BBC Sport,comments section,rugby league.
  3. Becoming one of my favourite clubs,alongside Newcastle. Shows what can be done,whilst clubs like Castleford,Wakefield and Bradford stagnate.
  4. Feel free to express your comments/views on the Warrington/Salford game on the BBC Sport,rugby league section.
  5. A relatively sensible discussion of the game is also taking place on the BBC Sport,rugby league site,comments section.
  6. Heated debate currently taking place on the BBC rugby league comments section. The usual trolls in opposition.
  7. It would be helpful if the deal involved writing off existing debt. There is far too much existing debt at Wigan,as there is in rugby league in general. Overall however,it must be good news.
  8. On a general note,I believe that many Sl owners are now into their 70's,so wealthy new blood will certainly be required in the coming years. Equally,a number of clubs/owners have substantial debt,the overall health of the game would certainly be improved in some of the owners were in a position to write off a debt.
  9. It really is embarrassing listening to the two clowns stuttering and stumbling their way through 'commentary'. When they attempt to explain something their complete lack of education and use of english,really shows itself. Anyone who wants to see the sport progress,must agree that SL should insist to Sky that they go.
  10. Decent,decent,decent and decent. For the love of God,someone teach him another word.
  11. I wonder how much it costs Castleford and Wakefield each year,to maintain - not improve - their sub standard grounds?
  12. Totally agree,great level of skill and good entertainment. Only disappointment,is that there appears to be just one adjective left in the english language according to our resident clowns,'decent'.
  13. I'm all in favour for granting money for 'hard' projects,such as floodlights,refurbishment of changing rooms etc but I'm afraid,giving money for kit and equipement,to clubs which barely exist,is like throwing money away. Neither the kit,equipement or indeed the clubs,will exist in five years time.
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