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  1. One would hope/expect that someone in the SL marketing/publicity dept might think of sending a suitable press release to the BBC Sport pages and the wider media.
  2. All I can do is refer you to the Betfred SL web site.
  3. I see that this years Grand Final attracted a record tv audience since it's inception in 1996. Apparently 43% up on last years game between Wigan and Warrington. I'm sure someone will be along shortly to say that if you allow for x,y and z and take into account a,b and c whilst giving account to m,n and o,then actually the audience was the lowest ever for a game of rugby in the UK.
  4. Please take Ralph Rimmer and send one of your juniors to head up the RFL.
  5. Leeds and Cas pre season would help the Bank Account.
  6. Plenty of people who have made sexist and racist comments on their private twitter accounts have been dismissed by their employer. I assume Schofield is still employed?
  7. Well done,they seem to be a well run and progressive club. I think I saw something about a new clubhouse helped by RL funding. Community clubs desperately need to offer improved facilities for players,spectators and local sponsors.
  8. She is a very wise lady but lucky to have you !
  9. Terrific game,terrific atmosphere,no surprise that people who contribute nothing find something else to moan about.Came over very well on tv.
  10. Well done to both Dacia and The Daily Telegraph. Very appropriate on Grand Final day. I wonder what Gary Schofield thinks about it - at least he will be able to understand the photo's,if not the words.
  11. totalrl,John Drake and Martyn Sadler must be proud to be associated with this rather sad,inadequate individual. So much for promoting Rugby League,suppose it's all about clicks isn't it Martyn?
  12. Quite good sales over the past couple of days but a couple of blocks that SL claimed were previously sold,have now become available. Never trust SL/RFL marketing claims. Still hope for close to 70,000 but just be honest SL.
  13. More effort and imagination,has gone into the marketing of this game,than the RFL shows in it's marketing of the Challenge Cup Final. Have a great night.
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