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  1. Sheffield deserve vastly more praise than Castleford. Castleford have wasted millions on merely surviving another year and have nothing to show for it. If SL had accepted PE money,Castleford would have been the first to be kicked out. Their ground was not fit for purpose in 1970 and effectively nothing has been done to improve it since. Shameful.
  2. I try to be balanced - except when it comes to Sky's commentry and production - so for what it's worth, next years Championship will be better,stronger and more competitive than next years ru Championship. Ealing are likely to be promoted to their Premiership to make up 14 clubs (no relegation) and as yet the precise number,make up and financial terms for their Championship are still unknown. Many RU Championship clubs now rely on dual registered players,whilst only one or two will be full time. I believe the RFU are also further reducing financial payments,which in view of the size of squads and travelling,makesa number of clubs unviable - other than via a generous benefactor.
  3. In principle I'd like to see a 14 team SL,if the money,players were there,in reality,a number of existing SL clubs are not worth their place due to inadequate facilities,crowds or non matchday revenue.
  4. I wish Thunder well, they are certainly a Club one should encourage.
  5. Bernard Guasch deserve success but well done to KR on getting this far. Hope for a good enjoyable game,with a narrow win for Catalan.
  6. It's no good being the TEAM of the year,if you dont have a CLUB to build around. There are numerous examples of a TEAM of the year,being in total disarray the following season. CLUBS like york and Newcastle seem to me,to be going about things correctly.TEAMS that barely exist the next year are of no use to anybody.
  7. The usual negativity one expects on here. Premier Sports now show both the newly revamped United Rugby Championship and the French Top 14. Both of these used to be on Sky Sports and/or BT Sport.
  8. Would like both teams to win, hope the best side on the day comes through.
  9. Congratulations, never heard any major problems at Barrow. Solid foundations,small steps, is the way forward.
  10. So how do you propose to pay them? There is less money available,yet you want all clubs to continue receiving money. Fine,so some clubs will receive less than otherwise. There is less money available in RU,so clubs at tiers 3/4 no longer receive central funds,if they did,clubsat tiers 1 and 2 would be receiving less. Tier 2 clubs have already had their central funds cut in half. Cricket has cut funds to second tier counties,do you agree or would you prefer payments to continue,hence first class counties receiving less? The Govt has spent hundreds of billions of pounds on the virus,most are in favour of the numerous grants,loans,furloughs etc,surprisingly,no one wants to pay increased taxes to repay the govt borrings - currently approx £100 bill/year. Everyone wants the Govt to cover care for the elderly,guesswhat,no one wants to pay for it. Etc,etc. Unfortunately RL cant afford 36 'professional' clubs,particularly when a number of them offer the wider game absolutely nothing,beyond existing. It's simple, how thinly do you want to cut the cake. Unfortunately there are no simple answers,other than,yes I know,someone else should pay for it.
  11. Congratulations to all involved. Perhaps one or two Yorks/Lancs clubs might think of travelling down for a long weekend or perhaps over a Bank holiday. I'm sure Deveo Sharks would be happy to help out in arranging/suggesting accommodation. My local RU club in Leeds,this weekend hosted a team from Leicester (mainly vets), who basically had a fewdays of drinking around Leeds,interrupted by a couple of hours of rugby on sat afternoon.
  12. At rugby union,spectators constantly criticising the referee is simply not allowed. One can shout off side ref or something similar but the constant,aggressive,abuse rugby league refs get at the community level is banned. In the event of such behaviour the home team are warned and if the spectator continues the game will be stopped/abandoned and the home club deducted points. Frankly,this doesn't happen,as such constant behaviour issimply not tolerated. I accept this is easier within private grounds,rather than open park settings but the home club usually know who the individuals are and unfortunately,do little about it.
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