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  1. Newcastle Thunder, as I previously mentioned,congratulations. However,trying to be constructive,my question is this. Clearly you are doing something correct around Newcastle and obviously the RFL are aware. Why then is your blue print not used elsewhere. Who is responsible for community development at the RFL and why is he apparently failing in his brief elsewhere in the UK? Do you have more resources available in the NE,are clubs in other areas not willing to put in the necessary time and effort? There must be a reason why you are being successful in the NE but others parts of
  2. Congratulations. As everyone seems to agree,quite why Newcastle are not the blueprint for other clubs is beyond me.
  3. Sounds better than Mend - A - Hose Jungle.
  4. I just dont understand this obsession with adding further 'semi pro' clubs to Lg 1,the game simply cant afford it. What is the attraction of asking clubs to treck half way around the country,to play in front of a couple of hundred people,simply to say we have another semi pro club. It would make far more sense to build some foundations at the community level,as opposed to a 'club' hiring a ground and spending the weekend travelling the country. Rugby Union is effectively reducing the pro game to just the Premiership,cricket is reducing the number of counties playing in their 'Hundred',yet
  5. There is talk of Cazoo going for an IPO - going Public - later this year,valuing them at around £5/6 bill.If so,the publicity machine would really heat up,to the benefit of both the World Cup and Cazoo.
  6. As always,it's a matter of finding someone better. It's easy to criticise,just not quite so easy to be the one making the decisions,if allowed to. Rather like politics,the best Ministers are always in Opposition,until it's their turn to make a decision,without the benefit of hindsight.
  7. I wish Scarborough RL well and they should be able to tap into contacts in the Hull area. However,for those who dont know,Scarborough RUFC are extremely successful at their level. They sold their old ground and built very impressive facilities to the north of the town,including pitches,gym and a clubhouse that most RL Championship clubs would be pleased with - similar to West Park Leeds for those who know Bramhope.
  8. Rugby league should be grateful for the efforts of Lenegan. Hopefully some of the debt can be reduced,as too many clubs are carrying too much debt. An idea for the journalists on here,I'd be interested to learn how many SL owners are in their 70's? As a sport we could do with some new blood and ideas.
  9. People on here would find something to moan about if the sponsors were Apple and Tesla.
  10. Thanks,actually I did,if you care to look at the original thread on PE. No doubt the fiver is in the post.
  11. So half the SL clubs rejected the PE idea/offer. Why not ask all 12 SL clubs what is the minimum PE offer they would be prepared to consider/accept BEFORE approaching J Rothschild. Then say to them, if you can secure this minimum offer,we are prepared to pay an introductory fee of £750,000. Just a way of saving £750,000,then again,I'm not paid £400,000/yr to run SL.
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