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  1. In South Yorks,a rugby union player who claimed to have 'accidentally' collided with a referee,who coincidentally had previously warned the same player re his repeated offences,was banned from union for 3 yrs.
  2. How about getting the english game sorted out first. Cas ground,Wakefield ground,Salford attendances,Huddersfield attendances,just for starters.
  3. I've seen that second one before on a rugby union site,where basically they took the mickey. Frankly,cant blame them. Whoever organised it and or authorised its release should be sacked immediately. Shambolic,amateurish,embarrassing. I wouldn't use that to promore a junior school sports day.
  4. Agree with both of these and someone needs to do something about it ASAP. The players/coaches are literally ruining the game,by constant interferance at virtually every tackle. If the poor ref penalised every time,he would be criticised for spoiling the game and no doubt the coaches would blame the ref,rather than the players. Yes,rather like basketball and it may be trialled in Union. Team penalties equals sin bin. So,whether its every fourth or fifth pen I dont care,but whoever commits the foul,for whatever reason,get him off after a set number of penalties.Only then might some coaches/players stop constantly spoiling the game. As things stand,a penalty isn't sufficient penalty to stop players interferring,in the off chance that they might get away with it and get the ball back. Only way to stop it is an increased penalty,be it sin bin,additional tackles or whatever.
  5. It happens far too much in rl,partly because of the reluctance of referees to use the sin bin early in the game and also because a penalty isn't much of a penalty. One side gains around 20 m ,whilst the offending side reorganises their defence. Seven tavkles after kicking the ball dead has reduced some aimless kicking,so why not give seven or even eight tackles after a penalty. Equally,dont wait until the 75th min to sin bin someone,get them off after 10 mins,if the team offend 2/3 times at the tackle. Why dont the tv interviewers embarrass the coaches by asking a few of them,why their teams continually try and destroy the game. Is this the coaches tactics or are their instructions ignored,if so why does he keep picking that player? Frankly,I'm sick to death with the number of penalties. There are now more in a game of league than many games of union. Do something about it.
  6. Odsal is not suitable for professional sport. Odsal is not suitable for spectators,players,sponsors or the media. I dont know what will happen but at least someone has made a decision. I hope someone makes a similar decision re the groundsat Castleford and Wakefield. I have hope for Wakefield,little for Castleford.
  7. Just close and delete the thread and ban the half wit.
  8. A number of clubs could improve on their existing somewhat bland shirts.
  9. Odsal is simply not sustainable,end of. Those who want the Bulls to stay there,may care to pay all the maintance bills. Numerous owners have failed to make it viable,noone else would be stupid enough to even try.
  10. One of the best and most professional messages I've read on here. Someone should send a copy to Rimmer and ask for his response. Unfortunately,I doubt he would be able to understand it.
  11. It would be nice and appropriate if Totalrl would ask what promotion the RFL do for the Challenge Cup Final. However,the answer is that we send e-mails and texts to people already on our mailing lists. I dont know what a professional marketing campaign would cost,nor the likely benefits but at least Rimmer could say that we tried.As it stands they appear to do absolutely nothing.
  12. Anyone with half a brain would understand that professional rugby is not sustainable at Odsal. It's the same as inheriting an old,crumbling manor house and believing you can live their,without the ability to re roof,pay endless bills for plumbers and electricians ,whilst letting the gardens turn into a jungle. As with most things however,people will merely kick the can down the road,believing that a fairy godmother will turn up with £50/100 mill. I dont know where Bradford can go but I do know they will cease trading if they have to operate out of Odsal.
  13. I assume there is no news from Castleford? Frankly,I have a little more faith in Wakefield actually developing one or two stands,than Castleford securing a new ground.
  14. I wish Wakefield well but please learn from the past. Dont make promises you can't keep dont say you are going to do something that is out of your control. Dont say you are going to do something if it is conditional on something else i.e. planning,pre lets etc. Dont say you are going to do something if it is conditional upon funding and the funding is not in place. Dont say it will happen within a specific time frame,if that frame is outside of your control. p.s. make sure that whatever you do do,is revenue generating outside of match days.
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