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Trigger's tackle on O'Brien

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Wayne English executed the perfect tackle at LSV on our final with Oldham. Wrapping Palfrey up one on one a yard from the line.This could have been crucial,as it was we never looked back.

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Not exactly on topic but the best tackle on a Hornets player. We were playing Barrow at the old Athletic Grounds. We were on attack on their 25 and John Maloney who was playing out of his skin at that time at full back came into the line between wing and centre. Just as he received the ball Barrow's centre Phil Hogan came flying out of their line and hit him with a tackle just like Galbraith's. I was stood quite near to the incident and it was real bone shaker. Perfectly fair just like Galbraith's but it must have loosened every joint in Maloney's body ! 

Maloney had to be carried off. He subsequently played again but was never the same player. He retired later that season.

i didn't blame him.

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